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   Chapter 23 Who Can't Afford It

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The salesgirl, who had planned to be aggressive, immediately showed a bright smile when she saw the man behind Claire. She put away her thunderbolt style and said with a smile, "Mr. Henry, what a coincidence! Which floor do you want to go to today?"

The SC had a total of twelve floors. The first floor was the most basic designer, and the second floor was slightly better than the first floor. And so on. As for the designers of the twelfth floor, no one had ever seen them in person, but it was said that the twelfth floor was the boss, which was the residence of the master behind them.

But no one had seen it with their own eyes. Even Henry could only enter the tenth floor at most. It was almost unknown about the above floors.

Claire turned around subconsciously and felt a lump in her throat when she saw Henry's familiar face. It was undeniable that the first person Claire thought of when she encountered that kind of awkward situation just now was Henry. And when she was in the most difficult and helpless situation, Henry came out first.

Such a seemingly ordinary behavior somehow pointed out the fragility of Claire's heart. Sometimes, although Henry was a little domineering, somehow her heart was gradually moved to him.

Henry didn't notice the change on Claire's face. He just took her wrist and moved Claire behind him. Then he glanced at the sales clerk coldly and said, "You mean that my woman can't afford this piece of broken dress, right?"

In other people's eyes, this might be a valuable mink fur, but not for Henry. He didn't care such things at all. At first, he thought that Claire would go upstairs, but he didn't expect that something would happen on the first floor. If he had hung up the phone a little later, wouldn't Claire be in trouble here?

Obviously, the sales clerk didn't expect that Claire had such a powerful background. Her smile froze on her face in an instant. She smiled awkwardly, and then waved her hand to explain, "Mr... Mr. Henry, do you mean that this woman... Is she your woman? Oh, my God! That's really a big misunderstanding. I was just kidding with this lady. How could Mr. Henry's people not afford it? "

However, the aggressive attitude of the sales clerk just now was clearly seen by Henry. If he didn't help to vent her anger, it would be bad for Claire. Moreover, Claire seemed to be really scared just now, and her face was still a little pale. Seeing this, the man on the second floor smiled more and more happily.

Henry nodded, not fully understanding what she meant. And then went on, "Well, then who couldn't afford it?"

In fact, just one word from him is enough to make this low-stage designer directly lose her job in SC. However, he didn'

Are you sure she doesn't need foundation? Her face is pale, as if she just climbed out of the ground. "

Although her hair was dark and thick, it was very rough. It could be seen that she didn't take much care of it. She could have a simple makeup, but it would took a lot of time to tidy her hair up.

After touching the tip of his nose, Henry sat on the sofa and said, "No, thanks. Just do as I said. I'll only give you half an hour. I'll come to pick her up in half an hour. Try not to be too... Exposed. "

He couldn't accept the fact that Claire was watched closely at the banquet.

Facing the unknown, Claire was at a loss. She didn't even dare to move her feet, fearing that she might touch any clothes by accident, and then the other party would ask her to compensate. Luke seemed to have sensed something and burst into laughter. "Don't worry. If you have any clothes you like, just tell me. I will choose an evening dress for you according to your favorite style. As for the price, you don't have to think about it. I believe that Henry will pay it willingly."

While saying that, Luke cast a playful glance at Henry, who was standing aside, but didn't look at him at all.

Just as Luke was about to leave with Su Claire, Henry suddenly seemed to remember something. He took the initiative to look up at the direction of the two people and shouted, "By the way, there is no need to measure the measurements of the three sizes. 30, 20, 34. Remember where your hands shouldn't touch."

The simple sentence made Claire blush inexplicably. She stamped her feet anxiously and then shouted, "Henry, you bastard! Bastard! "

As she spoke, her face turned redder and redder, and it was at this time that Luke realized why Henry had been so stubborn just now, because he was the best blusher of Claire!

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