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   Chapter 27 the Golden Haired Man

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When Claire woke up, it was already early the next morning, and the so-called banquet had already ended.

Claire, who had just woken up, was still in a daze. She rubbed her aching temples and let out a long sigh. All of a sudden, she seemed to think of something. She quickly put her hand on the lower abdomen. After confirming that there was no abnormality, she once again collapsed on the bed.

She didn't know what happened yesterday, but she still had a lingering fear when she saw the furious look on Henry's face! She had to find a way to explain this matter. Otherwise, according to the temper of Henry, she would definitely suffer a lot.

Just as Claire was wondering how to explain it to Henry, the door was suddenly opened with a click, and then a golden head came in. After looking around, the man came in agilely.

He acted like a thief, but Claire recognized him at a glance! The man with golden hair was the one who pulled her out of the swimming pool yesterday! Yesterday, before she had the chance to say thank you to him, she was pulled away by Henry. She was still regretful, but she didn't expect that the man would take the initiative to come up to her.

With a bright smile on her face, Claire nodded at the man and said, "It's you. Are you looking for Henry? I doesn't know where he is now. If you have something to tell him, I can convey it to him. And... Thank you so much yesterday. If it weren't for you, I would have been drowned. "

Seeing that there was only Claire in the room, the man's smile became more and more relieved. He tidied up his clothes frivolously and said with a smile, "No, I'm not looking for Henry. I'm looking for you, for Miss Claire."

Looking for her?

Hearing the golden haired man's words, Claire was obviously stunned. She paused for a while and asked, "Don't make fun of me. This kind of joke is not funny at all, and..."

Before Claire could finish her words, the golden haired man suddenly stepped forward and pushed Claire against the head of the bed. He smiled and said, "I like Miss Claire, so... I want Miss Claire to leave with me. I can give you whatever Henry can. What do you think? Besides... If you like expensive clothes, I can also give you the limited edition, unique and existing only for you. "

The golden haired man's face was full of earnest. The sudden change in the atmosphere made Claire feel at a loss. Almost subconsciously, Claire pushed the golden haired man away and said coquettishly, "Although I thank you for saving me yesterday, it doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want. After all, I'm the wife of Henry. If you can attend the banquet, you should be his friend. I hope you can behave yourself!"

She had made Henry so angry yesterday. If Henry came back and saw this scene, he would teach her a lesson again? The mere thought of the gloomy face of Henry gave Claire goose bumps all over her body. The golden haired man smiled playfully and wanted to say something more, but suddenly he felt pain in the back of his neck and was pulled to the ground.

The only person who had such domineering strength was probably Henry!

With a gloomy face, Henry warned him unhappily, "Louis, if you continue to be so presumptuous, don't blame me for embarrassing you. You can't touch my woman. Don't bring your bad temper here."

The man, who was called Louis, groaned in pain, and then smiled wickedly. "Henry, the women around you are constantly changing. Why can't I fight for her? If you come a little later... Maybe Miss Claire can be mine. Let me tell you. How about you give her to me? I brought you some women when I came back? I promise they will be more interesting than this woman. "

The word "interesting" inexplicably made Claire feel sick. Her only gratitude and affection for Louis were also erased at that moment. However, Henry directly rejected his proposal. In the end, he even directly kicked Louis out of the room, leaving no chance for him to resist.

It seemed that Louis was extremely thick-skinned. Although he was kicked out, he still kept knocking at the door and said, "Hey, hey, Henry, didn't you say that you should respect the guests? Is this how you respect the guests? I want to make a complaint! Complaint! It's just a woman. I'm wondering what brand I want to establish with your family! "

Henry t

urned a deaf ear to the man's shouting outside the door. Now he just wanted to have a good talk with Claire.

Seeing the ferocious look in Henry's eyes, Claire shrank subconsciously and shook her head repeatedly. Her eyes immediately turned red. She couldn't bear the torment from Henry like that anymore. The first few months of pregnancy was a special period. If she was not careful, the baby would be easily aborted.

She couldn't take the child's life as the price of Henry's anger. It was too much for her to bear!

"Henry, I didn't..."

"I know."

Before Claire could finish her words, Henry interrupted her. The simple two words meant great trust. Claire's nose twitched in an instant. She reached out her hands and hugged Henry without saying a word. Then she burst into tears.

Her thin shoulders were trembling desperately, and then she said in a trembling voice, "Henry, I'm afraid... My body was out of control... It was burning like a fire. I wanted to find you, but I couldn't find you. I couldn't see your body. I lost my footing and fell into the water. I can't swim. I really haven't done anything wrong to you..."

She had never felt so desperate, and she knew better than anyone else that if Henry hadn't appeared at that time, her life would have ended. The Gu Family would never tolerate the existence of her 'great humiliation', and no one knew what would happen to her at that time.

It was the first time that Henry had seen Claire crying like this, and he was also surprised. He stretched out his hand stiffly, gently stroked Claire's long hair and comforted, "I know everything. Don't worry... I, Henry, won't spare anyone who wants to drag you into the mire and discredit the Gu Family. "

He was not good at comforting people, but he could do what he said! No matter what kind of method Henry used, he had to achieve his goal, which was the most terrible thing for him.

He wouldn't make a promise easily, but once he did, he would keep it.

After venting her uneasiness, Claire looked up at Henry pitifully and asked, "Henry... Do you really believe me? I didn't know what happened yesterday. I suddenly felt something wrong. Then I only remembered that you were angry. When I woke up, it was early in the morning. "

If it had been in the past, Henry would have been furious, but today he looked so calm, which inevitably made Claire uneasy.

But if Claire knew what she said yesterday, she might not have such an expression...

At this moment, all Henry could think about was what Claire had said in her sleep yesterday.

"Henry, didn't you say that I can't interfere in your private affairs, so I can't speak. I can only wait quietly."

"Henry, didn't you say that you would only use me as an excuse? So no matter what I do, you won't ask me. Whatever you do, I can only pretend to be ignorant."

"I did hate you at the beginning, but you know what? When you saved me and helped me, you really fascinated me..."

All he could hear was the words of Claire. With a slight sigh, Henry turned around and kissed the lips of Claire, saying, "Woman, remember, what happened yesterday was not a coincidence. You trusted others, so you were in danger yourself. I've told you before, you can't trust anyone, because everyone wants to kill you anytime, anywhere. I've told you this many times. You just don't know how to remember! "

If he hadn't asked David to investigate the matter thoroughly at that time, he might have misunderstood this woman more deeply. It was because he believed that Claire was a clean and self-conscious woman that he did not break out directly.

But that didn't mean that Henry's anger could be eliminated. He reached out his hand and wiped Claire's face hard, whispering, "No one is allowed to touch you without my permission next time. Do you hear me? Otherwise, I will never spare you next time! There is a reason for this. I'll teach you a lesson. "

In the face of Henry's forgiveness, Claire nodded hard and wiped her tears silently. This time, she might never have the chance to forget it in her life!

After Claire calmed down, Henry took her out of the lounge. When they just went out, the two of them were blocked at the exit by the unexpected arrival of James.

Henry paused for a while. Then he asked in confusion, "Grandpa, what's wrong?"

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