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   Chapter 114 They Come To Her So Soon.

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The rough man wiped his bald head, and then announced aloud with a gloomy face, "Go straight in. That woman is too cunning. Don't forget that if she hadn't played tricks last time, we wouldn't have ended up like that. We must kill Henry and this woman today! Otherwise, the news will be leaked out. By then, we will be doomed. If we do well this time, we may have a chance to escape. As for whether we can seize it or not, it depends on your own performance today!"

The bald man glanced at his friends swaggeringly and then ordered boldly, "My brothers, we will take back the humiliation given to us by Henry today. Later, you guys guard at the door and see if there is any other exit. Don't let the security guards in, or our plan will be exposed. By the way, if the police come over, we must take the hostage in our hands. Before that, we must kill Henry as quickly as possible!"

He thought that since they had decided to do it, they must be cruel and do it well. They wanted to take back the pain that Henry had inflicted on them today! If it weren't for the fact that Henry had ruined their plan that day, all of them might have gained what they wanted, with endless money and good reputation.

However, things went contrary to their wishes. They all thought that the existence of Henry was a mistake, which had to be erased!

The door was pushed open forcefully, and the group of outlaws broke in directly. At the corner, Claire's heart became nervous at that moment. In fact, she had planned to hide herself just now, but according to the character of this group of outlaws, if they couldn't find her, they would definitely turn this place upside down.

The young outlaw took the initiative to get close to a waitress as he reached out his hand and grabbed her. Then he began to speak fiercely, "Raise your hands, all of you. If you don't want to die, just cooperate with us. We won't make things difficult for you. We are just here to arrest some bad guys. If you behave well, we promise that we won't make things difficult for you! Tell me, how many exits here?"

The waitress had never seen such an occasion before. Her face turned green immediately. She shrank her body and replied with a trembling voice, "There are two... You know, that was a passageway. Ordinary people were not allowed to enter it... The other one is in the kitchen, ordinary staff are not allowed to enter it. Big Brother, who are you looking for?"

Looking at the bright knife around her neck, the waiter almost fainted. She knew that if the blade went deeper, she would die!


r you, but I can take Doris's place. I don't have any weapon with me. I promise I won't do anything danger to you this time. Children are innocent, aren't they?"

It seemed that Claire still wanted to play the sympathy card, but the outlaws had already suffered losses from her last time. How could they make the same mistake again today? They knew that the more beautiful a woman was, the more she would lie. Beauty was a poison.

Seeing that Claire was about to get close to him, Henry suddenly put down his coffee cup and slowly looked at the outlaws around with a sneer. "No, thanks. Even if we give them money, they won't let us go this time. In that case, why don't we enjoy our last time happily?"

All the staff and guests in the restaurant had been held hostage. The restaurant's outside had been tightly protected. It was very difficult to break in from the entrance of the main hall. If David and others came here in time to save them, how could they come into the restaurant? This was what Henry cared about most now.

Henry words made Claire's body stiff. Was he telling the truth? It's horrible! If he really did what they said, he still couldn't save her life?

Henry was really very headstrong! The bald man thought Henry was stubborn. He had given him a chance, but since he didn't seize it, he wouldn't let him off today!

The bald man put the gun at his waist before he took out a bright fruit knife and made a gesture on Doris's face. "Henry, since you know it, you should cooperate well. Otherwise, I will cut your young sister's face in front of you, and then cut your wife's skin and flesh in front of you! Don't you love these two women the most? I want you to watch them die today!"

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