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   Chapter 45 Humiliation Everywhere

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After saying that, Claire even took the initiative to bow to everyone. It was obvious that she was full of respect, and her apology was sincere enough.

"Save it. You have a good eloquence. I'm afraid that you have relied on your eloquence to reach your current position, haven't you? I knew it. How could a mediocre woman like you easily enter the Concentric Hospital? It turns out that you have put a lot of effort in secret. "

"Ha, ha... Lily, I like what you said and I think so. You are the most beautiful woman here. Last time, I saw that Mr. Aaron looked at you with some other meaning in his eyes. Maybe the two of you can develop other relationships. You can easily handle a girl like Claire with a little effort! "

"Yes, Lily. Do you want to have a try? I believe you."

Hearing the people around tease a woman named Lily, Claire couldn't help but look in the direction of everyone's gaze. Sure enough, that woman was tall and good-looking, with a pair of long legs and a sexy figure. She was the perfect woman that many men dreamed of. While thinking, Claire subconsciously lowered her head and took a glance at her dry chest. For a moment, she understood why Henry had called her a dry woman.

With a complacent smile on her face, the woman called Lily slowly walked to the position of Claire and mocked, "Oh, thank you for your kindness. But you take a look, this woman is actually comparing us. Let me tell you, a dry woman like you can only be jealous of me. You'll never have a sexy body like this. Let me tell you, you'd better not think too much about it. Look at you. Did you leave a mark when you were in love with some man? "

As she spoke, she ripped off the bandage on Claire's neck. Claire, who had just been bandaged, broke out in a cold sweat in an instant. At the beginning, she planned to explain the emergency on that day when she came back to the hospital, and then go to bandage her wound again. She didn't expect that it was torn down by someone! The bitterness almost made Claire collapse on the ground.

Claire touched her wound subconsciously. The wound was like a nightmare for her! She still had a lingering fear of the past. Now that the past had been uncovered, her mind and body were forced to recall the past.

With a sneer, Lily approached her step by step and said aggressively, "Well, are you embarrassed to be seen by others? Don't worry. We are all grown-ups. There is no need to be so hypocritical. Everyone is watching. It's just a hickey, and you don't have to cover it up like this! "

As sh

was much calmer. She had seen too many jealous occasions like this, so she didn't have much emotion. But when her sight touched the wound, it was obviously frozen.

She had heard some rumors before. At the beginning, she planned to have a private conversation with Claire to confirm whether the rumors were true or not. She didn't expect that it would be uncovered in this way in the end. It seemed that this matter was not as simple as it seemed. Whether it was the identity of Claire, or the sharp wound on her neck, all these showed the danger of the day Claire left.

After weighing the pros and cons, Nancy restrained her expression. Forcing a smile, she waved at the crowd and said, "Well, it's getting late. Let's go."

The people around looked at each other in silence for a while before they turned around and walked towards the exit.

There was a long silence in the TCM pharmacy...

In Aaron's office, Claire was sweating heavily, enduring the pain from the wound.

Seeing that Claire gritted her teeth and tried to hold back her screech, Aaron couldn't help laughing. He slowed down his movement of disinfection a little, and then looked at the direction of Claire with a little tease. "I think you are also very strange. You are Henry's woman, but you are so obedient. People who don't know you might think you are a lamb being slaughtered."

Hearing Aaron's words, Claire remained silent. She knew what kind of identity she was. She was just a puppet of Henry. As long as Henry said no, she was nothing.

Seeing that Claire was unwilling to speak, Aaron had to give up. He coughed awkwardly and changed the topic. "By the way, about what happened in the hospital today..."

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