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   Chapter 117 This Is An Incomparable Proposal Prepared For Her, Attracting Everyone's Attention!

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6857

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Sally stood in the center of the square and watched the people around collecting money.

They were picking up money.

She really wanted to pick it up.

Blood was dripping from Sally's heart. At the same time, her shoulder was held by Harold.

"We should spend what we should spend. If we don't spend it, we will have no motivation to earn money."

Sally nodded, agreeing with what he said.

Turning around, Sally looked at the cash, the couple photo on Large Screen and the roses on the river.

And there was also Harold in the mottled light.

Everything seemed unreal.

But it was true.

The depression of the past few days was swept away. Sally gently held the hand of Harold.

At this moment, she felt as if she was in a dream, unwilling to wake up.

The two returned to the car, and even the radio was broadcasting this incomparable proposal.

One of the audience said excitedly.

"Yes, it's true. The whole day is full of money and petals. It's so shocking!"

"Mr. Harold has proposed to his wife in the square. He also wants to hold a wedding ceremony."

"Ah, ah, I got ten thousand!"

There was a noise in the broadcast. It seemed that it was drowned in excitement.

Sitting side by side in the back seat, Sally and Harold heard the voice from the radio. Sally smiled shyly.

On the roadside advertising screens and the display screens of the tall buildings all broadcast the breathtaking scene on the beach square.

"Mr. Harold even declared his love on the most expensive advertising screen in the world."

"He started more than a dozen of private planes and sprinkled rose petals in the sky."

"Please have a look. The river is now full of lotus lights. According to the staff, on each of these lotus lights, there is a message written by the Mr. Harold himself to bless his wife!"

"What's more surprising is that Mr. Harold is so generous that he even uses a helicopter to splash money in the sky. The most money someone has got is thirty thousand according to the current statistics!"

"The most

nd looked at those women with anger.

"You stole something and didn't allow us to teach you a lesson for your dead mother."

"You looks like a lady from a rich family, but you are so poor that you cannot change your nature."

"You are afraid of being poor. You even stole a necklace."

Tears welled up in Wendy's eyes.

"No, I didn't."

As she spoke, Wendy turned her head and looked at Harold with tearful eyes.

"Harold, I didn't steal it. I didn't steal it."

Harold didn't say anything.

Sally stood not far away and looked at everything in front of her.

It seemed that she was watching a wonderful show.

But she couldn't understand what it meant.

Wendy turned around, but a woman pushed her shoulder hard.

"Bitch, you can only rely on men!"

Wendy lost her balance.


She fell to the ground.

Sally's eyebrows twitched. What was she doing?

At the same time, Wendy fell down on the ground beside the feet of Harold. She curled up in pain with a pale face.

Sally sighed. Did she want to attract Harold with such a trifle, or play tricks to throw herself at him?

How low she is?

Just as Sally was sniffing, she saw that Harold slowly bent down.

——Harold helped Wendy up.

Sally widened her eyes and rubbed them hard.

Excuse me?

Did she see it wrong?

'Harold, you helped up the dismissive Wendy?'

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