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   Chapter 30 Dispute in the Rain

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At about two o'clock in the morning, Henry sensed that something was wrong. He had always been light asleep. If it weren't for Claire, he would have felt more difficult to sleep.

At first, he thought it was his illusion, but after he confirmed it again, he believed that there was really a dispute outside! Although they lowered their voice on purpose, it was still unusual sound for Henry.

Without disturbing Claire, Henry put on his coat and walked out in Claire's slippers. His seemingly ordinary look invisibly added a trace of laziness and charm to him! In this world, as long as you are handsome, everything you do is perfect and good!

As expected, there was really a dispute outside, accompanied by the sound of rain dripping, which was very incompatible. Walking out along the source of the voice, Henry finally found Shirley who was bullied on the rain ground. At this moment, she was curling up in pain and begging for mercy.

Without thinking too much, without caring about the heavy rain outside, Henry rushed up, pushed away the man who was bullying Shirley and gave him a kick.

With a howl, Nathan flew straight out and finally fell to the ground with a thump, making a dull sound. Obviously, he didn't expect that someone would suddenly appear at this time and stop his revenge. When Nathan saw clearly that it was Henry who came out of his house, his anger rose in an instant.

It seemed that Nathan didn't recognize Henry as soon as he saw Henry because Henry was dressed in plain clothes, not in the lofty way he used to be.

Nathan spat in disdain, then he suddenly stood up from the floor. While rolling up his sleeves, he cursed at the position of Shirley, "I've been wondering why you didn't allow me to enter the house. It turns out that you have a man behind my back! I've been wondering how you could afford such an expensive door. It turns out that you've been someone's mistress. You're such a shameless woman. How dare you say that you love me? Now, is this your explanation to me? "

Hearing the ruthless humiliation of Nathan, Shirley felt extremely sad. She had never regretted since she decided to follow him. For so many years, her efforts were still nothing to Nathan? In the end, he didn't even care about her or greet her!

It seemed that Henry had found out something... Had he ever seen this face before?

Henry squatted down, reached his hands and held Shirley's arm, asking, "Who is he?"

Didn't Shirley sleep in her room at the beginning? Why did she suddenly run to the street and have a dispute with a strange man? Judging from Shirley's way of doing things, she didn't seem to be a person who liked to have disputes with others!

Shirley looked a little embarrassed. After wiping off the tears from the corner of her eyes, she pretended to be calm and grinned, "Nothing... You don't have to worry about it. It has nothing to do with you. You can go in first. It's raining outside. It's not good if you catch a cold in the rain! "

While speaking, she stretched out one hand to drive Henry into the room, but since Henry had seen it, he would not let it go. Of course Henry had no interest in other people's life. But facing this woman who was like his mother, he couldn't just sit by and do nothing!

Clenching his fists, Nathan rushed out with a ferocious look, grabbed Shirley's hair and scolded, "You still show your deep relationship in front of me? Let me tell you! Stop acting in front of me. I tell you, if I don't teach you a good lesson today, I won't be Nathan! "

Shirley felt a sharp pain in her scalp. With the help of Henry, she escaped from the claws of Nathan again. But what Henry didn't know was that the more he helped Shirley at the moment, the angrier Nathan would be. As long as he left, Shirley would have a terrible ending.

After enduring the pain on her body, Shirley forced a smile and said, "Henry, this has nothing to do with you. He is my husband, and this matter is a tangle between the two of us. You can help me take good care of Claire. Remember, don't tell her about it. I don't want to add more burden to her! I'm sorry to get you involved in this matter. If possible, I hope you can take good care of Claire. "

While speaking, Shirley's

eyes were still a little red. She had her own difficulties in facing such a miserable life.

At this moment, Nathan seemed to have realized something. He suddenly raised his head and stared at Henry for a long time before he hurriedly retreated. It turned out that the previous rumors were true! On that day, he was accidentally found by the people of the gambling house on the street. At the beginning, he thought that the other party was coming to collect the debt, so he directly knelt down and begged for mercy. However, the other party said that the gambling debt had been paid!

Logically speaking, neither Claire nor Shirley could afford the money, but there was no need for the people in the gambling house to deceive him. It was said that someone had paid it back directly all at once. After A few inquiries, he knew that it was a famous person in A City who helped him pay it back. But no one was willing to reveal who he was. Now, Nathan finally understood that this mysterious person was actually the CEO of the OT Group in A City, Henry!

In an instant, Nathan's expression changed. He smiled bitterly, rubbed his hands and teased Shirley, "I didn't expect that a woman like you, can hook up with such a man! Mr. Henry, I've heard a lot about you. I'm Nathan, and I'm the husband of this woman. No, no, no, you're her husband now, and I'm her ex-husband. Here is the thing. I can see that you like this woman. Give me a sum of money, and I'll leave right away. I promise I won't come back to destroy your relationship with this woman. What do you think? "

As he spoke, Nathan gave a flattering smile, as if he took Shirley as a commodity. As long as the other party offered a price, he could sell her at any time. Shirley's eyes turned red in an instant and shouted, "Nathan, are you still a human being? I, Shirley, have never done anything wrong to you in my life! Is this how you ruin my love? Do you still have conscience? "

Her heart was destroyed by this ruthless man bit by bit. He still had no intention of repenting! How could she tolerate this? Shirley was not a strong woman. She was just a woman in need of love!

However, Shirley's words didn't work on Nathan at all. He pushed her away with his big hand and shouted angrily, "Shut up! You bitch! Don't disturb my business. You should be glad that you are still useful to me, or I will have kicked you away long ago! I seem to see Claire today. She has grown up and can be sold at a good price! "

At the beginning, Henry looked on with casual indifference, but when he heard the last sentence, his face darkened at once. Now Claire was Henry's woman. As Claire's father, how could Nathan want to sell his daughter to get money?

At the thought of this, the anger in Henry's heart rose continuously. Was such a man really worthy of the word "father"?

Shirley turned to look at Henry in fear. She could feel the coldness and fury radiating from this man. Although she didn't know him well, at least she could read his emotions.

Shirley suddenly stood up and took the initiative to stop the two of them, "Nathan, are you crazy! He is Claire's man and Claire's husband. My child has lived a hard life. How else do you want to torture her? Nathan! Please wake up and stop doing stupid things! You really... You really make me disappointed! "

However, Nathan didn't listen to Shirley's words. Instead, he kicked her away and shouted angrily, "Are you done, bitch? Don't... Ah... "

Before Nathan could finish his words, he felt a pain in his lower abdomen and was kicked to the ground. When he was about to struggle to stand up, Henry directly stepped on the abdomen of Nathan in Claire's slippers, and gently rubbed it, causing Nathan to wail continuously.

It was late at night and the rain was falling outside. So Henry didn't worry that there would be any media coming to capture this matter. Even if there was, who would dare to gossip about him outside?

With a twisted face, Nathan wrapped his arms around Henry's shin and hinted, "It hurts... Alas... Mr. Henry, we can talk about it. Don't do that! I'm sorry that I misunderstood you just now. But Claire is also my daughter... If you marry her, you have to give me some money, don't you? "

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