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   Chapter 48 Who Is More Important

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Seeing this, Haley had no choice but to follow him, with an awkward smile on her face.

The hall was full of joy. James was chatting with Doris's father, Terence, with a smile on his face. The two of them seemed to have a good conversation.

Hearing that, Terence turned around and teased, "Henry is back. I have said, how could Doris run out for no reason? It turned out that she heard the sound of Henry's car. Henry, long time no see. You look much stronger now! "

Henry smiled and retorted, "Really. Uncle, you're really getting older. I don't think you have done much exercises. "

The harmonious atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Terence looked at the direction of James for help, as if asking for his words. However, it was well-known that James would always defend his family. He just pretended to know nothing and warmly greeted Henry and Claire.

James took a glance at Claire behind Henry and then stood up with a whoosh. He leaned over and said, "Claire, come here. Let me have a look. Let me have a look... What happened? Why was the wound so deep! Call Dr Zhang here. How could Claire get such a big wound? It's heartbreaking! "

Previously, Henry only told him that Claire felt a little uncomfortable after jumping into the sea, but she was fine. But Henry didn't say where she got hurt! With such deep wounds, those people were actually ruthless enough to deal with such an innocent little woman!

Feeling a little guilty, Claire held James's hand and gently stroked it. Feeling the callus on his palm, she sobbed, "Grandpa, it's all right. I'm much better now. The wound will be bandaged again later. Don't worry, Grandpa. Oh... Grandpa, are you feeling better now? I'm really sorry for what happened before. You have suffered so much. "

Claire's words somehow touched the heart of James. He nodded his head with trembling, and then praised, "Good girl, good girl... It's our Gu Family's fortune to have a daughter-in-law like you! "

In the end, some people couldn't bear to see this sentimental scene. Hearing this, Terence immediately felt uneasy. He stood up with a little uneasiness and followed James, "This is Henry's wife. She is really good. I don't know which family she is from? She actually replaced Molly. She is really something! "

As soon as she said this, the atmosphere was obviously stiff. The word "replace" was obviously sharp, which made Claire's face painful.

Henry didn't protect Claire, but waited for Claire's response. Recently, he believed that Claire had grown up, but as for how she had grown, now was the best opportuni

In his eyes, if it weren't for the fact that Doris could win Henry's heart, there would be no point for her to exist. She was not a man in the Gu Family, so she must have inherited less heritage. It was their own fault. If they could have a child like Henry, how could they worry about their future life?

Claire's sensitive heart had been hurt badly by Henry just now.

Henry's pampering attitude towards Doris was beyond Claire's imagination. It never occurred to her that Henry could be so gentle to others, even more than her so-called wife. In the past, Henry had always regarded the baby in her belly more important than anything else. But now, he even abandoned her for a sister who ran out of nowhere.

Forcing a smile, Claire apologized, "Grandpa, Henry, Doris, uncle, aunt, I'm sorry. I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe I'm tired. I'll go to my room first. I'm really sorry."

She was not jealous of Doris because she had no right to do that. She didn't envy Doris, because that was what she deserved. She, Claire... She was just a little disappointed. Such a contrast and such a gap still made people feel embarrassed.

She felt a dull pain in her heart, but it was interpreted well by her silently.

There were some words that were suitable to be kept in her heart.

James seemed to have found something wrong. He secretly winked at Henry, indicating him to go upstairs and check Claire's mood. But at this moment, all Henry's attention was focused on Doris, so he had no time to think too much. For him, besides his dead mother, Doris was the female he cared most. Although Claire was special to him, who was more important if she was placed together with Doris? The answer was obvious!

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