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   Chapter 114 I Will Propose to You the Most Brilliant Proposal in the World

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 7679

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"It's not what you think..."

Seeing Nina run away, Sally felt like weeping but had no tears.

If she had known that it was a misunderstanding scene, she would have stood there in an open manner at the beginning!

Sally raised her head and saw a smile on the face of Harold.

He still smiled?

Harold stood up, took the clothes and handed them to her.

"Will you do it by yourself or me?"

Sally snatched the clothes.

"I can do it myself!"

After saying that, Sally quickly ran away with her clothes.

The meeting lasted for three days, and Sally had no mood to go.

However, she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw that Nina and Harold always went out in pairs.

The flowers picked by Elizabeth had been dried in the sun, so she made scented tea for Sally.

Sitting on the balcony, Sally watched Harold and Nina go out together.

"Does it taste good?" Elizabeth asked expectantly.

"It's so sour." Staring at the backs of the two people, Sally added, "It's so bitter."

After saying that, Sally put down the cup and left.

Elizabeth turned pale with fright.

How could it be sour and bitter?

Elizabeth didn't believe it. She reached for the cup and tasted it. It was sweet and delicious.

"Sally, it's not sour!"

Sally had gone far away.

Seeing the car driving away from the Beigong Family, Elizabeth understood.

With a bright smile on her face, Elizabeth took another gulp.

It seemed that even without these medicines, she could have a great grandson as soon as possible!

Sally had been sulking at home for a whole day and tossed and turned in bed.

Every time she closed her eyes, what appeared in front of her was the scene that Harold and Nina went out together.

In the afternoon, Sally couldn't help but wash her face with cold water.

As soon as she walked out of the bathroom, she heard a young servant calling her at the door.

"Mrs. Sophie, bad news!"


Sally had a bad feeling. She rushed to the door and looked at Ella Yang.

"Mrs. Sophie, I saw Mr. Harold and Nina go to buy rings together."


Sally shouted again regardless of her image!

Ella Yang was frightened by her loud roar and immediately shook out all of them.

"Today we went out to buy living goods, but we didn't expect to see

re, Sally pointed at Harold, her fingers trembling.

"What did you tell me the other day? You bought others flowers and rings today. What do you think of me?"

Harold looked at her in surprise.

"You used to take me as a test subject. Fortunately, you've successfully proposed to someone today, haven't you?"

The more Sally said, the angrier she became. She wiped the tears on her face.

Someone was about to jump out from the dark, but Harold shook his head slightly.

Sally trembled with anger.

She kept blaming him, but he refused to explain anything!

Was there nothing to say, or was it just because he had nothing to say?

It turned out that he had been lying to her!

He had fooled her so hard these days!

Sally's anger rose.

"Say something. I'm like a shrew. Are you making fun of me?"

However, Harold was still silent.

Sally's eyes darkened.

She felt so cold in her heart.

Seeing herself trembling with anger, he refused to explain to her.

Sally lowered her hand, turned around and walked back step by step.

She lost, completely lost.

She was wearing beautiful clothes, which seemed to be a great irony.

Sally lowered her head and walked back step by step.


The four circles of light were bright, and the colorful lights were shining all the way along the river!

On the roof of the building, along the road, around the square, the railings by the river, and even the boats swaying in the river, all lit up.

For a moment, the light lit up the whole sky!

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