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   Chapter 24 Attending the Dinner Party

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With the help of Luke, Claire quickly changed into a long strapless dress.

Without too much makeup, her hair was rolled up and coiled behind her head, making her look clean and elegant. In order to match the long dress, Claire had no choice but to walk out in high heels. Fortunately, the heels were not very high, so Claire could easily do it.

Compared with her pale face before, Claire looked much ruddy. She didn't stop until she walked up to Henry.

Claire's face was full of expectation. She lowered her body a little and said softly, "Henry, do you think I'm so beautiful?"

It was the first time that she had seen herself wearing such beautiful clothes. When she stood in front of the mirror just now, Claire almost couldn't recognize her. People relied on clothes, Buddha relying on gold. In addition, she was a beautiful woman. The white dress set off her as an otherworldly fairy, who could only be seen from a distance and could not be touched.

The moment Henry raised his head, he was immediately amazed by her beauty. It was true that she was beautiful, but at the moment when Henry was in a daze, Luke suddenly came up to him with a money deduction machine and stepped in. "Can my design not be beautiful? Mr. Henry, are you going to pay with card or cash today?"

It was impossible for Henry to bring so much cash with him, so he had everything ready except for Henry's words.

Looking at the mischievous expression on Luke's face, Henry seemed to have been accustomed to it. He took out a gilded card from his card bag, on which there were two letters of SC. It must have some special meaning.

Luke's eyes lit up when he saw that Henry took out the gold card without hesitation. He snatched it from him with a cunning smile, fearing that Henry would go back on his word, and said, "Then I won't be so polite. This month, I can finally surpass my performance. Next time, I'll give you a twenty percent off discount! Maybe I will be promoted to the third floor by then! "

SC was a highly competitive national clothing chain. Each floor represented a certain level. Of course, the employees on each floor were immeasurable. This group of people were scattered in different cities, and on the last day of each month, they would send a representative to gather in the office on the tenth floor of the Head office in A City.

And the performance of the employees below the tenth floor was compared with each other. If they couldn't surpass others, they would naturally fall to the last floor, and their salary would naturally be reduced. No one was willing to go to the last floor, which was also the most important reason why the shop assistants on the last floor would do anything to get the money.

Seeing the ingratiating expression on Luke's face when he handed the card back with a cunning look, Henry couldn't help but roll his eyes. He took the initiative to hold the wrist of Claire, and then strode forward. "Okay, let's go. It's too late."

Claire's face turned red again. She kicked and shouted, "Henry... Wait a minute. I'm wearing high heels. Slow down! Your legs are longer than mine. Wait for me! "

Hearing Claire's shouting, Henry's face was full of helplessness. He took the initiative to turn around, and held Claire directly into her arms. He didn't have much time to wait now. If he was late, he would be surrounded by gossip.

Besides, Aaron just called and said that James had gone to the scene first. As his grandson, how could he not go to take care of his grandfather as soon as possible? James can make it when he's sick. How could he, a young man, be late?

An hour later, Henry changed his clothes and walked out of the resting room with Claire. During this period, Claire had eaten something to fill her stomach secretly. Of course, it was the acquiescence of Henry, and the food was placed on the table safe and sound after a thorough examination.

Turning her head, Claire lowered her voice and said, "Henry. There are so many people today. Are they all here for this party? "

Up to now, Claire still didn't understand why this party was held. But if she knew, he believed that Claire wouldn't smile so brightly. It was precisely because of this dinner party that she was exposed to the public, causing a killing intent!

It was not easy to be Mrs. Gu. With Claire's current state, it was absolutely impossible for her to live a peaceful life. In this world, many women's dream was to be the wife of Henry. As long as it was a woman, basically they would be jealous of Claire!

As the music was playing, James soon stood on the stage. He coughed and then smiled, "I'm not feeling well this morning. Thank you for your greetings, but my body can hold on for a few more years! Today, I invite all of you here to congratulate my grandson, Henry, the chairman of OT Group, on the successful acceptance of the successful implementation of an international program with B City, and to announce that my grandson has been married a few days ago. I hope you can give me more blessings. Of course, if you want to play tricks, just take it back! I like my granddaughter in law very much! "

It was true that the last sentence of James was from the bottom of his heart. He could feel the innocence and kindness of Claire, especially when Aaron told him that Claire was innocent from the beginning, James's feeling of guilt became stronger. Moreover, if it weren't for Claire's timely help at that time, he might not be able to hold on.

It was rare to see such a kind granddaughter in law! People could be poor, but they couldn't be without a kind heart. He had lived in a rich family for many years and had long forgotten what he was like in the past. It was because of the appearance of Claire that he recalled his past. It was a great fortune for the Gu Family to have such a rare woman.

James's words were like a time bomb, exploding in the crowd. The marriage of Henry was a big deal! However, no one had dug it out. The rumor that Henry and Molly were going to cancel the engagement had been confirmed at this moment.

At the corner, Molly felt as if her face had been slapped several times. James knew that Mu Family would also come to the dinner party, but he said it in front of so many people. He did it on purpose to embarrass her! Although sometimes she was a little vicious, she was still a woman and was afraid of losing face.

Many people subconsciously turned their eyes to Molly. There was a trace of sympathy, banter and ridicule on their eyes, which made Molly unbearable. She was a superior person. How could she allow others to look at her like this?

With a whoosh, Molly stood up angrily and strode over. When she was about to lose her temper, Gerry reached out his hand to stop her.

Here was the place of the Gu Family, and their relationship had already become subtle. If he didn't take charge of Molly, she would be angry and talk nonsense. By then, the two families would really become enemies. A little neglect may breed great mischief!

There was a look of grievance on Molly's face. She turned her head, tugged at Gerry's sleeve and said coquettishly, "Dad, look at Grandpa James. He said something unpleasant. I know it must be that shameless woman, Claire, who said something to him. Otherwise, Grandpa James used to love me very much. Ouch, Dad, do you want your precious daughter to endure the cowardice of Claire? "

Hearing her daughter's pitiful words, Gerry's heart softened again. He sighed slightly, and then coaxed, "Don't worry, Molly. You're my baby. I won't let anyone bully you! Don't worry. I will get it back for you in person. But it's not the right time. Do you understand? Just give me some more time. "

Hearing the response of Gerry, Molly smiled with satisfaction. She stared at Claire for a while and then reluctantly looked away. She clenched her fists tightly and sneered. Then she muttered to herself, "Claire, just wait and see. You'd better pray that Henry won't kick you away in the short term, or I'll make you suffer! If I can't hurt you, I can hurt your family! Humph! "

After the crowd calmed down a little, James continued, "Today's dinner party, we OT Group will also draw out lucky guests and give them a pair of small earrings worth two hundred thousand. They are made of pure gold and hope you to have a good time. As for the number plate, you can draw it from the basket in order. Each of you can only take one number. Once you are found to get more than one, it will be invalid. Thank you for your cooperation and wish you a happy night! "

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