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   Chapter 51 Strange Doctor

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"Is this man a stalker?"

"I don't think so. I have read the news before. I heard that something happened in our city recently. Is it this man? But look at him carefully, he is quite handsome... "

"Yes. I didn't expect such a man to be so bad in private. But if he is good-looking, no matter how bad he is, I can accept it. And if he can change, it will be the best... "

The women around them were talking about him. Obviously, everyone was interested in it. Now, David had become the target of public criticism. Everyone saw his every move.

If he acted alone, it would be fine. At least no one would know that he worked for Henry. Now that he had attracted so many people's attention, he had no choice but to stop. He had to consider not only his own problem, but also Henry.

If he did something out of line here, his boss, Henry, would be affected.

After thinking for a while, David took the initiative to make a concession and asked, "I see. I'll wait at the door. Is that okay?"

This was his biggest concession! If the nurse continued to pester him, he would have to take special measures!

Fortunately, the nurse was not an unreasonable person and nodded her head quickly. But the way she stared at him made David feel a little uncomfortable. He used to treat others like this, but now he was treated like this, which made him felt uncomfortable.

Claire looked at the crowd apologetically, bowed silently, and then helped to apologize. "I'm sorry, my friend is a little impatient. If it brings you any inconvenience, I hope you can understand. I'm really sorry!"

"It turns out that he has a girlfriend. No wonder that man is so nervous."

"Yes, yes. He is really a good husband. Look, my husband doesn't come to accompany me to do the prenatal checkups. I am so envious! "

"Yes. If my husband is half as considerate as this man, I will marry the right person in my life. Unfortunately, he was someone else's husband. Alas... I can only think about it. "

Under the envious eyes of the crowd, Claire gently closed the door and walked into the room. However, Claire didn't know that the nightmare had just begun...

The doctor in the room was obviously a little eager to see Claire. He saw that the other party invited her warmly while asking, "Miss Claire? Come here. Lie down here and roll up your clothes. If you feel uncomfortable later, remember to tell me in time. Is there anything wrong with your bod

oing to suffer, would he escape?

Haley was stunned for a while. Then she nodded with fear and replied, "Okay... I know. Don't worry. I will do as you said! "

After giving a simple explanation, David arrested the nurse and walked into Aaron's office. This was Aaron's territory. Aaron had to take responsibility for the disappearance of people in his territory.

In Aaron's office, he was smiling and pinching a nurse's chin. After biting it, he joked, "Do you want to go out for dinner with me tonight? I've booked a room. You're the only one left. "

The nurse couldn't stand the tease of this master in love. Soon, her face turned red. She nodded shyly and said, "But is that really good? Mr. Aaron, you are at work now. If someone sees it, will it..."


Before the nurse could finish her words, there was a sudden knock on the door of Aaron's office, which scared the two warm people in the office.

The nurse was more like a frightened bird. She jumped to one side and looked at the door with lingering fear. Her face was full of fear. Who the hell is!

This good thing was about to succeed. Who on earth intervened at this critical moment? Aaron stood straight with a little dissatisfaction, patted the dust on his body, and opened the door of his office reluctantly.

Aaron, who was still angry, calmed down in an instant. He opened the door and pulled David in, asking with concern, "David, what are you doing here?"

It was known to all that David was always doing things for Henry, and only Henry could order this man. Did it mean that something bad had happened to Henry when David came?

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