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   Chapter 20 Change of Attitude

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After hanging up the phone, for some reason, Henry felt much better. When he looked at Claire, his eyes softened slightly.

However, Claire got goose bumps all over her body because of the "loving" look in Henry's eyes. What happened to this man? Just now he looked fierce, but the next second he became 'gentle'. Was this man having a fever?

While thinking, Claire carefully stretched out her hand and gently pressed it on the forehead of Henry. After measuring it over and over again, she withdrew her hand in confusion and whispered, "You don't have a fever, Henry."

The originally strong atmosphere was broken by Claire's unintentional words. It was not easy for him to show a gentle expression, but Claire thought he had a fever, so he did such a thing?

Thinking of this, the corners of Henry's mouth twitched... If possible, he really wanted to open Claire's head and see what was in it! Such a good atmosphere, if it were an ordinary woman, she would have been overjoyed, but she looked at him with a look of disgust?

After suppressing his anger that was about to burst out, Henry forced a smile and said, "Woman, I have to attend a dinner party tonight, and so do you!"

It was not like asking for advice at all, but like stating a fact. It was like a dream for Claire to attend the dinner party. She didn't know anything about this kind of thing. If Henry took her there, he would lose his status, wouldn't he?

While thinking, Claire shook her head like a hammer. She didn't want to find trouble for herself! Molly wanted to tear her to pieces. If she went there and met her by accident, something big would happen!

"You have no right to refuse!"

After saying these words, Henry forcibly took Claire back to his company. He had a lot of things to do, so he didn't have time to send Claire back for the time being. He could only temporarily take her back to his office.

Moreover, now that Henry knew that Claire was an innocent victim, his attitude had obviously changed. He didn't hate Claire very much. Even if he had taken revenge at the beginning, he had to admit that in the past few days when he had been with her, he had found that this woman was as innocent as a rabbit and could not help but want to tease her. Looking at her shy and angry expression, Henry was inexplicably happy!

Henry's office was large, but at the same time, it was empty. The office was basically filled with piles of documents, and the walls were also empty, making people feel lonely. Wouldn't it be boring to work in such an environment all day long? Compared with the dense handwriting, Claire preferred to live in herbs.

Henry took the initiative to sit at his desk, and then motioned for Claire to move. "I have something to do. If you are tired, go to the small room inside and have a rest. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me."

Claire nodded slowly and looked away from the documents. It seemed that Henry's living environment was a little different from what she thought. She had always thought that as long as the CEO had nothing to do to supervise her subordinates' work, everything would be fine. She had never thought that so many things would be handled by him.

Claire walked around and finally stopped in front of a bookshelf. She pointed at the book on the top and asked Henry, "Can I sit here and read it?"

She didn't want to sleep now. She just wanted to find something to ease the embarrassment.

Of course, Henry agreed with Claire's request. Claire picked up a few books that she was interested in at random and sat quietly on the sofa. She was quiet. There was no other sound except the sound when she occasionally turned the pages.

As for Henry, he was used to such an atmosphere. The two of them were so busy with their own affairs that they did not say anything to disturb each other.

After nearly an hour, they were finally broken by the knock on the door.

It was a little abrupt to knock on the door. When Claire was confused, a woman's sweet voice came from outside, "Hello, Mr. Henry. Your ice coffee has been sent. Is it convenient for me to come in now?"

Subconsciously, Henry took a glance at

Claire. Seeing that she lowered her head and read again, he was inexplicably angry. He smiled subconsciously and then answered deliberately, "come in."

He wanted to see how this little woman would react at that time! Did she really not take it seriously? Or did she pretend that nothing had happened?

The next second Henry answers, the woman at the door immediately swings open the door. She looks so skilled that she's probably used to this sort of thing. It's a pity that Claire didn't notice so much. She just put her heart and soul into the book. For her, she just wanted to do what she liked. She had no right to interfere in the life of Henry.

The two of them had agreed on this from the very beginning, hadn't they?

The woman was wearing a long dress, and her flat chest dress was partly hidden and partly visible in white, as if she was implying something. She took the initiative to get close to him, and then smiled enchantingly, "Mr. Henry, what do you think of today's coffee?"

While saying that, she took the initiative to deliver it to Henry's hand. Her face was full of expectation. What she was looking forward to was not Henry tasting the coffee, but her...

At the beginning, Henry was not interested in it at all, but Claire was indifferent to it, which aroused a sense of conquest for Henry. He reached out his hand and picked up the coffee. Then he slowly poured it on the woman's white dress and joked, "I haven't tasted it yet... If you don't try it, how can you know? Don't you think so? "

Henry would respond to her! This made the woman overjoyed. She took the opportunity to lean her body into the arms of Henry, full of expectation on her face. But what confused her was that even though Henry's words were beautiful, his body didn't move much. Wasn't she charming enough?

Henry glanced at the direction of Claire, but Claire was like an onlooker. She read her book silently and nodded, as if she was praising the contents of the book. The woman in Henry's arms seemed to have found something. She looked in the direction of his gaze and finally understood what had happened.

When did this woman come in? She didn't realize it at all! Was it because of this woman that Henry was so absent-minded? She had planned for this day for a long time, but she didn't expect it to be lost by such a little girl!

At the thought of this, the woman, who was also the secretary of Henry, Rena got angry at once. She got out of Henry's arms with a whoosh sound and walked towards Claire in her seven centimeter high heels. At the same time, Claire suddenly raised her head and stood up agilely.

Rena didn't expect that Claire would suddenly stand up, so she stopped by instinct. At the same time, Henry also stared at Claire with an attitude of watching a good show. Sure enough, this woman couldn't help but get angry at last?

When he thought about it, a hint of expectation flashed across his eyes. At least this woman would know how to express her emotions?

However, Henry still thought too much. He saw that Claire suddenly covered her mouth and rushed to the bathroom. It seemed that Claire ran too fast that she didn't even close the door of the bathroom.

The sound of Claire retching came from the bathroom. Rena's face turned pale in an instant. She did nothing but get close to her. How could this woman vomit directly in front of her and Henry? It was like a heavy slap in her face!

Rena's face was burning. She wished he could scratch Claire's face to vent her anger! But now with the presence of Henry, she didn't know who that woman was, and she appeared in his office. Fortunately, Claire ran fast just now. Otherwise, if she was so angry that she did something harmful without controlling her emotions, she might not be able to bear the consequences!

Thinking of this, Rena turned her head subconsciously and looked at the direction of Henry. He frowned and seemed to be thinking about something.

It was not easy for her to be alone with Henry. If she didn't seize the opportunity, she might never have such a chance! At the thought of this, Rena mustered up her courage to come up again.

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