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   Chapter 43 Hello Man

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When Aaron turned around, he saw the anthomaniac Bonnie.

Aaron cast a scornful glance at Bonnie and sneered, "It's been a long time since you last met a man. You look so needy and dissatisfied, it's really, tut, tut... How could you make such an expression to a man? It seems that you are not noble at all. "

The voice successfully drew Bonnie's attention back. In fact, it was normal for her to be absent-minded. After all, Henry was an excellent man and the dreamlover of many women, so it was understandable. But somehow, Aaron was a little unhappy.

In the past, when he was with Henry, he was almost overshadowed by Henry. He had been used to this kind of thing for a long time. In addition, Henry didn't think too much about it. As time went by, Aaron got used to it. He continued to be a playboy, while Henry continued to focus on his work. The two of them supported each other and grew up together.

Bonnie rolled her eyes and retorted with a smile, "Yes. I'm from a humble and ordinary family, so I can't compare with you rich people. If you move your finger, we won't be able to stay here any longer. So, for the safety of the rest of your life, you'd better stay away from me, or next time I won't tweak your ears... But your..."

As she spoke, Bonnie's eyes moved down along Aaron's face and finally stopped at the position below his abdomen, and then showed a sinister smile.

Aaron's back suddenly straightened and he shivered a little. Then he took a step back subconsciously and choked, "You... What are you up to? Let me tell you, I'm the only son of the Liao Family. I'm the one who can cultivate the future little flower of the motherland. If you... "

He wanted to give a long speech, but it seemed that Bonnie didn't listen to him at all. After putting away her work certificate, she turned around and left in her high heels. She was not noble. She was poor, but she lived her own style and self-esteem! People from rich families would never understand this. So there was no need for her to continue the conversation with Aaron.

Aaron blinked his eyes in disbelief and felt guilty. "Why is this woman so bad tempered?"

On the other side, Claire followed Henry to his car.

Claire felt acor in her nose. After sniffing hard, she grabbed the corner of Henry's clothes and sobbed, "Henry, thank you..."

Claire had always thought that no one would believe her, but it turned out that Henry chose to believe her. He found the evidence by himself and gave her innocence. This man w

n she believed in who wanted to kill her child! This was something that Molly had never thought of even in her dream. She was nice to Aunt Connie, and the relationship between the two had always been very stable. But who would have thought that Connie would actually do such a thing!

Gerry's face darkened. He took the initiative to comfort his daughter while calling out the name of his sister, Connie. And Connie Mu was the Aunt Connie that Molly had mentioned. The Mu Family was also a big family, and there were few intrigues among its members. But Molly had always been clever, but she was stupid at this matter. She believed in others' words and lost her child. Who was to blame for this?

When the servant called Connie, there was no panic on her face. Instead, she stared at Gerry in surprise and asked, "Why are you so anxious to call me here? I'm busy. There are many contracts and documents waiting for me to deal with in the company. Why don't you keep an eye on Molly? "


In the past, the two of them used to call each other sister's nickname. But now, in an instant, they seemed to have changed into another person. Or, did Connie hear any rumors? So she didn't want to continue to pretend to be innocent?

Molly tensed up. She snatched the prescription from Gerry's hand and snapped, "Aunt Connie, what do you mean? Have you planned it from the very beginning? You know I'm going to be Henry's woman, but you even prescribed me an abortion drug. What are you up to! You did it. You wanted to kill me! How heartless you are! "

Her eyes were as red as blood, like a beast on the verge of eruption, which could show its sharp claws at any time.

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