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   Chapter 64 Banter between Couples

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When the two went to New Power Company, the director immediately pulled a long face.

These two high-profile people were really difficult to shoot advertisements!

He couldn't scold or shout at their bad shooting.

So the director had to force a smile when he saw the couple.

"Mr. Harold, here you are."

"Mrs. Sophie, are you feeling better?"

Sally nodded with a smile, while Harold went straight to the point.

"We can shoot now."

"Okay, okay, I'm ready."

The director led them to the filming site, patted his stiff face and prepared for work.

The smile on his face froze, but he felt bitter in his heart!


With a glass of milk in her hand, Sally bent down and was about to put it on the table in front of Harold.

But to her surprise, the cup was a little slippery and Sally couldn't hold it steadily.


"Watch out!"

Harold immediately held her hand and steadily took the cup.

Sally smiled with gratitude and shyness. Seeing this, Harold raised his head and gave a casual smile.

They looked at each other.

The director rubbed his eyes and then rubbed his eyes.

The shyness and sweetness of the first love, and a subtle and warm eye contact...

It seemed that she could really feel the beautiful first love.


The excited director clapped his thighs and urged the staff beside him.

"Have you taken a picture? Have you taken a picture? This expression is so amazing! "

Looking at the director's praise, Sally smiled and winked at Harold.

See, it worked!

Harold said with a smile.

When they arrived at the second scene, the venue was decorated as a warm room for couples.

Sally was about to drink milk.

Before she turned around, Harold held her waist from behind.

"Not yet here!" Sally reminded him in a low voice.

"It doesn't matter. As long as the scene is properly expressed, everything will be casual. The most important thing is to express it with the emotional theme."


Sally couldn't refute for a moment.

"Shooting an advertisement is not a show!"

"Our young master has never been in love, right? He even sent out carnation. Ha-ha-ha, so cute!"

"The young lady of the Beigong Family is also brave and has a dream. She is different from the other noble and arrogant girls with bad temper I saw!"

"Look at the intimate photos of the two people in the advertisement. Those who satirize others to show off should shut up!"

After the disturbance, Sally became famous on the Internet.

"Look, you are the princess of dream." With a teasing smile, Harold handed the phone to Sally.

Sally blushed.


"So great."

Harold continued to browse, and all the netizens supported him, which made his usual cold face show a trace of gentleness.

Sally took out her mobile phone and saved several pictures on the Internet.

Well, in fact, she saved them because they were a good shot and she looked good.

In the third scene, a couple quarreled and reconciled.

This time, it was Harold who came to comfort Sally after the quarrel. Sally closed the door and refused to talk.

It began to rain. Standing in the heavy rain, Harold looked at the closed door expectantly.

Her clothes were wet by the rain and clung to her skin, revealing her healthy skin and muscle.

In the rain, Harold's perfect carved face looked a little sad.

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