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   Chapter 28 New Job

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There seemed to be some unspeakable expression on James's face. After being questioned by Henry, he finally opened his mouth and said, "You'd better find a way to deal with what happened last night. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on the reputation of our Gu Family. Of course, I trust Claire. She is a good girl. I understand. "

It seemed that James was hinting at something, and Henry knew it in his heart. He nodded with acquiescence, took the initiative to hold the hand of Claire and turned away.

A moment later, Henry's car stopped at the gate of Aaron's hospital. After parking the car, the two didn't stay any longer. They turned around and walked straight into the hospital.

The two of them acted quickly and entered the office of Aaron without causing much noise. Looking at the playful expression on Aaron's face, he knew that he had been waiting for a long time.

As soon as Henry pushed the door open, Aaron got angry. He approached him and shouted, "Henry, at least consider my feelings, okay? Anyway, I'm very busy. Do you want me to wait for you like this for half a morning? Even if we two are familiar with each other, you can't do this to me! Well, Claire is also here today. "

The original title of Miss Claire was replaced by Claire. In the face of Aaron's ridicule, Claire just smiled awkwardly and didn't say much. After all, he just mentioned the word "work".

If Claire could have a job. She can endure it occasionally. However, it seemed that Henry didn't buy it. He walked up to him and urged, "I have something else to do. Be quick."

It was clear that it was Henry who asked for help, but it turned out like Aaron owed him. Seeing this, Aaron stood up helplessly.

Aaron shrugged and then teased, "Henry, I owe you a lot in my previous life. If it weren't for Claire, I wouldn't have cared about you."

Accompanied by Aaron, Claire was led to the Chinese medicine room downstairs. It had to be said that the Chinese medicine room was very large compared to the place where Claire had stayed before!

"Hello, Dean."

"Good morning, Dean."

As soon as Aaron stepped into the room, the employees around him immediately stopped what they were doing and respectfully greeted Aaron. Aaron nodded, indicating them to continue to work, and then began to introduce.

Aaron pinched his chin and explained, "Claire, if you like it, you can work here. The main reason is that Henry is afraid that something will happen to you and thinks it's safer to leave you here. If you like it, you can go to work tomorrow. We will provide you with the white gown. Salary... Of course, it wouldn't be too bad! Of course, we will provide food and accommodation, but accommodation... I don't think you need it. "

While speaking, Aaron took a glance at Henry. After being taught a lesson by Henry, he withdrew his gaze.

It was enough for her to have a job. As for the salary, she didn't care at all. At least she could cover some money for her family.

Claire nodded excitedly to Aaron, and then said gratefully, "Thank you, Dean! I will work hard and won't let you down! "

After several trials and tribulations, the matter was finally settled, and Claire was quietly relieved. When the two of them were about to leave, Claire inadvertently caught a glimpse of a patient in the hall.

Her face turned pale in an instant. Almost subconsciously, Claire turned her face away.

Claire thought she had done a perfect job, but she didn't know that all her little expressions were seen by Henry. Looking in the direction of Claire's gaze, Henry didn't find anything wrong.

Although he felt suspicious, he didn't say anything. If Claire didn't say anything, she must have some unspeakable reasons. If she wanted to say something, he didn't need to ask, and Claire would take the initiative to say it!

Aaron seemed to have something else to do. He said a few dirty words to Henry and then ran away in a hurry. Looking at his anxious face, he must be thinking about some nurses. But he had a handsome face, and those nurses were willing to follow him.

Seeing that Claire had been silent all the time, Henry finally urged her impatiently, "Woman, do you have anything else to do? If there is nothing else, I will send you back to your house. I still ha

ve something to deal with in my company."

Hearing Henry's words, Claire clenched her clothes tightly. After hesitating for a while, she looked up at the direction of Henry and begged, "Henry... I just want to go home and see my mother. It won't take you too much time. If you are busy, I can go by myself. I promise I will... "

Sure enough, this woman must have hidden something!

With an unfathomable smile on his face, Henry slowly nodded and said, "of course..."

If it weren't for the fact that Claire was burning with anxiety, she would have noticed that the performance of Henry was too abnormal. He had insisted on going back to the company before, but at the critical moment, he was willing to spend some time with her.

With the company of Henry, the two of them went back to the place where Shirley lived. The moment she pushed the door open, Claire was stunned and didn't dare to move. She didn't come to her senses until Henry came up behind her.

Claire took a step back subconsciously, glanced at the door number on it and muttered, "I... Did I go the wrong way? No, this is indeed my home, but why... "

Looking around, the broken walls were painted again, and the old and paint doors and even the sofa were changed. The whole house was completely new!

After hearing the noise, Shirley rushed out, held the hands of Claire and Henry, and invited the two people in. And what made Claire most worried finally happened!

Looking at the bruises on the corner of Shirley's eyes, Claire's heart rose in an instant. She took the initiative to hold Shirley's face, and then asked with concern, "Mom, is that man back again?"

That man?

Hearing Claire's words, Shirley, who was smiling kindly, suddenly became obscure. She smiled unnaturally and then denied, "What are you talking about! There is no such thing. I accidentally fell down and touched myself before. Don't think too much! He can't even get out of debt. How dare he come back?"

This man referred to Nathan, the father of Claire. She saw Nathan in Aaron's hospital just now. It was precisely because she saw Nathan that Claire felt uneasy and rushed back to see her mother. This man didn't care about his family at all. He just fooled around outside every day and owed a lot of debts. But Shirley refused to divorce no matter what, so the situation had been deadlocked till now.

Henry didn't know who the so-called man was, so he didn't say anything from the beginning. He just held his breath and heard the conversation between the two of them, Claire and her mother.

Shirley's denial made Claire even more suspicious. What a coincidence! Shirley didn't seem to be hurt by falling. After making up her mind, Claire finally told her everything. "Mom, I saw everything. I saw my father in the hospital just now. Did he come back to ask you for money! Did you give it to him? "

If Shirley continued to be so coward, the family would eventually be destroyed one day. She had already had such a memory once, and she didn't want Shirley to continue to be so stupid. With a man like Nathan, she should let go of him at the right time! If Shirley hadn't married Nathan, she wouldn't have lived such a miserable life now.

However, Claire's confession made Shirley lose the strength to stand in an instant. Her body shook and she almost fell to the ground. If it weren't for the quick eyes and agile hands of Henry, she would have been lying on the ground now.

Shirley sighed slightly, then shook her head slowly and wiped her tears, "You know everything... Claire, it's my own decision. I hope you don't worry too much. No matter how bad that man is, he is still your father... If he can't change his mind, I have to accept him. "

She had been waiting for Nathan to come back for many years. She believed that as long as she waited silently, Nathan would come back one day. By the time Nathan saw everything, she didn't want him to be alone.

Claire stamped her feet in disappointment. Finally, her heart softened. "Mom, you... Forget it. I don't want to care about it anymore. I don't care what you want. But promise me, no matter what, you can't give him the money for the medicine, okay? I have found a new job and will start to work tomorrow. I may not come back often in the future. "

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