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   Chapter 26 Accidentally Getting into the Water

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Claire's pupils contracted all of a sudden. As she stepped back hard, she choked, "I'm sorry, I... I... I can't control my body. Stay away from me! "

Her eyes were a little red, and it was obvious that she was also frightened by this involuntarily state. When David heard this, he seemed to understand something all of a sudden. He immediately grabbed the wrist of Claire, preventing her from moving.

Claire felt pain and became sober.

She raised her head, her big clear eyes full of tears. She took a few steps back and begged, "You hurt me. Let go of me."

Looking at her pitiful eyes, David was stunned for a moment, but it was also because of this movement that Claire had a chance to escape.

Claire seized the opportunity and ran out in a hurry. Such an uncontrollable feeling made her feel scared for no reason. There was only one thought in her mind that was to find Henry. Only that man would give her a sense of security! The sensation spread rapidly through her body, giving her an inexplicable shiver.

After inquiring all the way, Claire ran to the pool to look for Henry. People around her wore bikini and swam around the swimming pool. They smiled charmingly.

"Where is Henry? Henry... "

Claire murmured in a low voice, staggering forward. Her sight gradually became blurred, and even when she looked at other people, she would mistake them for Henry. Just as Claire was hovering around, a woman quietly approached her. Then, when no one noticed, she pushed Claire directly into the swimming pool!

With a thump, came the cry for help of Claire.

The chill spread to the bone of Claire in an instant, and she became much sober. For a moment, the surrounding people are also gathered up, the security is also directly alarmed, regardless of the night of the cold, they splash directly jumped into the pool to save people, and faster than the security is another hand...

A man with blonde hair smiled enchantingly and put his arms around Claire's waist. He approached the ground easily and teased, "Miss, are you okay? Don't take things too hard. But... You smell good. "

As he spoke, he took the initiative to kiss Claire's cheek, which made Claire surprised and shy. When the golden haired man was about to say something, Henry suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Claire's waist, and then easily pulled her back from the man's arms.

Claire's eyes turned red with anxiety. Then she stamped her feet and explained, "Henry, you hurt me... I'm pregnant. Be gentle! "

With a long face, Henry stared at Claire and sneered, "What? Don't you feel uncomfortable when another man touches you? Good for you, Claire. "

He had just made public the identity of Claire in front of so many people and given her the title of Mrs. Gu. But it was only one night, and Claire immediately hooked up with another man? This was a slap in the face of Henry. Now so many people were watching. If he didn't show up in time just now, how far would Claire go with this man?

The blond man wasn't surprised by Henry's reaction. He just smiled and jumped up to him while speaking the non-standard Chinese words. "It turns out that you have a boyfriend. But it doesn't matter. I like you very much. I like the smell of you very much. And I also like your face. When I kiss you, it's soft."

The almost explicit words made the atmosphere freeze in an instant. Many people stared at Claire with an attitude of watching a good show. Her white evening dress, which she was originally wearing, began to become transparent after being soaked in water. With a frown, Henry quickly took off his coat and covered it on Claire. Then he carried her in his arms and left.

It seemed that there was something he needed to teach Claire well, otherwise this woman would never know her position and identity!

After taking Claire back to his independent lounge, Henry threw her directly on the bed without mercy. The wide and soft bed was slightly sunken because of Claire's body.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly rose. Claire shivered subconsciously. She was afraid that Henry would suddenly do something crazy, and she was really a little cold. After all, she had just been pulled out of the s

wimming pool and was pulled in without any measures to protect herself from cold.

Looking at the bloodshot eyes of Henry, Claire's body began to tremble. She shook her head like a rattle drum, and then explained frequently, "Mr. Henry, it's not like that. There is a reason for this! Let me explain. "

Hearing Claire's explanation, Henry snorted and seemed to be annoyed. "Explanation? What else do you want to explain? I only believe what I see with my own eyes. Let me tell you something, Claire. Don't get delusional just because I've given you a little credit lately. Don't think highly of your own abilities!"

As Henry spoke, he actually pressed himself against Claire! Terrified, Claire stretched out her hand desperately to prevent the touch between her belly and Henry's. After all, she was pregnant now. Did Henry want to do that at this time?

Claire's face was full of reproach, but Henry didn't care. He took the initiative to stretch out his hand and wantonly wandered around Claire's body.

"Henry! Are you crazy? HMM... I'm pregnant... You... "

The medicine in Claire's body is working again, and the bedroom is full of sex.

With Claire's crying and shouting, Henry finally managed to end this matter. However, in the process of sexing, Henry obviously sensed something wrong. If it was in the past, Claire would definitely not cooperate with him. But just now, the woman showed a confused expression, and it was obvious that something was wrong!

He was not a fool. He knew what the matter just now meant. If he appeared a little later, maybe Claire would be in danger, and then the negative news would spread all over!

And he had told David to take good care of Claire. How could such a thing happen! At the thought of this, the gloom on Henry's face grew. When he stood up and was about to leave, he heard the murmur of Claire unintentionally.

His name was clearly mixed in her words. Originally angry, he stopped his action for some reason. He took the initiative to approach his head to the lips of Claire and heard all her whispers...

Her anger gradually subsided...

Half an hour later, Henry finally called David to his room. In order not to disturb Claire's rest and prevent her from being hurt by others, Henry chose to walk away for a few steps. Then he asked in a low voice, "I'm asking you, what happened? Didn't I tell you? If there is anything wrong, tell me as soon as possible. Then why was that woman drugged? "


As soon as these two words came out of Henry's mouth, David's face turned pale in an instant. He felt something was wrong with Claire. It turned out that she was drugged!

David snorted and apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Henry. It's my fault! I'm willing to be punished! "

If it weren't for Henry's timely arrival, how could a simply 'sorry' work?

With his eyebrows twitching, Henry tried his best to hold back his anger. Finally, he turned his head away and said, "I'll only give you half an hour to find out who did it. And... Why did that woman run to the swimming pool? Did she fall down herself? Or did someone set it up on purpose? "

What a coincidence! Henry was no stranger to the man with golden hair. He didn't believe that the man didn't know that Claire was his woman! Since he knew it, why he did that? What's his purpose! At the thought of this, Henry's face darkened.

David knew it was his fault, so he didn't dare to say anything more. With the hint of Henry, he disappeared in front of him.

Half an hour later, David really got the answer Henry wanted. When Henry saw the familiar name, a weird smile suddenly appeared on his face.

Staring at the woman on the document, Henry crumpled the paper and said gloomily, "It seems that the fox can't help but show its tail. Keep an eye on this matter. If the Xiao Family does anything unusual, remember to report it to me in the first time. I don't want you to make the same mistake for two times. If you understand, just go."

He had said from the beginning that Claire was his woman. If anyone wanted to hurt her, he'd better weigh his own weight first. He had made it so clear to them. If they still didn't understand, then it was not his fault!

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