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   Chapter 27 Go to Hell

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However, someone grabbed Cherry's arm from behind, which scared her to scream!

The little white cat immediately stretched out its claws and severely scratched several bloody wounds on the man's arm.

"How dare you scratch me!"

The man grabbed the white cat's forelimb and pulled it out, throwing it on the ground and stamping it.

"Meow!" The little cat let out a shrill cry.

"My cat!" Cherry and Sally cried in horror, intermingled with Cherry's crying.

The cat soon drowned in the crowd's footsteps. Cherry cried even louder, trying to break away from the crowd to look for the kitty.

"My cat, my cat..." Cherry cried.

Bearing the sharp pain in her heart, Sally held Cherry tightly in her arms.

"You can't go there. You can't go there." Sally's heart was bleeding.

Someone was hitting Cherry's head, and Sally ignored that someone was pulling her hair behind her. She stuck out her body hard, and her nails scratched the unknown man's arm.

At the same time, she felt a sharp pain in her scalp. It turned out that a large part of her hair had been torn off.

Regardless of the pain, Sally held Cherry's head in her arms.

Cherry's head had been seriously injured before, and now her intelligence development was slow. Even if Sally herself died here today, she couldn't let them hurt Cherry.

While protecting Cherry, Sally endured the curses and fights of the crowd, and the pain all over her body was numb.

"Tear off her mask and let everyone see what this bitch looks like!"

"Yes, tear it up!"

"You are so shameless. Why are you still wearing a mask?"

The pain made Sally lose consciousness.

No, she couldn't expose her true face!

She must protect her sister, Uncle Jack and her mother...

Someone had reached out to tear the cover. When Sally opened her eyes, she saw the wall beside her, and her eyes gradually became cold.

Don't expose yourself!

With the last bit of strength, Sally sla

ut her hand and looked at Cherry in love.

Hearing this, Cherry held back the tears in her eyes and happily hooked up with Sally.

At this time, the door of the ward opened and a nurse came in.

Sally's eyes darkened.

"Sister has to go to bed. You can't disturb, Babe." Wearing a mask, the nurse bent down and touched Cherry's head.


Cherry nodded obediently and went out.

The nurse locked the door and took off her mask, revealing the same face as Sally.


Sally called her in a low voice, and her eyes turned red before she could say anything.

Sophie sat on the edge of the bed and felt heartache when she saw the scars all over her body.

She had been feeling something wrong these days. Her heart ached and she felt uncomfortable all over. She thought she had thought too much.

Unexpectedly, the telepathy between the twins could also be reflected in the pain of the body.

"Have a good rest. Don't think too much."

Sophie wiped the hair on Sally's forehead carefully.

"Sister, that's not me." Sally explained anxiously, pulling the wound again, oozing bright red blood streaks.

"Lie down." "How could I not know? We are twins!" Sophie immediately pushed her to lie down.

We are twins!

Looking at her sister, Sally burst into tears.

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