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   Chapter 47 Why don't You Take the Place of the Hero

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Sally didn't dare to breathe heavily, holding back the undulation of her chest carefully.

When Duke was beaten, she was a little worried, but when Harold was in such a state...

It was better to stay away from him.

Harold moved his cold eyes from Duke to Sally.

Sally's scalp tingled and her mind was already blank.

Harold walked up to her and reached out his hand——

He wanted to hit her?


Duke's face changed and was about to stop him.

However, Harold pinched Sally's chin hard to force her to face him.


Biting her lower lip, Sally glanced at him absent mindedly.

She felt as if she had fallen into an ice cellar and could no longer move.

It seemed that Harold wanted to swallow her alive!

Seeing her lowering her eyes, Harold raised his hand to raise her chin.

"Let go of her!" Duke said in a low voice.

"Who do you think you are?" Without looking back, Harold stared into Sally's eyes.

If there was a trace of sympathy and nostalgia in her eyes...

Or she dared to have a slight disagreement...

He dared strangle her on the spot!

"Don't forget that this woman is my wife."

Duke's voice was stuck in his throat.

He withdrew his hand and clenched his fist. The corner of his mouth was burning.

It must be his, Sophie!

He would definitely take her back from Harold!

Back then, when the two of them got married, the desperate Duke fell ill for nearly a month, and fell down for half a year.

At that time, Duke had been focused on Sophie, so naturally he had no good impression of Sally, a nobody, who was pursuing him.

Until Sally sent her a few blurry photos of her back and side, and several voice chats...

Duke was surprised to find that although he couldn't see everything, Sally's voice was somewhat similar to Sophie's.

Duke was selfish to place his love on this strange girl, so he agreed to get along with her.

But the more he got along with her, the more he found that Sally's personality was abnormal - Crazy possessiveness, and then began to be tired and disgusted.

I didn't expect that——

The nude photo scandal of Kelley made him know the true identity of Sally. It turned out that she was the young lady of the Beigong Family, Sophie.

She had spent three years with him in this way.

Duke kne


Too much wisdom was not a good thing.

"But to be honest, you have to think about it, Harold. It's a good thing for the honor of the Beigong Family and the reputation of you two."

Harold stood up and looked at the building of his family in the clouds.

"The honor of the Beigong Family doesn't need to be protected by women."

After saying that, Harold turned around and was about to leave.

"You brat, you don't listen to your grandma now."

Harold went away without looking back.

"Harold, although you married granddaughter-in-law out of anger, it's time for you to let it go after all these years."


When Harold opened the door, he saw a cautious face outside.

Elizabeth's face turned pale and she was too scared to speak.

'Oh my God! My granddaughter-in-law should have heard it.'.

Standing at the door, Sally withdrew her chin, pretending not to hear anything.

But her heart beat fast.

What's that?

Was it because of anger that Harold married her sister?

Who was he angry with?

Harold looked back at his grandmother and winked at her with dissatisfaction.

Elizabeth was overjoyed.

Why he said he didn't care about his wife?

He was so nervous that he was afraid that granddaughter-in-law would hear their words.

"Sophie, if you want to continue filming tomorrow, I advise you to give up."

After saying that, Harold took a step away and left.

Sally curled her lips and sighed heavily.

She was here to apologize and tell Harold that she wouldn't shoot tomorrow.

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