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   Chapter 49 I Will Go with You

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After returning to her room, Claire didn't lie down in a hurry. Instead, she went to the bathroom eagerly and slapped her face with cold water.

Claire raised her head slowly and stared at herself in the mirror. Then she showed a confused look and said, "I must be crazy. How could I think so? He's Henry, a man I can't afford... How could I... I feel upset and uneasy because of his behavior. I seem to be possessed. "

In the mirror, she looked haggard and pale. She was completely different from what she used to be! Although her previous life was a little bitter, at least she lived a comfortable life without any unnecessary worries, and she didn't need to worry about what she would do next. In the past, her purpose was very clear, that was to make money to support her family. But now, she seemed to gradually lose her original goal, so that she could not find a direction to continue.

When Claire was lost in various fancies and conjectures, the door was suddenly knocked. It was not as hard as usual Henry did, but a little cautious. Who could it be? At this time, there was a sudden knock on the door?

Claire quickly took a towel and wiped the water on her face. Then she turned around and walked to the door, whispering, "Here I am. The door is not locked. You can open it directly. "

It shouldn't be Henry. Then who could it be?

As soon as Claire finished speaking, the door was opened with a click. What came into view was Haley's wrinkled face. But why did Haley come to her?

If she remembered correctly, Henry should call her aunt, which meant that she should also call her aunt?

"Aunt, what's wrong? Is there anything wrong?"

When Claire called her aunt, Haley shivered. After an awkward smile, Haley began to explain her purpose, "Here is the thing. I saw your pale face just now and thought if you were not feeling well, so I wanted to come up to see you. Now I see that you are fine... I just heard that you are going to do B Ultrasound this afternoon, right? If you don't mind, I think I can accompany you. I always feel that you will be lonely if you go alone. To be honest, I went to do the examination alone back then, so I think... I should be able to understand your feelings. "

Haley's words hit the nail on the head. Tears were welling up in her eyes and sincerity was written all over her face. Claire was the first woman who was willing to talk to her calmly. In the Gu Family, She usually had to live under the oppression of others. Therefore, at the first sight of Claire, Haley knew that this woman would be her friend worth spending her heart to make! Moreover, she had tried her best to please Henry's wife, so Terence wouldn't say an

found that Claire had locked the door from inside.

Raising his hand, Henry knocked on the door impatiently and said in a low voice, "Claire, open the door. Are you going to give me an explanation for this? "

Family scandal could not be publicized, let alone the fact that Henry was shut out.

But no matter what Henry said, the woman in the room didn't respond. It was quiet, which made people feel uneasy. Did this woman do something strange again? While thinking, Henry knocked on the door faster.

Henry didn't know what to say. He took out the key from his pocket and cursed in a low voice, "Damn it. You are really something, Claire! "

With a click, the door was opened. What came into view was that Claire was curling up at the foot of the bed and sleeping. His anger disappeared in an instant, and a tinge of pity appeared in Henry's eyes. Yes, it was heartache!

However, Claire was asleep and didn't notice the gentleness of this cold-blooded man for a moment.

Looking at the sleeping Claire, Henry couldn't help swallowing. He clenched his fists and sighed, "I'm wondering why you didn't open the door for a long time... Why are you sleeping like this? Aren't you afraid of catching a cold? "

Claire really didn't know how to take care of herself. Why did she make herself so tired every time?

With the help of Henry, Claire was tucked in and continued her sweet dream.

After Henry finished all this, Doris slowly came in from the door and asked, "Brother, what's wrong? Is sister-in-law not feeling well? She looked so beautiful when she was asleep... Brother, do you like sister-in-law very much? "

Children didn't think too much when they talked. They would ask whatever they thought and never care about the consequences and other people's thoughts.

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