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   Chapter 115 I Owe You a Wedding

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6825

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The sky was as bright as daytime, and the colorful lights intertwined with each other in the sky of the city.

Sally stood still.

She opened her eyes wide and looked around.

"Mr. Harold!" Nina was a little anxious. Standing behind the square, she poked her head out and whispered. "Why do you order us to set off fireworks now?"

They were not ready yet!

Why did Mrs. Sophie come here at this time!

She messed up the plan.

Nina wiped the sweat on her head. If she did something wrong again, she should "take the blame and resign!"

Harold looked at Sally's thin body in the square.

She looked so desperate and sad just now.

The moment she turned around, Harold felt like his heart had been hollowed out.

Nina was still trying to communicate with him.

Harold made a gesture of "stop".

Even if he was not ready, he would give her a perfect proposal.

The most shining proposal in the world!

The square was surrounded by colorful fireworks, and a long string of green light soared into the sky.


The green light bloomed and split into countless little light dots.

Bang! Slap!

A large number of fireworks continued to bloom in the sky. The colorful balls overlapped, and the entire night sky became a sea of light.

The colorful fireworks bloomed in the dark night sky, and the golden lights scattered in all directions were brilliant and dazzling!

"Wow, it's so beautiful!"

Someone outside the square was startled and immediately raised his mobile phone to take photos.

"Is it a festival today?"

"Look! Look!"

More and more people gathered around the square.

But when they were about to go up to the square, they were stopped by a group of men in black who came out of nowhere.

"What happened?"

"The woman in the center is so familiar. I think I have met her somewhere."

More and more people gathered around.

Sally was still standing in the center of the square, and her mind went blank.

There were beautiful fireworks all over the sky, the fireworks around


Nina, who was standing in the dark behind, rubbed between her eyebrows. Mr. Harold should give the flowers to the lady first! Otherwise, how could he wear a ring for the lady later?

"Miss Nina."

Someone patted her on the shoulder.


Oh my God!

Nina shivered with fear. She had to get ready when Mr. Harold confessed his love to Mrs. Sophie.

Mr. Harold is talented!

He knew how to buy time by showing his love to Sophie.

Nina was full of energy. She hurried up and sped up. She couldn't delay Mr. Harold's good plan.


Tears welled up in Sally's eyes again.

"I didn't give you what you deserve. I didn't date or give you gifts. I didn't propose to you. I didn't even give you a wedding as a task."

Harold said sincerely.

"I owe you a wedding."

Tears welled up in Sally's eyes.

The people around the square were moved.

"I also heard that Mr. Harold had been reluctant to marry Mrs. Sophie."

"Someone said that the two of them didn't love each other before, but it's normal. If my mother arranged a girl to marry me, how much love can I have?"

"Yes, we are in a free relationship now. It will be unhappy to force a girl suddenly."

"Fortunately, the two of them have gone through a lot of hardships. It's really good for them to have such a deep relationship through the marriage!"

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