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   Chapter 22 Compensation

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Dinner party?

It seemed that from today on, Henry had been emphasizing it. What kind of banquet it was and why he cared so much about it? Of course, Claire didn't say that. She knew that she had a humble status, so she just had to obey what Henry said.

After casting a glance at Henry, Claire lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I know, Mr. Henry. Just arrange it. I'll try my best."

This man didn't seem to be in a good mood...

Seeing that Claire had agreed, Henry nodded with satisfaction. Then he stood up and took out the porridge and several dishes that Mona had given him and brought them in. After that, he put them on the bedside and said, "Well, hurry up to eat. It's almost noon. After that, I'll take you to try on the clothes. The dinner party will start at five o'clock in the evening. We are in a special situation, so we have to arrive early. If you understand, you should be more efficient. I have arranged your work. "


Claire raised her head abruptly with a look of surprise on her face. Didn't Henry ask the manager to resign her? How could she still have a job? She could feel that Henry wanted to tie her up at home. How could he let her go out of the house again?

Claire, who had been depressed, came to her senses in an instant. She blinked her eyes and then smiled flatteringly. "What job? Mr. Henry, I only know medicine. My major is only in this industry. I can't do anything in the cross industry, can I? But if there is a chance, I will definitely be willing to have a try! "

As long as she had money, she would be able to support her family and make her mother recover earlier. Then she would have no regrets!

Looking at the energetic Claire, Henry finally relaxed. These days, Claire looked completely different from what he had seen on the first day. He didn't expect that a job was like a source of life for her. Once he mentioned it, she would be in high spirits again.

After grasping the little tail of Claire, Henry coughed slightly, and then deliberately shifted the topic. "You don't need to worry about it for the time being. You just need to know what you should do now. Of course, if you don't perform well, I have the right to stop at any time. You'd better understand this."

If she could have a chance to work again, Claire would not give up no matter what! She nodded her head and smiled. Then she took the bowl of porridge and tasted it in front of Henry.

Looking at her relieved face, Henry finally relaxed.

After Claire finished her porridge, Henry took her directly to a clothing shop named SC on Zhongshan Street. This brand was not only a popular brand in A City, but also in other cities.

Every designer owned by their family was outstanding, and only a few people could afford to buy clothes in this place. Because of this, the person in charge of SC was even more mysterious. Even Henry couldn't figure out this place. But it was worth mentioning that the clothes here were unique.

When attending a dinner party, the biggest taboo was to bump into others' clothes. Such embarrassment was equivalent to discrediting a man. So it was reasonable for women to pursue beautiful party clothes. Everyone wanted to attract everyone's attention, but it was not that simple.

After getting out of the car carefully, Claire's face was full of surprise. This place was so big that she had heard of it, but she had no chance to come here. At this moment, when she personally stepped into this place, her heart was inexplicably trembling.

She had never seen the price of any of these clothes in her life. Was Henry going to take her here to buy clothes? Just to attend a dinner party, why was it so grand!

When Henry was halfway to the door, his phone rang all of a sudden. It was Aaron. Did something happen?

Feeling nervous, Henry turned his head and glanced at Claire, reminding her, "Woman, go in first to see if there is any suitable clothes. If you don't know how to choose, ask the sales clerk inside to introduce them to you. I'll answer the phone and go in soon. By that time, I hope you have changed the suitable clothes!"

Time was pressing. He couldn't spend so much time shopping with Claire! It was very kind of him to be able to escort Claire here.


laire nodded dully, as if there was some magic in it that attracted her to walk forward slowly. She didn't have money, but she was still a woman. Women were born to like shopping, buying shoes and bags, and Claire was no exception. Of course, she didn't have time to go out, let alone the chance to buy it.

She cautiously stepped into that floor, and the dazzling clothes instantly came into her sight. All kinds of clothes of different styles and seasons were neatly arranged in front of her.

Claire blinked her eyes and then reached out her hand to touch it gently. She had never touched it before. If she wore it, it must be very fitting, right?

While thinking, Claire took the dress off. When she was about to check the price, the sales clerk around suddenly pulled a long face. Without saying anything, she grabbed the snow-white shawl dress from Claire's hand and snorted, "If you don't have money, don't touch it with your hands. If it gets dirty, you can't afford it."

This woman was obviously a person with no taste. She didn't wear any famous brand, but looked like a poor woman. She had seen a lot of such women. Every time they could only look at these beautiful clothes, hoping to try them on and then leave. If there was something wrong with the clothes, she could not bear it.

Claire didn't expect the sales clerk to be so aggressive. She waved her hand in a panic, stepped back and apologized, "Sorry... I'm sorry. I just want to see the price, because I think this dress should be very comfortable to wear. "

However, to Claire's surprise, the sales clerk didn't seem to have any intention of letting her go. Instead, she approached her step by step, pointed at the mink dress that she had just touched and said, "Look at what you have done! The white sable turns black. Look at your hand. If you don't buy this dress, I can't explain it to my boss. Compensate! "

As she spoke, the sales clerk even threw the clothes into the arms of Claire. Claire had never seen such a thing before. Her face immediately turned pale. She glanced warily at the price tag of the dress. When she saw several zeroes on it, her face instantly turned pale!

A dress alone was worth about six hundred thousand! She hadn't seen this number until now, let alone had the ability to pay for it!

Looking at the pale expression on Claire's face, the sales clerk seemed to be in a good mood for a moment, and then continued to persuade her, "Of course, I can see that a woman like you can't afford to compensate. If you want to solve it in private with a small amount of money, it's not impossible. I can only count you a cost price. After all, our SC mainly sells the equipment. How do you think of it? "

As she spoke, she raised her eyebrows at Claire, her face full of cunning. She got the news that the Gu Family was going to hold a dinner party today. If she seized this opportunity to sell more clothes, she might be able to salvage a sum of money and get a promotion and pay rise. Her performance this month has not yet been completed.

Of course, she was not stupid enough to hit the muzzle of the rich, so when she saw Claire's clothes, she came up with such an idea. As expected, this woman was indeed a pushover. She had made the right decision!

What the sales clerk didn't know was that her actions had been seen by the people on the second floor. The man, on the other hand, only wore a smile on his face. He looked at all this in silence, as if he was looking forward to a good show.

Claire grabbed the dress restlessly and sobbed, "I... How much should I compensate you? I really don't have as much as six hundred thousand! Can you help me? My family is not in a good condition. Can you give me more time and I'll try my best to buy this dress? "

Hearing what Claire said, the sales clerk's face darkened. If the time was delayed, it would be very disadvantageous to her. She had to ask Claire to sign something immediately. At that time, she would have evidence even if something happened! While thinking, she approached Claire step by step, and then drew closer to her. "No, if you don't give me an explanation today, you won't be able to leave!"

Claire was so scared that she kept retreating until she hit a man behind her.

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