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   Chapter 21 Normal Reaction

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But before Rena had a chance to get close to Henry, she saw that he turned on the light of the bathroom first and then walked into it.

At first, Henry wanted to make Claire suffer, but when he heard her retching sound, his heart shook for a moment, and finally he couldn't bear the slight worry in his heart. When he came to his senses, he had already entered the bathroom.

Facing all this, Rena could only be described as stunned. Was Henry caring about that woman? Did she have anything to do with Henry?

When she thought about it, she felt that it was like a head-on blow, knocking her head hard, making her almost unable to stand steadily. After a slight shake, Rena quietly approached the bathroom and carefully listened to the sound inside.

If she didn't figure it out, she would definitely feel uneasy! Henry was always indifferent to others. How could he take the initiative to care about others? If that woman had a special identity, she would have to ring the alarm. After all, she had always thought that Henry was hers. And the only one who could compete with her in love that was Molly.

How could she allow a little woman appeared out of nowhere to take her position?

In the bathroom, Claire fell to the ground, stretching her head to the toilet and vomiting. The woman's perfume was so pungent just now. Claire wasn't used to it. She couldn't accept the sudden compulsion to smell the strong perfume at a close distance.

Besides, she was pregnant now, so it was easy for her to vomit.

It was the first time that Henry had seen a woman vomit. He was at a loss what to do. Looking at the distressed Claire, Henry was a little annoyed that he had made such a joke just now!

With his hand under Claire's arm, Henry tried to pull her up and said, "Will you feel uncomfortable? How about I take you to the hospital? "

Claire waved her hand weakly and said, "This is a normal reaction... Just let me throw up for a while. I just feel a little stuffy. If you are busy, you can go out first. I'm sorry to keep others waiting. "

Hearing Claire's words, Henry pulled a long face. This woman was really stupid. He had pretended to do so, and wanted to see her reaction just now, but she didn't respond at all. Instead, she actively drove him out to find another woman? What's wrong with Claire!

An inexplicable anger kept burning in his heart, but when Henry saw Claire's pale face, he couldn't vent his anger on her. With a snort, Henry straightened up and strode tow

laire's reputation.

Feeling a little distressed, Henry reached out his hand. When he was about to wipe away Claire's tears, he was shocked by Claire. The little woman, who was still sleeping just now, seemed to feel something and suddenly opened her eyes, facing the eyes of Henry.

The atmosphere was a little strange, and the breathing of Henry increased inexplicably. Claire looked away at a loss, and her face unconsciously flushed.


"Now that you are awake, get up and eat. Don't starve my child."

Before Claire could finish her words, she was interrupted ruthlessly by Henry. He didn't know why he had wanted to comfort her, but when he said it, it changed. At the same time, the expectation in Claire's eyes dimmed in an instant. She nodded slightly and then stood up and walked to the door.

Looking at the absent-minded Claire, Henry clenched his fists subconsciously and then loosened them.

After taking a deep breath, Henry winked at Claire and said, "Sit here. I have something to ask you."

Claire didn't know what Henry wanted to do, but she still obediently leaned over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Then she looked at him obediently, waiting for his next words. Did she do something wrong again? That was why Henry looked so angry.

Feeling a little distressed, Henry stretched out his hand and covered it directly on the head of Claire. After gently rubbing it, he said, "If you feel uncomfortable in the future, just tell me. Do you understand? But there was something special about the party tonight... So you have to go, understand? If you feel uncomfortable during the party, you can tell me at any time. "

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