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   Chapter 3 I Don't Need This Kind Of Service

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The man was also stunned. Apparently, he also recognized her.

Compared to the man she had seen in the hospital, the man she saw today looked bookish and closed-off. However, she knew well about his icy features.

She still remembered the man's name, Jacob Nalan.

Jacob slowly walked towards her. Just as he was about to brush past her, a playful smile threaded across the corner of her lips. "Dr. Jacob," she greeted. "Long time no see."

It was obviously not a long time since they just met last night.

He stopped. "I don't know you."

Cherry didn't get angry. Instead, she hiked up her dress slightly to show him her milky things. The red spots were still visible, but they were already fading because of the ointment.

"I have no need of that," he said bluntly.

Her mind went blank for a while. It took her a few minutes to realize what he had taken her for.

"I'm not that kind of person–"

The door behind her opened.

The drunken chief editor stumbled out and held her in his arms. His eyes wandered over her figure. "Have you finish the phone call?" he drawled. "Let's talk, Miss Cherry. Otherwise, how could we solve the problem that you've brought up."

The old man was already approaching fifty years old. He had a very visible beer belly, and his hairline was already receding. As his arms wrapped around the young woman, anyone would misunderstand their relationship.

Understanding flashed in his eyes. Jacob waved his hand. "Go ahead with your business," he stated.

It wasn't as if he needed this type of woman.

His lips curled as he walked into the room next to theirs.

Cherry fumed.

However, the old man didn't seem to notice. Instead, he rubbed his hand over her smooth shoulder.

"Let's go inside first." Knowing that she had no other choice, she forced a smile into her face.

When they entered the room, the grievance in her eyes slowly dissipated upon looking at the man before her.

She placed a card in front of him.

He raised his eyebrows as his hand wandered around his enlarged stomach. "I can see how much your company dotes on the young star, but you should know how troublesome he could be with the press." He snorted and waved his hand. "If I withdraw the news, would you join me for–"

"Jonny only gave me ten minutes. You know how willful he could be." Cherry sighed dejectedly and placed her hands on her knees, making sure to avoid brushing up against him. "I may not be free tonight, but I'm a hundred percent sure you'll appreciate an exclusive interview for the promotion of Jonny's new movie more."

The chief editor cocked up an eyebrow. His eyes glinted in interest. "Exclusive?"

"Absolutely. You arrange the time, and he'll be there. Let's make a deal," she said flatly. "Besides, it will be good for you and your newspapers, if he's on the front page, am I right?"

The old man chuckled. "I could assume from his previous escapades that the man doesn't like interviews too much. How can you assure me that he'd be there?"

Her expression remained unchanged. "He'll be there. I give my word."

"Okay." The chief editor sighed regretfully. "What a pity, Miss Cherry, and here I thought I'll have a chance with you."

"A pity indeed. Ten minutes has passed." She grabbed her handbag and glanced at her watch with a sigh. "I guess I better get going. Thank you, Sir."

Watching her slim figure, the chief editor leaned against the back of his chair. "When can you go on a date with me?" he called out softly.

Although his voice was soft, she heard it loud and clear.

But she didn't dare look back.

The man was like a tiger. if she wasn't careful, she'd get bitten.

Just as Cherry walked out of the room, the people next to that room happened to come out as well.

It seemed that the man was on his way to pay the bill just then.

Holding his mother's hand, Jacob carefully helped her out of the restaurant.

"You do know that I'm not that old. You don't have to assist me like this," the middle-aged woman beside him complained.

Although she was a proud mother of four children, time had been kind to her. Her face still looked like a woman in her forties than a woman about to celebrate her fifty-fifth birthday.

"Mom." It was rare for him to be this gentle. "You know that your condition isn't at its best. Even if you aren't in your seventies, you still should be taken care of." He opened the car door for her. "Otherwise, why would I return to this city?"

Donna Hua couldn't help but feel guilty over his soft words.

In order to deceive her son to come back, she told a very small lie.

It was all Jonny's fault. He was the one who told her that the air in J City was incredibly polluted and how everyone who lived there could be poisoned. She had been so anxious that she tricked her eldest son to return to her side.

"I'm fine. Besides, if you're not here, who would take care of me? All of my children have their own lives now, only you..." She frowned. "Although, I would appreciate it if you have your own wife and c


"Mom, you think too much," Jacob interrupted her. "Aren't you going to buy some clothes? Let me come with you."

However, Donna Hua wouldn't give up. "I just saw that lady coming out of the next room. She looks incredibly beautiful. You would suit one another," she commented.

"Mom, she's a hostess. She's only there to accompany her clients."

"What? But she doesn't look like that."

Although Donna Hua had only glanced at the beauty just now, she could tell that her features were extremely elegant. There was not a single thing about her that looked seductive or flirty.

Donna could tell that she was a gentle and sweet woman.

She would become a decent daughter-in-law.

It wouldn't be possible for her to be a hostess.

"I saw it with my own eyes," Jacob insisted.

He didn't bother to mention how Cherry lifted up her skirt for him to see.

Of course, his mother had always been worried about his single life that she would want to marry him off as quick as possible. As long as one woman looked his way, she was off planning their wedding.

Jacob had been so used to living alone in J City that he didn't need someone to interfere in his lifestyle.

His mother, however, would beg to differ.

Just as the two walked out of the restaurant, Cherry already stepped inside her car.

She had always wore light to no make-up all year round. After all, she didn't really need it. Her features was gentle enough. Her broad eyebrows framed her almond-shaped eyes. Her high cheekbones added some texture into her already gentle features

She already looked beautiful.

No one expected that such a beautiful woman would have such a sharp mind.

Even then, she couldn't help but recall her humiliating situation with Jacob.

Her cheeks flushed. 'He's only a stranger, ' she told herself. 'His opinions don't matter.'

She sat in the car and took out some rubbing alcohol stored in the back of her car. Without missing a beat, she wiped her shoulders, legs, and any part of her skin that had been touched by that man.

After working in the entertainment sector for so many years, Cherry was already used to these types of harassment.

She clenched her jaw.

Drinking, having dinner, pretending to smile, all of those meant nothing to her.

Even then, she couldn't help but shiver at the thought of the old man's hands running down her thighs.

'It's the price you have to pay, ' she thought.

As a top agent, she needed to force herself to be strong.

She put away the alcohol and started the car.

However, just as she was about to return to her home and lie on her very comfortable bed, her phone rang. Seeing that it was from Jonny, she answered.

"Cherry, help me! I was injured on the set!" he shouted out, groaning in great pain.

Eyes wide, Cherry gave a sharp turn to the opposite direction. "Which hospital are you in?" she demanded. "I'll deal with it."

"I'm still in the studio. Come here as soon as you can." Jonny hung up.

Cherry didn't dare delay.

She slammed her foot onto the pedal and sped away.

Were all her assistants stupid?

The actor was injured, but they didn't even bother to send him to the hospital? Did they really have to wait for her?

'What would they become without me?' she thought exasperatedly.

Cherry rushed to the studio as she heaved heavily.

When she arrived, she saw Jonny lounging on the chair.

"Hurry up, send him to the hospit–" However, she stopped herself.

Jonny was calmly drinking from his bottle. In fact, he looked extremely healthy. It didn't look as if he had been injured.

"Didn't you say that you were injured?" Cherry crossed her arms over her chest, looking extremely unconvinced.

"Yes." Jonny raised his hand.

There was a deep wound on his arm and blood was oozing out of the gash. However, it was obvious that the bleeding had stopped.

"The wound is deep," he explained. Cherry didn't look amused at all. "And? What do you want me to do?"

"Take me to my brother's hospital." He grinned cheekily. "If I needed to get stitches and a tetanus shot, I'll have the whole day off. You can talk to my sponsors."

Cherry sighed helplessly and shook her head. What the hell was she going to do with him?

If he wanted to get a break, then he might as well tell her. Why did he have to pretend to be injured?

Cherry talked with the director for a long time. When the foreign director glanced at Jonny's state, he faked a painful expression.

He even groaned for added effect. Soon enough, the director finally agreed. Jonny followed behind Cherry. Several assistants crowded over him, wanting to see if they could do anything to help them.

"All of you could leave now," he said weakly. "Cherry can take me to the hospital." As soon as they left the set, Jonny plastered a large smile on his face.

"I've already told him that you might need to stay in the hospital for a check-up, so he'll give you a day off tomorrow," Cherry said dryly. "You ass. Why did you have to say that you were injured?"

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