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   Chapter 118 He Just Left Her Like This

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6915

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"I didn't steal that necklace."

Wendy stood up with bruises on her ankle and blood flowing.

Sally was stunned to see that Wendy had successfully attracted the attention of Harold.

She couldn't understand for a moment.

What was going on?

Until Wendy opened her bag and took out a silver necklace, Sally finally stepped back in fear and bumped into the stone table of the viewing platform.

"I didn't steal it. This necklace is mine. I put it into my bag because the small lock on it was lost."

There was a necklace hanging in Wendy's hand.

Harold's eyes were fixed on that necklace, as if they were glued there.

Sally stared at the necklace with eyes getting dry.

——It was her own necklace!

It was the day when she pretended to be her sister. After she had sex with Harold in the evening, she couldn't find the necklace the second morning.

It turned out that Wendy had picked it up.

Sally staggered.

No wonder Harold came over without saying a word after hearing the phone call.

No wonder he helped up Wendy who he had treated indifferently.

Because he recognized the necklace.

He found "the little girl" who saved him years ago!

Wendy rummaged through her bag and explained carefully.

"I really didn't steal it. You saw that I was putting the necklace into my bag, because it was mine. Did you see it now?"

The women looked at each other and shut up.

Wendy's body was shaking.

Seeing this, Harold stretched out his hand to hold Wendy.

Her feet were covered with blood.

"I'll take you to the hospital."

Seeing this, Harold hurried to help Wendy out of the viewing platform.

When passing by Sally, Sally forced herself to stand up and stared at Harold.

She waited for him to call her and say something.

However, Harold didn't even look back. He just walked past with Wendy.

He just left.


Sally's voice was stuck in her throat.

Her hand stopped in midair.

When the women opposite looked at her together, Sally felt like being stabbed.

At this moment, she was so embarras

d be good for her.

Harold went to help her tonight, left Sally and took her to the hospital. Wendy thought.

Duke's method was really good!

The wound on Wendy's foot was soon healed.

With the help of Harold, Wendy was to get into the car. Wendy pretended to fall and was about to lie in his arms.

However, she didn't expect that Harold avoided, or she would throw herself at him.

Wendy looked embarrassed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to do that. My foot hurts." Explained Wendy.

After sending Wendy to the car, Harold asked the driver to send her back home safely.


Harold closed the door.

"Harold." Wendy rolled down the window and poked her head out of it. "You... You don't want to go?"

"The driver will drive you home."

Pursing her lips, Wendy was about to fight for it, but when she thought of Duke's advice, she had to nod.

"Then I go back first."

Seeing the car driving away, Harold was lost in thought for a long time.

'Is Wendy the little girl in the past?'


The phone rang again and Harold answered it.

"Mr. Harold, where have you been? Where is Mrs. Sophie?"


Harold's heart sank.

Damn it! He even forgot Sally!

At the same time, Harold rushed out immediately, burning with anxiety!

A gentle and quiet face flashed across his eyes, which made Harold's heart ache.

She must be very sad.

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