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   Chapter 2 A Merciless Doctor

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At midnight, the emergency room in the hospital was still bustling with incoming patients.

After entering the consulting room and wearing his white robe, Jacob Nalan quickly took over his colleagues' shifts.

"Handsome, you're late today," one of the doctors teased.

'It's funny to tease him.' Such a beautiful face was truly a gift for all the women in the hospital.

The patient stared at him, mesmerized by his beauty. In fact, as she stared deeper into his deep eyes, she found that her waist and legs didn't hurt anymore.

That was normally everyone's reaction when they first caught sight of him.

Ever since Jacob Nalan was transferred to H City, the number of incoming patients in the emergency department had increased rapidly. Even the nurses didn't know how that was possible. In fact, the female doctor even noticed how some of them were already recurring faces.

"Yes," Jacob answered indifferently as he wrote on his medical sheet.

The patient stared at him for a long time, without uttering a word.

Finally, he raised his head to look at her. "What's wrong with you?"

"Oh." As if by magic, the patient finally came to her senses. "Yes. I–I was suffering from diarrhea. It's weird, but I feel much better now."

Hearing that, Jacob Nalan frowned. However, some of the other older people around them found this to be terribly amusing. They laughed. "You won't feel any pain once you see a doctor as handsome as this one," they teased.

"Here. You can have a blood test." With a faint smile on his face, Jacob Nalan tore out his prescription and handed it to the woman.

The patient took it as if she had gotten a treasure, and the people around her gazed at her and burst into laughter.

"Next." Jacob Nalan turned helplessly.

Cherry had already made an appointment, and she was disgruntled to see so many people at the emergency room.

It seemed that it wouldn't be convenient to suffer from an illness in the middle of the night.

It was weird how everyone crowded around the door. She glanced at one of the vacant chair and sat down uncomfortably.

The patient came out murmuring, "Dr. Jacob is hot."

Cherry ignored the woman's words. All she wanted was to see whether or not she was next.

When she finally entered the consulting room, the first thing she did was to train her eyes at the doctor in front of her.

She froze, wanting nothing more than to race out of the room.

'Isn't this the guy who asked me to apologize just now?'

Jacob Nalan looked up.

His eyes widened momentarily in recognition. "It's you," he snapped before motioning to the chair in front of him. "Have a seat."

Cherry gritted her teeth.

How could a doctor even be so cold?

"I was scalded," she snapped. "Just now, a blind man parked in front of me and collided with my car. Because of this, my soup spilled over and burned my leg."

He shrugged, as if the 'blind man' she talked about wasn't him.

"Lie on the bed," he said indifferently. As soon as Cherry lay down on the bed, the man stood up and drew the curtains over them.

Soon enough, the two of them were separated from the others.

Cherry narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists. Although the man was a doctor, she was still on guard. The last thing she needed was for the man to get back at her for what had happened.

"Lift up your dress," he said coldly. He was wearing a clean mask over his face, revealing only his dark eyes.

She pulled up her dress and exposed her milky thighs.

"Your dress might rub against the wound later on," he suddenly noted.

Before she could process what was happening, the man tore off a large part of her dress.

Cherry gaped at him as she gazed at her exposed legs.

If he hadn't been a doctor, she would've shouted 'harassment'!

"Do you know how much this dress costs?" she demanded. Her jaw was clenched. The dress was extremely expensive! How the hell was she going to wear this again when it was ruined?

"Your wound might get worse," Jacob Nalan stated. Uncaring to her wails, he threw the fabric to her face.

'What the hell? Are all the doctors in H City assholes or is it just him?'

"I want to report you," Cherry announced firmly.

"There's a complaint box outside. You could slip one in." He diverted his gaze and focused on preparing the disinfectant.

Cherry was too busy worrying about how she was going to get her dress when she felt a sharp pain in her thigh.

She cried out, wincing from the impact. "It hurts," she groaned out.

The man didn't say anything. Instead, he grabbed his pincers and proceeded to clean her wound mercilessly. His cold gaze was trained towards the blisters that peppered across her skin.

"The wound's infected, so you need an injection." He threw the receipt at her. "Go out and turn right. You have to pay the bill first before you could get an injection."


Cherry's face was beet red from the pain and embarrassment he had caused her.

She stayed on the bed for a long time as she processed the man's words. However, Jacob Nalan paid no heed to her. Instead, he pulled the curtains and sat back on his seat as he welcomed the next patient.

Staring at her torn dress, Cherry clenched her jaw.

In a few seconds, her beautiful ankle-length dress was now an awkward mini-dress.

Grabbing her bag, she jumped out of bed and struggled to walk out of the consulting room. Each step was a pain to take, but she still continued to hold her head up high.

What she didn't know was that there was a pair of eyes following her retreating figure. There was something in Jacob Nalan's eyes that flashed with intensity before he returned to his patient.

It was already dawn when Cherry returned to her house. She had just fixed her car and taken her injections.

She didn't even bother to freshen up as she fell onto her large bed.

She was exhausted after being up all night. Her wound still burned from the memory of what had happened las

t night. Even the injection was a pain in the ass!

Knowing the amount of work awaiting her, she shut her eyes and forced herself to sleep.

Jonny was going to participate in a plane advertisement today. The sponsor was actually going to negotiate with her.

Facing her wardrobe, Cherry chose a knee-length skirt.

There were still red marks along her thigh, but compared to the excruciating pain she felt from last night, they looked much better. It seemed that the medicine worked.

However, she also remembered that the doctor had warned her not to touch the wound or get into the water.

Could she still visit Jonny on set?

'Forget it!' Cherry still needed to do her job. Without another thought, she changed into her dress and took the medicine that the man prescribed.

On the prescription was his name: Jacob Nalan.

His name and appearance might seem similar to some Prince Charming, but his actions and demeanor were far from that!

She sneered, swearing to herself that she would never step into that hospital ever again!

On the set.

Handsome men and beautiful women posed under the spotlight. Their gazes were all trained to the camera as they displayed their jaw-dropping physical attributes.

Among these people, one of the men stood out. With his dazzling smile and seductive gaze, he was enough to lure everyone in.

Jonny gazed at the camera as he held hands with one of the actresses for the advertisement. He turned to her with eyes filled with affection. The model blushed, while Cherry resisted the urge to snort.

Suddenly, the phone in her bag rang.

She grabbed her phone. Seeing that it was a call from one of her senior executives, she winced, fully knowing that it wasn't good news. Glancing at one of her missed calls, she already knew what was going on.

Sure enough, the man on the other end of the line was furious.

"Cherry!" he snapped. "Where the hell are you?"

"I'm on the set. Jonny's shooting for an advertisement today." She glanced at him.

"Come back. We have something important to discuss."

"I know. I got the call from Nandi News, but my phone was turned off." She pulled her bag strap over her shoulders. "I'll be there in ten minutes."

Without another word, she hung up. She made a gesture to her assistant, and Jonny could see her long curly hair disappear at the gate of the set.

In ten minutes, Cherry finally arrived at the company's headquarters.

"Cherry," the young assistant greeted her. "The vice president is waiting for you on Floor 12."

"I know." Cherry stepped into the elevator. The professional suit she was wearing was not only modern, but it was also very functional. She could move freely even if her outfit seemed tight-fitting.

"Sir," she called, knocking on the door to the vice president's office.

When she walked in, she was greeted with her boss's livid face.

He spread out one of the tabloids onto the table and motioned to the headlines. "Look," he ordered. "Read it yourself."

As soon as Cherry read the headline, her eyes widened.

While she had been paying the price for almost 'breaking her leg', it seemed that the reporters finally caught up to their target. On the front page were Jonny and a woman.

Although their shadows were obscure, the scene of the two of them holding each other's hands and drinking tea was very eye-catching. It would be a very destructive headline.

"Jonny!" she cursed out. The vice president snorted. "You tell me. Not only does he not cherish his good image, but he plans to spread more gossip every day." He shook his head, frustrated. "His image could be ruined after this!"

Cherry took a deep breath. "Sir, Nandi Newspapers chose to send the photos to you and not any newsstand. That meant that there's still room for negotiation. I'll do my best to get rid of this matter. If this is fake, then I swear I'll drag them down for defamation! They'll wish they'd rot in hell instead."

The man breathed a sigh of relief. "I knew it was a right decision to hire you. Go and arrange it. Also, show these pictures to Jonny. Tell him not to act so recklessly next time. If someone finds even more scandalous pictures, no one could protect him!"

Cherry nodded.

Without another word, she walked out of the office and held her phone tight in her hands.

"Is this the chief editor of Nandi News? This is Cherry." Her tone changed. "I'm really sorry. I was about to answer the phone, but the power of my phone ran out of power. I'm calling you right now while I'm charging my phone..."

She couldn't help but sigh in her heart. At this point, it seemed that she also wouldn't go back early this time around. She quickly arranged a dinner with the chief editor.

People were toasting to each other as they yelled out praises for each other's work.

The dishes were expensive and delectable. Every bite felt like a doorway to heaven.

It was supposed to be a happy scene, if Cherry could ignore the large hand groping her leg.

Finally, she took a step back when her phone rang. "I'm sorry. I have to answer this phone."

The chief editor smiled. "Will you come back later after answering or will you just leave me hanging?" he teased.

Cherry laughed faintly. "In that case, I'll have to punish myself with a cup of wine first." She drank up the wine in one gulp. "It's a call from Jonny, so I must answer. Please forgive me."

Then Cherry bowed her head and left the table.

After closing the door, she took out her handkerchief and spat out all the wine in her mouth. Her nose wrinkled in disgust.

The strong scent of alcohol lingered in the fabric as she threw it into the trash can. After taking a deep breath, she leaned against the door helplessly.

The so-called phone call she was referring to was actually an alarm she had set as an excuse.

After pulling herself together, she walked to the bathroom before heading right back. Just then, she saw a tall figure passing by.

It was him!

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