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   Chapter 120 I've Been Looking For Her

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"Since then, my parents, who have a poor relationship with me, have become less gentle, and even my mother is extremely cold to me."

What was going on?

Shouldn't she give the rest of her love to the only child after her son died?

"My brother's death caused my mother a lot of pain, so I intend to give her a necklace on her birthday."


Was it the one he gave her later?

"But my mother avoided me and even threw the gift I gave her on the ground."

Sally looked at Harold, who was frowned.

At this moment, she wanted to hold the man in front of her in her arms.

She wanted to comfort him and encourage him.

She felt terrible even just thinking about his mother threw the gift prepared by her son on the ground.

That was why Harold ran away from home sadly that time.


Harold nodded and admitted.

"I walked so far that I couldn't find my way. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. I wanted to throw the necklace into the river. Since my mom didn't want it, I didn't want to keep it either. I felt sad when I looked at it."

Sally's body trembled and quickly reached out to hold the broad palm of Harold.

"But after all, she is my mother. I regretted throwing the necklace away, so I jumped down with the necklace."

Harold's eyes fell on the two holding hands.

"You knew what happened later."

Sally pursed her lips and tears welled up in her eyes.

"You can't swim. A little girl jumped into the river to save you and picked up the necklace."

Sally's voice was hoarse. When she said these words, she felt that her voice was not hers.


"In the past few days, it was she who let me know how to face life bravely, and let me have the courage to hold on. I didn't bring anything with me at that time, so I had to give the necklace to her."

Sally thought of those days.

She had never thought that the little boy had so many experiences and complicated emotions.

She just thought that he just had some di


Sally stood up angrily.

Harold reached out to help Sally, but Sally ignored him and pushed him away.

After two steps, Sally heard a scream from behind.


Sally turned around in a hurry.

With his knees on the ground and his arms on the bench, Harold looked miserable.

Sally got nervous.

He had been squatting in front of her just now. Was his legs numb?

"Are you okay?

Sally hurried back and looked at his legs worriedly.

Holding his ankle, Harold looked painful.

"Is your leg numb and hit the ground? Does it hurt?"

With a nervous look on her face, Sally bent over to check his legs.

Unexpectedly, as soon as her hand touched his foot, she was hugged tightly.

Harold held her in his arms.

"You... HMM... "

Before Sally could say anything, she was stopped because her soft lips was kissed by Harold.

Bang! Bang!

Sally's heart raced wildly.

Harold held her with one hand and pressed the back of her head with the other.

Unable to move, Sally just let the strong kiss of Harold invade everything.

His body, mind and sanity were all easily controlled by him.

Sally could only smell the surging fresh taste and his overbearing lips and teeth, which made her unable to breathe.

"Are you not angry anymore?"

Harold put her down and saw her watery eyes.

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