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   Chapter 116 He Kneel Down

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Bearing his anger, Henry gritted his teeth and begged word by word, "I beg you! Don't hurt my sister! I beg you. Is that okay?"

Seeing Henry so humble, he didn't mean to be satisfied, but became more and more serious. "It seems that you are very reluctant. If you are not convinced, then get up and beat me. I'd like to see whether you are fast in fist or my knife... What do you think?"

As he spoke, the bald man patted Doris's face with the back of the knife, making a loud sound.

Unconvinced? Of course he was not convinced! In the past, no one dared to be so presumptuous in front of him. But now, under the eaves, he had to lower his head. Moreover, Doris was in the hands of the bald man.

His Adam's apple bobbed slightly. He had no choice but to admit defeat, no matter how reluctant he was! He lowered his head and threw away his previous dignity, begging, "Please, let my sister off."

His begging was particularly pleasing to the bald man's ears.

The bald man walked up to him with a smile and kicked him away. Then he began to talk nonsense, "Ha-ha... I didn't expect that you would beg me in such a humble way. If you kowtow a few more times, I will let go of your sister!"

He didn't expect that Henry had suddenly became a docile sheep. He had underestimated the value of this girl. Child was innocent? When Henry tried to destroy other people's plan, did he consider that they had family and children? So when Henry mentioned the child, the bald man didn't feel sorry but hated him more.

If it weren't for the fact that Henry had demolished their houses, they wouldn't have been separated from their family. It was all because of Henry! Now he wanted to let Henry taste the feeling of being forced to part with his family and facing death. He didn't want to keep Doris alive, because he wanted to let Henry experience the feeling of heartache and regret!

Now everything was under his control, and Henry had no choice but to obey.

Although Henry really wanted to rush up and tear the bald man's mean face apart. But now Henry had no choice but to lower his head and kowtow to the bald man. He really could do anything for Doris!

The bald man stroked his beard and said with satisfaction, "Okay! For the sake of your sincerity, if you finish writing that thing, I will let go of your sister and guarantee her safety!"

Upon hearing this, a trace of peace flashed through Henry's eyes. Not far away, Claire saw all this and felt heart

emed to be waiting for something. Other people's lives had nothing to do with him. His target had been Claire not far away from him from the beginning. As long as the enemy didn't threaten Claire's life, he would choose to wait and see. But if the enemy intended to do something harmful to Claire, it would be a different case.

"Die... All of you must die!"

Without realizing it, Henry was on the edge of madness. At the moment, Claire felt that Doris was trying to say something. Although her voice was very weak, if she listened carefully, she would definitely hear something.

A moment later, Doris died. After hearing what she said, Claire burst into tears.

"So you know... You know all of this!"

Claire murmured. All of a sudden, she pulled out the sharp blade that pierced Doris's abdomen. With her scarlet eyes waving the knife, she rushed directly to the bald man. Her movement was sudden and fast, and the bald man couldn't avoid it. After barely escaping, his arm was scratched. And because of this movement, the gun in his waist fell to the ground.

Claire got the courage to squat down desperately and raise the pistol. She pointed the muzzle of the pistol at the bald head with trembling and roared, "What about you? Are you innocent? You deserve to die! I will give you to the court for punishment! Help me! Who can help me?"

Taking advantage of the corner of her eye, Claire looked around. Henry was very unstable now, and she had to find a way to get back the so-called transfer certificate, no matter it was Doris's last wish or her own desire to help Henry.

At least, she didn't want Henry to be so desperate.

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