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   Chapter 54 Will He Come

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It had to be said that what Claire said really hit Nathan's sore spot. Being scolded by his daughter in front of so many people, no matter who it was, he would feel humiliated, not to mention that Nathan was such a proud person. Most importantly, what Claire said was reasonable, making him unable to refute.

At the same time, Claire was also frightened by what Nathan said. This man was so desperate now that he could even kidnap his daughter. Then what else could he not do? At the thought of this, Claire became quiet. With a frown, she carefully sat in the corner and looked around. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Seeing the dispute between the father and the daughter, the people around couldn't help clapping their hands and applauding. Everyone knew what kind of person Nathan was, but when these words came out of his daughter's mouth, they didn't know why they were particularly wonderful. Although Claire didn't have an hourglass figure, her face was really good-looking and her figure was well proportioned. Unfortunately, with a man like Henry, she was destined to have a hard life in her life.

When Nathan was about to lose his temper, a man in a flowery shirt tugged at the corner of his shirt and joked, "If Henry doesn't come by then, you can give your daughter to me. You don't have to pay my gambling debt. Your daughter is very interesting. I like her, such a straightforward woman was not much."

Feeling flattered, Nathan blinked his eyes and smiled unnaturally. "My Lord, are you kidding? My daughter is not clean anymore. She is pregnant with the baby of Henry. Isn't it good for you to have such a woman? "

This man, known as Fourth Master, was extremely cruel. If he gave Claire to this man, it would be difficult to guess what would happen to Claire. Nathan didn't care about what would happen to Claire. What he thought was that if Claire was gone, there would be no chance for him to use her in the future.

How could a man like him, who only knew the word of profit, know the word of heartache?

The Fourth Master laughed and asked, "I've told you that if Henry didn't come, could it be...... Do you think that Henry won't come? You promised before that Henry would come. So, you've lost your confidence just now? "

Fourth Master's words made Nathan feel guilty. After a while, he reluctantly agreed. He didn't expect that Claire was a popular star! If he had known that Claire could be competed for by so many people, he should have sold her at a good price with Claire.

"What a pity...... Alas! "

After sighing alone, Nathan found a seat and sat down.

At this moment, the atmosphere on the other side

y came, it didn't matter whether Claire was alive or not.

Hanson glanced at the back of his head awkwardly and answered, "It's hard to guess what kind of attitude Henry has. I said I would give him the address, and he asked me to send it to him without missing a word. But I was still saying something else, and he hung up impatiently. Why do I feel this matter is a little unreliable? Will Henry really take a risk for this woman? I don't think so. "

What he had done before was simple kidnapping. It was the first time he had met a big shot like Henry, so he began to be at a loss. At the beginning, he only took money for business. But after the kidnapping, he knew it was Henry's woman.

Fourth Master suddenly burst into laughter. He turned around and glanced at Claire, who was locked in the small room. Squinting, he asked, "Woman, let me ask you, will Henry come to save you?"

The people around them listened to the conversation casually and seemed not to have any interest. They had no choice but to wait before Henry came.

All of a sudden, Claire seemed to have figured out something. Then she put on an indifferent expression and patiently analyzed for the crowd, "yes Of course not. Do you think Henry will need women? Any woman could have a baby. Henry is just interested in me for a while. My family doesn't have much money, let alone power. I believe you all know what kind of person my father is. So do you think...... What else is Henry interested in except besides being fresh to me? What else do you think he can do for a woman on the spur of the moment? "

The people around looked at each other, as if they thought what Claire said was reasonable, and then nodded.

Indeed, Henry was always heartless. How could he do so much for a woman?

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