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   Chapter 116 Helicopter Splashed Money All the Sky

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 7082

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:02

"I know I didn't do it well. I gave you flowers for the first time and also gave you a lot of carnations. You were laughed as if to celebrate the Mother's day."


Someone laughed outside the square, and soon everyone laughed.

Sally also wanted to laugh, but tears were still hanging on her face.

Maybe she looked ugly. Sally pursed her lips and dared not to laugh.

"I wanted to have dinner with you. I put a ring in the cake."

Sally widened her eyes in surprise.

Was it the cake he had been urging her to eat?

"Yes, it's the cake that you haven't touched even after you left."

The crowd got excited again when they heard the conversation.

"What a cute Mr. Harold! It's so ro

as not loud, but there seemed to be a magic in the noise, making people quiet down.

"These money is a gift I prepared for you. Thank you for witnessing my proposal for my wife, but I don't want everyone to be restless and unsafe."

As soon as Harold finished his words, several men who took the lead in robbing all blushed.

"My wife is kind-hearted and doesn't want to see a tragedy, so please."

Harold in front of them was not as arrogant as a king at all.

He was obviously a gentle man who was crazy about protecting his wife!

He had given everyone such a great benefit but still cared about their safety!

The crowd was surprised and delighted.

Even picking money was harmonious!

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