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   Chapter 119 He Knew He Was Wrong

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6472

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Sally sat by the river and looked at the river under the night quietly.

It was a little cold at night, and her arms were wet.

It was a little cold.

Sally couldn't tell whether she felt cold in her body or in her heart.

Maybe both.

The night wind blew the river surface with ripples like fish scales, pushing the pink lotus lamp to the sky.

A little lotus lantern was blown to the ground by the wind and stopped on the shallow pool.

Sally went downstairs from the viewing platform and squatted on a stone.

Then she picked up the lotus lamp.

A short blessing was written in the little lotus lamp.

Looking at the familiar handwriting, Sally felt a lump in her throat and almost cried.

It was written by Harold.

"Be happy and safe."

Another lotus lamp flew over, and Sally reached out to pick it up.

"I wish my wife a peaceful life."

Looking at the floating lotus lights, Sally burst into tears.

All the words on it were written by him in hand.

Sally held a little lotus lantern in her hand carefully.

This was a gift from him, full of all his thoughts and wishes.

But why did she still feel sad when she saw these?

Sally picked up the lotus lantern carefully and put it into her bag. Then she walked back to the viewing platform slowly.

In the distance, the sky was brightly lit.

The beach square was still lively and bustling.

Sitting silently on the railing, Sally stared at the river.

A passer-by passed by and whispered.

"Look, the person over there is so familiar."

"She seems to be Mrs. Harold, right?"

"Don't talk nonsense. How could it be possible? The Mr. Harold has just held a world-famous proposal at the river beach square. He and his wife must have already gone home to have a good time. Why are they here?"

"You are right."

Then they left.

Those words were clearly heard by Sally.

The cold wind blew, and her face was cold.

Did she cr

that she didn't know?

Hearing this, Sally's eyes changed.

Harold held her in his arms and put her on a bench at the viewing platform. Then he squatted down and looked into her eyes.

"When I was a child, my father was very strict with us, so my brother had been managing business with my father outside and could not come back several times a year."

Sally looked into his eyes.

It was like a deep ocean.

Deep and mysterious.

"Grandma should have told you that my brother has always thought that I am a girl, so every time he comes back, he will bring me girl's gift. The rules at home are strict, and I don't have many friends."

The expression on Sally's face began to change.

Harold keenly felt her change and continued.

"My parents often went out, so my brother was very kind to me every time he came back. At that time, he was my best friend and brother."

Harold's eyes darkened.

A layer of sadness gradually covered her face.

Sally's heart skipped a beat and was about to touch his frown.

She wanted to smooth the pain between his eyebrows.

As soon as he reached out his hand, Harold spoke.

Sally was startled and slowly put down her hand.

"But my brother died in a business battle."

"He is dead..."

Sally said in a hoarse voice.

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