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   Chapter 121 Hatred Between Enemies

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6990

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Sally felt dizzy.

Her lips were slightly swollen, but watery and beautiful.

Harold couldn't help but want to kiss her again.

Seeing that Harold was about to kiss again, Sally immediately pushed him away.

"Let's go home."

Hugging her, Harold stood up.

Seeing that his legs were fine, Sally couldn't help cursing in her mind.


A faint smile appeared in the eyes of Harold.

"I've been squatting for so long. My legs are a little numb."

Sally retorted.

"You liar. You just wanted to deceive me into coming to you!"

"You could leave me alone."

Harold looked down at the wrinkled nose of Sally.

She really cared about him.

Even if she lost her temper and had a little conflict with him...

As long as there was something wrong with him, she would come as soon as possible.


Sally pointed at him angrily, but couldn't say a word.

"I should have left you alone!"

Sally walked forward angrily.

Harold grabbed her wrist.

Sally was pulled back and bumped onto a warm chest.

"Now that you are here, you should be responsible to me."

Sally's stubborn face was full of dissatisfaction.

Harold held her tightly and went down the viewing platform.

"Let me go!"

Sally struggled hard.


"Will you let me go?" Sally lost her temper.

"Okay, I'll let you go."

As expected, Harold let go of her.

Sally was stunned. How could he just let her go?

He took his hand away from her waist and somehow Sally felt empty as there was nothing around it.

It seemed that she had lost something important.

It was not sincere at all for him to let her go!

Damn it! Harold!

Was it fun to fool her?

Thinking of this, Sally's eyes were full of mist.

But she didn't know what Harold was going to do next.

Before she realized her situation, Harold lifted her up and put her on his shoulder.

Sally shouted.

She put her hand on Harold's shoulder and grabbed it.

"Now, we can go home."

Without waiting for Sally's answer, Harold carried her down the steps and walked towards the car.

Sally g

front of the gate of the Su Family, people who were to attend the funeral came and went.

Although Masa had died, many people who respected her came.

Wit Su and Lily were greeting guests in the hall.

Lily had a face similar to her mother's, with beautiful eyes and thin lips. She was a beauty, but also mean.

Seeing Sally come back,

Lily shouted at Sally at once.

"I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!"

Sally stepped back and stood behind gracefully.

The guests around were all curious.

Was not she the lady of the Beigong Family?

She was the daughter of the Su Family.

Why was Lily so ferocious to see her?

Did they hate each other so much?

Wit Su stopped his younger sister and said politely.

"Mrs. Sophie, please come in."

"I'm sorry." Sally nodded and walked in.

After Sally walked in, Lily shouted at her brother angrily.

"Why are you so polite to her? Don't you believe me? It's her. She killed our mother!"

Wit looked at the slim figure of Sally in the hall.

"Behave yourself. We are not her match yet."

"Brother?" Lily was confused.

"Don't you remember that she is now the lady of the Beigong Family? We can't afford to offend her."

Wit looked at Sally's back indifferently.

He clenched her fists.

How could he believe that Sally was kind-hearted?

He didn't dare to forget his mother's misery that day!

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