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   Chapter 118 The Emergency Treatment Failed.

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Claire reacted quickly but didn't hurry to catch up with Henry. She just walked around the bald man who was tied up, reached out her hand and fumbled in his pocket where he had hidden something just now. After taking back what Henry had written before, she secretly put it into her pocket.

If the bald man transferred this thing to someone else, Henry would be on the verge of breaking down. Henry had already suffered such a big blow. If he lost the power of the Gu family, it was undoubtedly an irreparable pain for him. But she was also wrong. If she had told Henry about it from the very beginning, she might not have had so many nightmares.

After putting the things away, Claire bowed to the policemen and people who helped them and said, "Thank you!"

After saying that, Claire turned around and was about to leave. But how could Liam miss such a good opportunity? He immediately caught up with her and tried to get close to Claire. "I think your husband left in a hurry. You didn't drive yourself, did you? How about I give you a ride? I helped you vent your anger just now, but the wound on my arm seems to crack again. I need to go to the Concentric Hospital, how about we go together?"

Since Liam had helped her a lot before, Claire was relieved a lot. Looking at the blood oozing from him, it didn't seem to be a lie. Besides, what he had said was right. If she took a taxi alone, she didn't know how long it would take.

Claire's eyes were a little wet. After gently wiping off the tears that were about to fall, she said, "Thank you. I also want to go to the Concentric Hospital. The girl was so kind. If Henry knew her kindness, he would be relieved a lot. Anyone will pay for what they have done!"

Although Henry didn't know what Doris had said to Claire before she died, it must be unforgettable for Claire for the rest of her life. Judging from her previous emotional and shocked expression, Doris might not be as stupid and innocent as everyone thought. Doris should have known the value of her existence from a long time ago.

People would understand a lot once they saw a lot. There are some great truths, but in the end, it's better to experience it personally.

"Then let's go. It's a little chaotic here. I don't know what tricks the enemy has left. If they ambush us later, it will be bad. My car is just outside. Let's go."

With the help of Liam, Claire successfully arrived at the Concentric Hospital. When she just walked into the corridor, she could feel the s

l, except you, no one can get close to his heart."

It was not that he wanted to give his beloved woman to another woman, but that it was not the right time. A little pity might mess up a big plan!

It had to be said that Liam's encouragement did comfort Claire. But the roar inside made her nervous inexplicably. After swallowing, Claire asked timidly again, "But I really... Can I do it well?"

Liam didn't answer, but gave her a firm look and nodded to show his trust in Claire.

"Then I'll go. Do you want to go with me? I'm a little scared if I'm alone. This is the first time I have seen Henry so desperate since I knew him. I used to think that he was cold-blooded and even had no human feelings. But after getting along with him for a long time, I find that he sometimes has a gentle side, but only a few. He had given all his tenderness to his sister. He would do anything for Doris. But now..."

"Let's go into the office. Since you have said so, how can I let you go alone?"

Liam's promise undoubtedly brought great courage to Claire.

With the sound of the door being opened, Claire and Liam appeared in front of Henry.

Henry habitually looked at Claire, but soon turned to Liam. It was this man again! Why was Claire with him again?

He looked a little serious. After a second, he managed to hold back his anger, which was about to go berserk at any time. He reached out his hand reluctantly and waved at Claire, shouting, "Claire, come here please."

His tired eyes inexplicably made Claire's heart ache. After a short pause, Claire asked with concern, "Henry, are you feeling better? You don't look good. Do you want to have a rest?"

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