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   Chapter 117 They Arrive At Last.

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It was the first time that she had seen Henry in such an awkward and desperate state. He felt terrible losing the most important person for him.

Although Claire couldn't figure out every emotion of his, she didn't want to see him so embarrassed, roaring and even collapse.

Panic was written all over the bald man's face. He took a step back cautiously and scolded loudly, "What do you want to do! What are you waiting for? Get this woman away! Do you want her to shoot me in the head? What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you to watch her closely? It's just a woman!"

Although he yelled, he was still a little flustered.

He knew that if she opened fire, his head would be in a mess. He hadn't killed Henry yet. How could he die at the hands of Claire? He was not reconciled! His revenge had just begun.

Claire stood up and tightened her body and shouted loudly, "Don't move. If anyone of you dare to move, I'll shoot him right away! The worst result is to die together. As long as I die, there will be no lingering fear for Henry! Let's see who will end up worse!"

Now that it was a matter of life and death, she had decided to risk her life. It was just a life. She owed Henry, and now it was time to pay back. It would be great if the reinforcements could arrive in time. Even if they had no chance to arrive, she still wanted to try her best to protect Henry.

The situation was a little urgent. The crowd around looked at each other, and no one dared to make a move first.

From the corner of her eyes, Claire urged, "Henry, take Doris away quickly! Otherwise, it's too late."

Although Claire was trembling with fear, she refused to give in.

Staring at the direction of Claire, Henry was a little confused.

Why she became so brave? She was usually a weak woman, but now she showed such a high attitude. Claire must have made up her mind to do so. But Henry didn't need a woman to save him. If he was safe because of the sacrifice of Claire, he would live a painful life for the rest of his life!

Claire suddenly burst into laughter, and tears were also flowing.

If she was not scared, it must be a lie. But now, Claire could not think of a better way. She was not a great woman, but she just didn't like to owe others anything.

She stepped back and pressed her back against Henry's body and urged, "Run away! Why are you dawdling? Do you want to die with Doris? They all deserved t

, I will spare one day every week to go around with you. What do you think?"

He had forgotten how long he hadn't felt so heartbroken, as if his heart had been hollowed out by someone.

Doris's death was too sudden for him to accept. No one could believe that in such a short time of half an hour, Henry's life had been overturned. Perhaps what the bald man had said was right. It was all because of Henry himself! If he hadn't been the so-called CEO from the very beginning and hadn't been so powerful, he wouldn't have offended so many people. And her sister wouldn't had suffered so much pain because of him.

David, who was standing behind him, had a strange expression on his face. Staring at the little girl covered in blood, he finally asked with a trembling voice, "Doris..."

What the hell was going on? He had just left for one night. Why did Doris lie on the floor covered in blood? What happened when he was away? No way... With Henry by his side, how could something happen to Doris?

The blood on Doris's face was still oozing out, and the bright red scene made everyone's heart twitch at that moment.

Feeling the lifeless corpse, Henry's smile became stiff, and at last, he became ferocious and roared, "Arrest this group of outlaws! Hospital... David, drive Doris to Aaron. She must be saved. How could my sister die? How could my sister die so easily? Yes, it's impossible! Let's go. Why are you standing here? Let's go!"

David shivered and took out his car key, turned around and ran out to start the car. The hatred in Henry's eyes was something that no one had ever seen before.

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