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   Chapter 32 A Room Full of Dolls

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 5603

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"It's a good thing that you have a dream. Don't worry about Harold. He wanted to build a house full of dolls and toy bears every day when he was a child!"


With her eyes wide open, Sally looked at the face of Harold in shock.

She had never seen such embarrassment and panic on his face before.


Although Harold's voice was very low, Sally could clearly hear the obstruction and forbearance in his tone.

It was a lovely scene for Harold to hold back his anger.

"I didn't say anything wrong." Holding Sally's hand, Elizabeth continued to explain, "and there were many other dolls."


Harold shouted again. Elizabeth finally compromised.

"All right, all right. I won't tell. I'd better tell my granddaughter-in-law about my dream in the past. As for your grandmother, I also went to sing at that time. But at that time, my family said that it was not a good idea for a girl to show up in public. "

"Me, me too.. I like singing. " Sally stammered.

On the other side, Harold was staring at his grandmother vigilantly. Hearing her words, his eyes fell on her.

Sally immediately lowered her head and dared not speak.

"You have suffered a lot. It's not easy to be a young lady. You can sing boldly in the future. Don't be afraid. I support you. You must realize your dream."

"Grandma, no, no. It's fine." Sally hurriedly waved her hand.

How could she dare to show up in public in the future? Her and her sister's identities would be exposed sooner or later.

"Don't worry about Harold. He is such a stubborn man. He doesn't behave well like his father. He will stick to the honor of the family and suffer from humil

innocent and pure in her clear eyes.


Why did he think she was so attractive in this way?

"I didn't expect you to play cat and mouse with me."

"I didn't..."

"Think about your hot figure when you changed clothes that day."

Sally pushed his shoulder and turned her head away.

How shameless he was!

"Sophie, you have such an innocent face. Does someone know you are..."

As Harold spoke, his fingers slid down her delicate collarbone.

"So hot?"


Sally's heart was beating fast and she was short of breath.

Harold's fingers were deeply sunken.


Did those admirers know that he was so shameless?

Sally blushed.

"Let me go!"

Sally struggled hard, but she couldn't get rid of his arm.

Sally knew what it meant and glared at Harold.

Sally's eyes turned red with hatred.

Then she bent down and was about to bite him on the shoulder.


Sally was stunned and turned around slowly.

Behind her floated a round machine as big as a ping pong ball, and a faint white light flashed in the center.

At this time, Harold let go of her.

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