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   Chapter 31 Don't Tell Her

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Henry didn't say anything. He just increased his strength to crush Nathan by accident, making Nathan too painful to say a word in the end.

Looking at the way Nathan wailed, Shirley hesitated for a while and finally couldn't help but sigh. Then she took the initiative to hold the hand of Henry and shook her head, indicating him not to go on.

Shirley's coward attitude confused Henry. After staring at Shirley for a while, he suddenly lifted his foot and asked with a smile, "Why?"

It was obvious that Nathan had no feelings for Shirley. He believed that Shirley was clearer than anyone else. Even so, was she willing to do so much for him?

Shirley let out a deep sigh and stared at the disappearing figure of Nathan, murmuring, "It's not necessary to think too much about love. If I can think it through, I don't have to find trouble. Sometimes, you know it's a mistake, but you can't change it. Go to sleep. It's getting late. Remember to change clean clothes. If you don't mind, I'll find clean clothes for you to change first Besides, I'm sorry for getting you involved. I hope you won't tell Claire what you saw today. I don't want to cause any trouble to that child. "

When it came to her child, Shirley couldn't help but shed tears. She had put a lot of efforts into this family, but in the end, she didn't get any return. The only person that could make her feel moved was probably the sweet and obedient child, Claire.

It was Claire who had healed the pain in her heart and some irreparable wounds. Of course, Shirley would not say these words of gratitude in front of Claire.

The expression on Henry's face became a little serious, as if he was thinking about the meaning of Shirley's words. After a long silence, she finally agreed, "I know, but in exchange, I hope you can do me a favor..."

Shirley was right. Claire] was innocent. There was no need for her to be involved in a new conflict. And now the most important thing is to help Shirley deal with the wound. As for asking him to wear clothes that others wear, it is absolutely impossible.

Henry had always been a neat freak. How could he bear such a treatment?

Under the persuasion of Henry, Shirley finally followed him to the hospital of Aaron for a general check-up. At last, she prescribed some medicine and got on the car of Henry.

Shirley suddenly burst into laughter when she found that Henry was driving here. She shook her head and said, "In fact, if you have a car, you can leave, but you didn't. Henry, I know there are many troubles in rich families. Claire is very simple. If you really treat her well, you can teach her to grow up. Constant protection will nev

are my subordinate. Don't tell me your identity. Even if the dean personally sent you here, so what? As long as I want, you will have a reason to be sent out of this pharmacy at any time. Believe it or not! "

If she didn't establish her prestige first, what should she do in the future when Claire bullied her? It seemed that Claire was still a little pretty. It was possible for her to have a good relationship with Aaron. Therefore, after a slap, Nancy was destined to give her a sweet date! No one was willing to cut off the way for themselves.

Claire stood respectfully, and then replied politely, "Yes, I believe you. I'm sorry, Nancy. I promise it won't happen again. I hope you can give me more advice on my future work!"

His attitude made Nancy feel much better. Nancy waved her hand and pretended to be calm, "Well, I know it's not easy for you. Let it go. I hope you can learn from it. But as a new comer, there are still a lot of things to learn. If you don't understand, you can ask other senior employees. Don't make any mistakes!"

After the farce, Claire officially entered the hospital and became a member of the pharmacy. However, the seemingly peaceful life was actually full of undercurrents. As a new comer, she would naturally suffer more than others!

As soon as it was lunch break, this kind of discrimination was immediately revealed!

Just as Claire took off her white coat, she was suddenly tapped on the shoulder. When she turned her head, she saw a woman with curly hair. She smiled and said, "Ah, you're Claire, right? You're the new comer, so you're the only one on duty during the lunch break today. I know you're a smart girl, so we all believe that you can do it well. We'll be there at half past two in the afternoon. Work hard! "

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