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   Chapter 30 I'm the Young Lady of the Beigong Family

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As soon as Nina finished photographing, she got another important news in her earphone. She turned her head and looked at Harold seriously.

"Mr. Harold, I heard that Mrs. Sophie hasn't been home for three days and no one knows where she is."

Looking at the calm girl, Sally, in the crowd, Harold kept his eyes on her.

She was still very haggard and weak today.

But from her eyes, Harold could see the firmness and confidence that were different from the previous days.

"I'll go back. You stay here and watch. If anything happens, tell me immediately."

Sophie's whereabouts were unknown, which might lead to serious consequences.

Even the indifferent and emotionless Harold had to deal with it for the sake of his family's interests and reputation.

"Got it." Nina nodded.

Looking at the thin figure in the crowd, Harold took a deep look at her, turned around and was about to leave.

While Sally was surrounded by a large group of crazy fans, the rioters bribed by Kelley stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder——


"No..." Sally tilted her head, pretended to be weak and reached out to stop her, and her body was about to fall.

Seeing this, the man grabbed Sally's mask successfully.

"Show your true face... Well... "

The man's voice was stuck in his throat before he could finish his words. His excitement and complacency turned into panic and trembling.

It was impossible! It was impossible.

The man's fingers were still pulling the mask, and the coldness in the bottom of his heart instantly rushed from the soles of his feet to his whole body.

"Ahhh!" Like...

It was something terrible that the man shook his hand off and screamed in fear.

At the same time, the man stepped back in horror, only to find that he was too weak and sat on the ground with a bang.

"What happened?"

The people behind them couldn't see it clearly and were all surprised.

The man on the ground kept bouncing his legs, and his body kept shrinking back. His eyes were wide open in horror, and he looked at Sally as if he had seen a devil!

Sally tilted his head slightly.

The mask and a bag were tied behind her ears, and her long hair covered the cold evil smile on her pale face.

"Look at you! It's just a woman. You coward."

Another man kicked him and raised his hand to Sally, pretending to hit her.

Sally turned around, brushed her messy long hair on her face, and took off her mask with her slender fingers.

Her whole face was completely exposed in front of everyone.

She was as cold as ice, beautiful and elegant, and there was a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. She was incomparably beautiful, but with coldness that kept people away from her, she stood proudly.

"I'm Sophie, the young lady of the Beigong Family, the daughter of the Su Family."

The man who raised his hand froze in midair. His eyes were filled with horror, and his mouth was open, but he could not make any sound.


The onlookers all stepped back, and no one dared to take a step forward.

The man who slapped her twisted his neck stiffly. Behind him, a group of people stared at him horribly, as if they had seen a plague, with sympathy and alienation in their eyes.

Her heart was pounding.

The man suddenly thought of the legendary man, Harold, and his head was sweating.


The man finally couldn't bear the huge pressure and knelt down feebly in front of Sally.

Sally clenched her tee

th and felt relieved when she saw the awe and fear in the eyes of those people.

It seemed that she had succeeded.

The sudden dead silence in the crowd made Harold, who was about to leave, turn around curiously.

At this moment, he, who had always been calm, froze in place.

Although he was watching from a distance, he couldn't see her face clearly in the chaotic crowd.

However, Harold could still see the familiar face.


How could it be her? How could it be Sophie!

When they got married, Harold had knew that Sophie didn't have any sisters!

The noisy crowd and the clamor of people were getting closer and farther.

For the first time, Harold felt that he didn't look like himself. Only the pale and familiar face in the crowd was shaking in front of her.

"The young lady of the Beigong Family?"

"It's exactly the same as the photo."

The crowd whispered, and there were more doubts and confusion.

At this time, the reporters seemed to have discovered a new continent. When the crazy fans calmed down, they immediately squeezed to the front.

"Mrs. Sophie, what's going on here? Didn't you sing for Miss Kelley? "

Sally stood up in front of the reporters gracefully and stubbornly. Looking at the compliant faces of the reporters, she chuckled in her heart.

Where was the aggressive look on her face?

Didn't they want to climb up on her own?

"I did sing for Miss Kelley. Singing has been my dream since I was a child."

——According to her sister's words, Sally presented them word by word.

"I heard that the interests of the Beigong Family are the most important, and most of the wealthy clans are like this. So you can't show up in public as the young lady of the family. Is this the reason that you get the identity of others to sing to everyone to complete your dream?"


Sally nodded. Her sister was right. Those reporters made sense.

"Since she is the young lady of the Beigong Family, then the porn video..."

Some fans whispered to each other. When they spoke, they carefully glanced at the coldness on Sally's face and immediately swallowed the rest words.

They all knew the power of the Beigong Family.

Seeing that it was the young lady of the Beigong Family, she dared not speak loudly.

"Don't be silly!"

The bald man next to her immediately knocked on his partner's head.

"She is the young lady of the Beigong Family. The reputation of their family is always important. How could she do such a thing!"

"But...Secretly... Maybe! "

This fan was bribed by Kelley to do things with money. But this time, she felt like she was lifting a stone to hit her own feet.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Sophie. She's thoughtless. I'll teach her a lesson! "

The bald man looked at Sally's face and smiled at Sally, scolding his partners angrily.

"You are as stupid as a pig. Do you look down upon Mr. Harold's power or the strength of the Beigong Family?"

In other words, their innocent and kind-hearted national beauty is shameful. She had dissolute private life and even asked others to be a substitute in order to protect herself and encourage them to hurt innocent people.

In an instant, these fans all flushed, and their anger was burning in their hearts!

How could they be used by such a woman with an innocent look!

She used their love and protection for her to play with her enthusiastic fans!

Some people whispered, but no one dared to disrespect Sally anymore.

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