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   Chapter 53 He Is Not Warm Because of You

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"Yes, she is fine. Mrs. Sophie just got a knife wound. Fortunately, her waist was only hurt. She will recover after staying in hospital for a few days."

The doctor said quickly and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

"You, you, you just shook your head." Elizabeth complained, covering her heart.

"I... I just shook my head and said nothing..." The doctor took a careful look at Harold and said, "I didn't expect you to be so excited. I was so scared that I swallowed the back part."

Harold clenched his fist and put it down again.

Sally was still in a coma and was sent to the ward.

Harold was guarded outside all the time, and a bodyguard came up to ask about Kelley.

"Let her die."

When Harold said this, he didn't expose his emotion at all.

There was no emotional fluctuation in his calm tone.

However, the bodyguard who came up to ask the question felt his hands and feet cold and almost unable to move.

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at her grandson, Elizabeth thought for a while and leaned over.

"My granddaughter-in-law will be fine. The doctor said she will be fine."

Turning his head, Harold looked through the window at the sleeping Sally.

"She is trying to save me."

He had never thought that someone would save him.

For so many years, he didn't dare to relax at all and stood in front of the blizzard.

He had to protect the honor of the Beigong Family, and his family needed his protection.

But no one stood in front of him when he was in danger.

In the evening, Sally woke up.

"Are you hungry?"

Sally had just adapted to the dazzling light, and was suddenly stunned by the question from Harold.


"I'll ask someone to prepare the food."

Dumbfounded, Sally watched Harold get up and leave.

'Hey, I haven't answered yet.

Elizabeth came over.

"When you fell asleep, he had already asked someone to heat the food for several times."

Several times?

Sally looked at her grandmother in confusion.

"Yes, the doctor said that you can't eat anything as you ju

, you should have told me earlier! Instead of making me suffer like a fool for three years without any hope! "

"I... At that time, I thought I could forget and have a new relationship. "

"So you still have one person in your heart and treat the other as a substitute. When you finally find that you don't love him anymore, you throw him away in disgust!"

Tears welled up in Sally's eyes as she covered her head.

It was like a big joke!

She had been in love with him for three years. She was just a back-up, a garbage that could be thrown away at any time!

Duke was confused. There was only one woman.

He had always loved her, and he had refused other people's love for three years. Shouldn't she be moved?

Duke stared at Sally for a long time, and a surprising thought flashed through his mind.

"You have fallen in love with Harold."

Hearing this, Sally trembled.

"You won't be happy with him, Sophie. You don't love him at all, and he doesn't love you either."

Duke held Sally's shoulder and stared at her.

Sally was confused. She wanted to say that she didn't fall in love with him.

But she couldn't say a word.

"Sophie, he doesn't love you at all."

As soon as Duke finished speaking.

A long shadow fell on the two people at the door.

"It seems that there is no outsider that can talk about our marriage."

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