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   Chapter 33 You Have Such a Freak Quirk

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"You dirty rat!"

Pointing at his phone, Sally jumped and cursed. Finally, she stopped and had a rest.

"I say..."

As soon as Harold opened his mouth, Sally, who was gasping for breath, seemed to have a nervous breakdown again.


Harold grabbed her hand and forced Sally to calm down.

"Look at your phone yourself!"

With a red face, Sally pointed at the photo on the phone screen with the other hand.

"What's the difference between you and Ken who took the video?"

They all did it on purpose. What were they going to do with video? Would they use as a weapon to threaten her in the future?

Sally stared at Harold with resentment.

Harold took back his phone and pointed at something with his long fingers.

Sally was nervous again.

"I didn't expect you to have such a quirk!"

At last, Harold couldn't stand it anymore. He wrapped his arms around her neck and dragged Sally to the sofa.

"What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go!"


Sally was thrown onto the sofa.

Harold looked at her coldly.

"Shut up!"


Sally didn't dare to speak and curled up.

However, she didn't expect that Harold would squeeze over and hold his phone in front of her.

The whole screen was almost pressed on her face!

"It's too close for me to see."

Sally pushed his phone, which made Harold move backward.

Sally's eyes widened again. She looked at Harold with big eyes.

Her eyes were full of disgust.

No wonder he didn't know how to hold back his desire even if he didn't sleep with her sister for more than a year. It turned out that he relied on this to solve the problem!

No, that's not right. Harold had much power in the city. He could have any woman as he wanted. Wasn't that Nina also the woman hidden in his golden house?

As for what else to look at...

"Look carefully!"


as that three years ago, Sally and Sophie had known each other. In order to take revenge, Sally's appearance and even the details were exactly the same as her sister's.

When Harold walked to the hall, he heard the laughter of Sally and Elizabeth.


At that moment, calmness came to her mind. Looking at the smiling Sally on the sofa, Harold withdrew his hand silently.

Forget it.

On the second day.

Harold returned to New Power Company with Sally.

The elevator went up slowly. Sally took a deep breath.

Her heart beat faster and faster.


The elevator door opened.

After walking out of the door, Harold stopped and reached out to hold Sally's hand.

Sally felt warm in her heart.

Such a view of Harold made her feel at ease.

But before she could laugh, Harold turned around and strode forward.

Sally had to stop laughing and followed him in a hurry.

"Mrs... Mrs. Sophie."

"Mr. Harold and Mrs. Sophie are a perfect match!

There were still many people standing on both sides of the road, watching the two of them walk in hand.

Last time, Sally could only hide behind the crowd and not dare to see anyone.

This time, everyone was looking up at them.

For a moment, Sally sighed with emotion.

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