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   Chapter 45 The Battle between New and Old Lovers

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 6516

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Duke's voice was as gentle as before.

But when Sally looked up, she saw the persistence and toughness on his face.

"I said, let her go."

Duke repeated and stood in front of Sally.

The air around was thick and silent.

Sally even felt suffocated and horrible before the storm.

Harold rolled his wrist and let go of her.

Duke's eyes darkened and released his hand.

However, to her surprise, Sally was pulled into Harold's arms.

Sally's shoulder hit him hard on the chest. His head hit so hard that she passed out, and her face turned pale with fear.

"Mr. Duke, this is my wife."

Duke turned his face slightly, with a hint of loss in his light brown eyes.


Did I see it wrong?

Sally smiled with self-mockery. How could it be possible?

How could he have any attachment to her? That day, he wanted her to die.

"Mr. Harold, even so, you are still disturbing your wife's work."


Sally poked her head out of his arms.

Oh, no, I almost forgot!

"Well, shall I finish first?"

Sally asked cautiously.

Harold gave her a cold look and let go of her.

Duke went to change his clothes and walked out briskly.

His eyes were passionate and gentle. Compared with the indifference of Harold, he was more like the sunshine in winter.

However, Sally lowered her head and avoided his affectionate eyes uneasily.

"Okay, I'm ready."

The director, who had witnessed everything, took the opportunity to shoot.

Just now, the two of them just lit up a little. If they continued to delay, he might not have to do it.

When both sides were ready, Sally handed a glass of milk to Duke.

Harold kept staring at her hand until the milk cup was in Duke's hand.

Duke took a sip of the cup and looked up at Sally gently.

The blind could see the affection and tenderness in his eyes.

"You look good. Okay... "

As soon as the director praised her, his voice was immediately stuck in his

ishment, and a fire of nameless rose in her chest.

"As the heir of the Xia Company, you don't have to shoot any small advertisement!" Sally raised her voice unconsciously.

Facing her anger, Duke didn't get angry but looked at her gently.


Sally took a step back.

"Have you forgotten that you once liked me?"

Sally's body was like being struck by lightning, and her eyes were filled with fear.

The little flame in her heart was finally out of control and immediately ignited into a wildfire.

"Ha-ha. How interesting!" Sally smiled and looked up at his gentle face.

She looked at the fascinating face that she had admired day and night.

"I think you have forgotten what you said to me that day."

Duke lowered his eyes, looking a little lonely.

Indeed, when she called him on the day of the accident...

He was so busy with a project that his thoughts were immediately disturbed by Sally's call.

Plus the outburst of his emotions accumulated before, he finally hurt her.

"Help me. I feel like I'm dying. Please help me, okay?"

"What's wrong with you? You want me to see you because you want to deceive me into showing sympathy. You don't have to say that you are dying."

"I didn't... Please, help me... I'm really dying. "

"Then go to hell."

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