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   Chapter 29 Do It for Me!

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 7285

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Hearing the noise, Sally poked her head out of his arms.

The sound downstairs was very clear.

Sally got out of bed and walked to the window. When Sally saw it, she took a deep breath.

The man fell down from the third floor. His head was covered with blood and his body was in a pool of blood.

The doctors in white coats around him were busy carrying him onto the stretcher.

"How can you kil..." Sally turned around, and thought he was so ferocious.

Before she finished her words, Sally swallowed the rest.

Because the coldness on Harold's face immediately made the whole ward temperature drop a few degrees.

"If I didn't do anything, you would be the one who died."

Sally went back to bed in silence.

'That's right. Those people are so crazy that they want to kill me. Why am I still here playing the role of a kind bitch? '?

"It's very dangerous here. What are you going to do next?"

Harold walked up and stared at her.

Harold would help her as long as Sally asked.

It was a piece of cake for Harold, as long as she said it out.

However, Sally lowered her head and said nothing. After a long time, she managed to squeeze out a word.


Hearing that, the expression on Harold's face changed, as if he was irritated by Sally's indifferent attitude. But he also felt that he was really officious, so he turned around and left.

"Thank you."

Harold opened the door of the ward. Seeing his back, Sally thanked him.

Harold just stopped and left without looking back.


Nina came out of the dark and stood respectfully in front of Harold.

Harold turned around and saw the closed door of the ward.

"You stay here to protect her. If anyone wants to enter the ward, do it for me!"

"Yes, sir."

The air around him was so cold that even her, the stewardess who had accompanied Harold for many years, trembled with cold.

It seemed that Mr. Harold was really angry.

On the third day, things were getting more and more serious.

Because the fans of "seeking justice" were pushed down to the third floor and seriously injured, and the rest of the irritated fans were blocked at the gate of the hospital, cl

Seeing Sally appear at the gate of the hospital, the reporters were about to surround her, but were interrupted by crazy fans.

A group of men swarmed up with Kelley's brand.

"Tear apart her ugly face and prove innocence for the beautiful girl of the nation!"

At the scene, the security guards of the hospital all came forward to maintain order, but there were too many fans. Soon, the security guards were dispersed, and the group of fans rushed in front of Sally.


Standing in the crowd, Sally was thin. Her haggard eyes were shining with clear light.

Several fans stopped and were about to listen to Sally.

However, there were some rioters paid by Kelley. Seeing that the two sides were preparing for the "peaceful negotiation", they immediately came out to mess up the situation.

"How dare you speak? Do you know how badly our little princess has been hurt by you?"

"You hid in the hospital and enjoyed yourself. You even pushed your fans downstairs. Now you are seriously injured and unconscious!"

When the fans heard this, they immediately shouted at Sally as if they were ignited. Some even began to pull off Sally's mask.

Watching all this silently, Harold fixed his eyes on a few people in the crowd.

"Nina, watch out for those people."

"Yes, sir."

Nina immediately understood and pressed the button on the sunglasses. The high definition invisible camera immediately photographed those people.

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