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   Chapter 25 Being Framed

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With the crowd around him, James slowly walked down the stage, followed by Henry.

It had to be said that in this era, Henry was a famous figure. His name represented success, which was the goal of the vast majority of men.

Henry took the initiative to hold Claire's hand and kissed it affectionately. Then he announced loudly, "It's my honor to see so many people come to the dinner party of our family today. If there is anything wrong with the reception, I hope you can bear it. By the way, this is my woman, Miss Claire. I hope you can pay more attention to her in the future. Of course, if there are some people who intentionally hurt her, I don't welcome them. Enjoy yourselves. If you need anything, you can contact our waiter at any time! "

This scene hurt the hearts of many young girls and rich ladies. They had always dreamed that one day they would stand by the side of Henry and be his wife. But they did not expect that such extravagant hope would be put to an end today!

With everyone's pity, Claire left with some help.

She swallowed subconsciously and then freed one of her hands. She grabbed the back of Henry's hand and said, "Didn't you say you were just using me as an excuse? Why did you spread it out like that?"

Claire could clearly feel the killing intent from different directions. Although she was confused sometimes, it did not mean that she was stupid. The reason why those people wanted to directly expose her was, of course, because she had occupied Henry. Even if she wanted to explain to them that she had nothing to do with Henry, who would believe her words?

Henry didn't respond to Claire's words. Instead, he grabbed her wrist and said seriously, "Woman, I have something to talk with Mr. Eddy in B City later. You can find a place to have a rest first. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell him. You know, David is my people. If you have anything, just tell him. Don't get out of his sight, or you will have to bear the consequences. "

Although Claire didn't understand what Henry meant, she nodded obediently. In fact, it was unnecessary for Henry to think too much about her. Claire was already satisfied that he could do that.

With the hint of Henry, his man, David, was arranged to sit next to Claire. Although David was not as domineering as Henry, he was still outstanding when compared with other men.

After casting a glance at David, Henry left to look for Mr. Eddy. As promised, Claire came to a small corner and found an inconspicuous position. Then she sat down directly, took out her mobile phone and read the latest medicine news.

However, her choice of silence did not mean that the people around her would do as she wished. What's more, Claire was directly invited to the stage by Henry today. At that moment, many people fixed their eyes on her. There was no doubt about that.

"Miss Claire, I didn't expect you to be here alone. Why don't you come and have a chat with us?"

"That's right, Miss Claire. It's not good to be here alone. It's a long night. If you are alone, you will inevitably feel bored, won't you? Come and chat with us! "

Just as Claire was in a daze, a group of well-dressed women suddenly came from not far away. Before they arrived, Claire could smell the overwhelming perfume. With so many kinds of perfume mixed together, the smell was even more unbearable.

David didn't act rashly. He just stood aside and watched everything indifferently. It was true that Henry asked him to protect Claire, but nothing had happened now. He couldn't interrupt Claire's conversation with other female companions, otherwise it would be very impolite.

Enduring the feeling of tumbling, Claire forced a smile and said, "No, thank you. I'm not feeling well. Let's chat next time if possible."

But in some people's eyes, this seemingly euphemistic rejection was nothing but a pretentious one.

The leading woman sneered, shook her goblet and sighed, "Miss Claire, are you looking down on us? That's why you don't want to drink with us. I know we are humble, so we speak lightly. Since Miss Claire look down on us, we won't stay any longer. It's really a bumm


As she spoke, she deliberately reached out her hand and gently wiped off her tears. However, Claire didn't know that she was just acting according to the circumstances. She became anxious at once. She stood up and waved her hand, "No, it's not like that. I really can't drink, or... How about giving me a glass of juice? I'll apologize to you. I really don't mean to look down upon you. I think everyone is equal... I wish you wouldn't mind my speaking lightly."

As she spoke, Claire lowered her head subconsciously.

In fact, when she faced these women, she felt inferior. If the other party knew her identity before she knew Henry, perhaps no one would be so active to talk to her? Some people even thought talking to her was a disgrace.

The woman smiled, shook her wine and grinned. "Since Miss Claire said so, we must give your face. Waiter, give me a glass of fresh juice and treat Miss Claire well. If you delay, I will punish you! "

No one noticed the slight smile on her face. And the women around her were still smiling happily. However, no one had ever thought that there was a lot of killing intent hidden in this group of women!

David didn't show any unusual attitude towards this. Instead, he took the initiative to stand aside, patiently waiting for the end of their conversation. At this time, a waiter who didn't belong to the Gu Family was serving a glass of juice. He saw that she had a quiet smile on her face. She said respectful, "Miss Claire, the juice you want is here."

Claire nodded politely and thanked her before taking it.

"Miss Claire, who is this man? He looks handsome."

"Yes, Miss Claire, you are so lucky to have so many handsome men around you. Every time my man only give me money. I have had enough of such a life... Alas... "

"That's right. How could you be so loved by Mr. Henry? We are so envious of you!"

Facing the surrounding people, Claire could only smile awkwardly. Then she drank up the glass of juice and said generously, "He is just one of my friends. I'll drink it first. I am not feeling well, so I may not be able to accompany you. I'm really sorry. If there is a chance in the future, let's talk again."

Seeing that Claire had drunk up the juice, these women on the other side seemed to have no intention of staying any longer. With a smile, they turned around and left. And all of this seemed to have been designed from the beginning. It went so smoothly that people inexplicably felt that something was wrong!

Less than ten minutes after they left, Claire began to feel something wrong. She sat down in a daze, her face full of confusion.

A warm feeling of flowing was gradually transmitted to Claire's limbs. As time went by, the burning feeling became more and more intense. The fire kept burning Claire's reason.

At this time, David also seemed to find something wrong. He immediately squatted down, took the initiative to grab the wrist of Claire, and asked, "Is there anything wrong? I think there seems to be something wrong with your expression! Should I tell Mr. Henry? "

According to Henry, if there was something wrong with Claire, he must tell him immediately. Otherwise, he couldn't bear the consequences if something happened.

Claire shivered subconsciously and waved her hands to resist, "Don't come over... I'm fine... Go away. "

But the more she acted like this, the more strange he felt. Without hesitation, David picked up Claire and strode into the lounge. But before he could enter, Claire was unusual. She stretched out her hand and grabbed the corner of David's clothes.

David's face froze for a moment, and then he asked nervously, "Miss Claire, what are you doing? There are so many people here. I hope you can behave yourself in case of causing unnecessary trouble. That's not good. "

As if Claire had a fever, her body temperature kept rising, and her movements became more and more ambiguous. Now there were so many people. If she continued to act like this, it would probably cause some misunderstandings.

He was not afraid of anything, mainly because he was afraid of bringing some unnecessary trouble to Henry.

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