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   Chapter 1 Compensation For A Child

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As night fell, A City's glitzy side gradually came to life. The ZS Street was probably the most bustling street in A City.

It was rush hour as everyone had got off work. There were many people on the street. Some of them were in groups while others were loners shuffling through the crowd. It was an ordinary evening outside. However, inside a relatively famous pharmacy on that street, the atmosphere was far from ordinary.

Beads of sweat were slowly forming on Claire Su's forehead. Her delicate face was pale and she was trembling slightly. She curled up on the ground, unable to bear the pain any more.

Normally, there weren't any customers in the pharmacy at this time, so Claire Su was not worried about getting in trouble for leaving the counter without permission. She was used to this kind of pain, so she could endure it. She knew that once the stomachache receded, the rest of it would be much easier.

Just then the door of the pharmacy creaked open. Claire Su suddenly straightened up. She slowly stood up, grimacing through the pain. A woman walked in, wearing an expensive perfume. "Hello, Miss... How can I help you?" asked Claire Su politely.

In truth, the person who needed help the most was Claire Su, but being a thorough professional, she did not let her pain show.

The woman turned to look at Claire Su and an arrogant expression appeared on her face. "I don't want to talk to a lowly person like you. Just bring me the medicine on the prescription sheet!"

said the woman haughtily and plonked herself on the chair in the waiting area. Claire Su's mouth was pressed in a thin line but she did not lose her temper. After all, the customer is king! And she couldn't afford to lose this job.

After a quick search in the store's database, Claire Su found that the medicines were in stock. She went to retrieve the medicine from the cabinet and packed them. Then she handed it over to the haughty woman. "I'm giving you a week's dose first. If you feel uneasy, you can contact us at any time," she explained gently.

Claire Su was trying her best to conceal her pain. She even tried to squeeze out a smile, but the woman seemed to be in a hurry. She snorted, paid the bill, and barked, "Don't underestimate me. I'm Molly Mu and I can afford everything in your store! You'd better remember that!"

Claire Su smiled weakly and nodded. When the woman finally left, all the strength drained out of Claire's body and she slumped down on to the ground. It was not until her colleague came for the next shift that Claire got help. Her colleague rushed her to a doctor's clinic nearby.

Claire had no idea that the woman's prescription had been tampered with. The next few years of her life were going to be upturned, and in the end, she was going to be doomed eternally.

Meanwhile, in the palatial house of the Gu Family, Molly Mu was in unbearable pain. Her hands covered her belly and she looked ashen. She cried, "My belly hurts! What did you feed me? Are you trying to hurt me because you know I'm pregnant with Henry's child?"

She was out of breath. The sticky feeling between her legs made her skin crawl. Was she going to lose her baby?

This chilling realization made Molly Mu even more upset. What the hell was going on?

Who on earth would want to murder her child? The baby she was carrying belonged to a man from the Gu Family. Would the family dare to lay their hands on her under such circumstances? If this matter came to light, it would cause great conflict between the two families! Moreover, their marriage had finally been confirmed. They couldn't afford to make any mistakes at this point!

Molly Mu's maid was terrified. She groveled before her. "Miss Molly, I really don't know what happened. I haven't done anything to harm you or your baby! I prepared the medicine according to the instructions. I don't think there was a problem with the fruit. So it must be... ...the medicine!"

Just then Henry Gu opened the door of the hall and was shocked to see the scene before him. He was someone, who detested commotion, but this time, he had to bite the bullet. "What's going on? What's all this racket?"

Hearing Henry Gu's voice, Molly Mu instantly switched to the role of a hapless victim. "Henry, our child is going to die. Help me! Someone in the Gu Family wants to kill me!" she shrieked tearfully.

'The baby is gone?' Henry Gu, who was

detached until now, immediately bent down and picked her up. Without another word, he turned around and ran out. He put her in his car and zoomed off.

Two hours later, Henry Gu called up his subordinate, David Gu, gloomily and ordered, "Find out where Molly got her medicine from!"

He had been planning the whole thing carefully for more than ten years. Who was the jerk who destroyed it overnight? When he found out the identity of the person, he would not let them get off easily! Henry Gu clenched his fists and his face contorted in anger. David Gu, his confidant, assured him that he would find it out immediately.

After hanging up, Henry Gu started pacing anxiously outside the door, waiting for the doctor to confirm his worst fear.

At the same time, in a small clinic, Claire opened her eyes in a daze, staring at the faded ceiling. She looked exhausted. The blurry scene flashed faintly through her mind. She struggled to sit up and then exhaled.

More than half of her salary had gotten wiped off on the drip. This was a big concern for someone who led a frugal existence. It was the excessive starvation and long-term malnourishment that had caused her stomach cramps. Most importantly, she had made an irreparable mistake due to her fragile state.

Claire was still contemplating the sorry state of her finances when the door suddenly swung open rudely. She subconsciously straightened up and stared expectantly at the door, as if she suspected what was about to happen.

A man stormed into her room, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Then, he walked out of the clinic without a word. She had no idea who he was. No matter how hard she struggled to break free of his grasp, she couldn't succeed. Fortunately, she was brought to a familiar place and not some scary, deserted location. It was the pharmacy where she worked.

As soon as they entered, the faint smell of medicine filled her nostrils, which inexplicably made her feel relaxed to some extent. But along with this smell, there was another unfamiliar and stronger smell of gunpowder. It felt like it would be ignited any minute now.

Before Claire could react, she was shoved into the changing room. When she saw the back of the man standing there, her legs immediately became weak. Just before she was kidnapped, Claire had heard some news about a woman, who had a miscarriage after taking the medicine sold by her. But it was impossible! Claire assured herself that it had nothing to do with her!

Although she was intimidated by the man in front of her, she bravely walked up to him and said with righteous indignation, "Sir, I'm confident that I was not mistaken. Although I don't have the expertise of my seniors, I've been in this industry for five years, and I have never given the wrong medicine to anybody. I can promise you that there must be some misunderstanding!"

The man glared at her dangerously. His angular face, high nose, and slightly tanned skin all showed his arrogance.

Henry was the CEO of the prestigious OT Group in A City and also the object of many women's admiration. An unprecedented storm was brewing in the depths of his seemingly calm eyes.

The long silence was more vicious than the harshest of words.

Claire's eyes bore into Henry's. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore. She took a step back subconsciously to put some space between them. Taking a deep breath, she explained carefully, "Sir, it really isn't what you think. I have only given her the medicine as per the prescription handed by her. I never make mistakes with medicine. There must be some misunderstanding!"

As Claire was stepping backward, Henry was taking slow steps forward. It was not until her back was against the wall that he stopped. Her eyes were red with anxiety. "Look, this is really none of my business. This whole thing has nothing to do with me. I have made it very clear to you. What else do you want from me? The miscarriage must be an accident. Do you still expect me to compensate you for the child? I don't have any money," Claire said with a hint of panic in her voice.

Henry's expression changed as soon as he heard this. He was considering something.

After a while, Henry seemed to have made up his mind. His dark eyes locked on the woman in front of him and without giving her a chance to breathe, he quietly closed the distance between them and said, "Why not?"

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