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   Chapter 50 Do an Examination

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Doris's words somewhat surprised Henry. He didn't understand why Doris would say such words.

Henry stretched out his hand slowly and covered Doris's head with his rough hand. After gently rubbing it for a while, he smiled and said, "Why do you ask such a question all of a sudden? Why do you think so? "

Doris smiled and pointed at Henry's eyes, pretending to be mysterious. "Because there is seriousness in your eyes. Only your eyes won't lie. Besides, when you look at my sister-in-law, you are so gentle. This is the first time you've looked at anyone except me. Did I say anything wrong? Or you don't like her? "

Sometimes kids could see things more accurately than adults. Their eyes were clean, and they would see the world differently.

Henry smiled but didn't say anything. He just rubbed Doris's head and avoided the question. Do you like Claire? He couldn't find the answer himself. He just felt that when he hugged this little woman to sleep, he would always be very relieved and have a good dream all night.

Unable to figure out what was on Henry's mind, Doris didn't want to continue. She immediately shifted her attention to her own thing and said, "Brother, don't rub my head anymore. The teacher said that if it goes on like this, I will be bald. Brother, sister-in-law is going to have an examination this afternoon, right? Then take me out to play. You haven't taken me out to buy snacks for a long time. I want to eat ice cream and pizza... Ah, and... "

Looking at the greedy expression on Doris's face, the smile between Henry's eyebrows became more and more thick. Without thinking, he nodded and replied, "It's up to you. I'll take you out after you take a nap at noon. I remember you have the habit of taking a nap. I guess you haven't changed, have you? I've been cleaning your room for you, so you can check in at any time. "

Henry's love for her was outrageous, but Doris didn't know how much she was loved. She simply nodded, left a loud kiss on Henry's face, turned around and ran out with a smile.

Staring at her receding figure, Henry unconsciously put his hand on his left cheek. After thinking for a while, he finally laughed out and shook his head, sighing, "This child..."

Doris was as innocent as a piece of white paper. People couldn't help but want to protect her well from the society. He didn't have a happy childhood. As the heir of the Gu Family, his mind was much mature than normal people. It was also because of this that he understood the importance of a happy and carefree childhood for a child!

When Claire woke up, there was no sign of H

thing that can't be seen? "

If there was nothing that couldn't be seen, why did they stop him? He had been too negligent at the dinner party before, which had almost caused Claire to be in danger. This time, he must be careful, lest the same mistake happen again. Henry wouldn't let such a loser stay with him.

Facing the strong power of David, the nurse didn't mean to retreat. Instead, she said with dissatisfaction, "Sir, please look carefully. This is gynecology. Men should stop. Please open your eyes and see these three words clearly. Besides, as a man, why are you here? Even if you are the husband of this lady, please respect other ladies. There is not only the number 41 in the door. This is the rule of the hospital. Please follow it. "

They had seen too many people like David! Some people used such an excuse to do whatever they wanted in the hospital. They couldn't let such a thing happen again!

David forced a smile and tried his best to pretend to be a good person. He explained, "I'm sorry. I'm under Mr. Henry's order. I hope you can cooperate with me. I can promise that I won't look at anything else. All I need to do is to ensure the safety of Miss Claire. I hope you can understand. If you need to prove my identity, you can call Aaron over. I believe he will give you a good explanation. "

Aaron? Isn't he the dean of the hospital? It seemed that the hooligan was quite knowledgeable. He could come up with such an excuse.

The nurse was obviously a hot tempered woman. She immediately lifted her white gown up and whispered, "That's enough. If you go on like this, I'll call the security. Let me tell you, if you keep doing this, you will be called harassment! Let's see what this man is up to! "

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