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   Chapter 26 A Place to Keep A Mistress

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"Someone will find out sooner or later. My fake miss."

Hearing this, Sally was even more silent.

He was right.

According to the current situation, the truth would be exposed sooner or later.

For Harold, there was no difference between watching it earlier and later. He didn't want to argue with a nobody like her.

"I saved you last night and didn't change your clothes for fear of getting my hands dirty. Now go change yourself. Don't make my bed dirty."

"Is this also your home?" Sally blurted out.

Harold looked back at her, as if he had read her mind.

Flustered, Sally lowered her head in a hurry.

"Oh, you are right. In addition to the Beigong Castle, I have many other houses. They are indeed the places where I have a mistress. So you can leave as soon as you change your clothes. Don't delay my work."

——Maybe the woman who caught her last night was his new girlfriend.

Pity on my sister, Sophie.

She didn't know how many mistresses her husband had.

Sally sat up with one hand supporting her body. Seeing that the blood on her body had already stained his bed sheet, she felt a little guilty.

"I will wash it clean."

Sally held the new clothes in her arms.

"No, I'll throw them away later."


Being rendered speechless, Sally turned around to change her clothes.

The clothes were specially prepared in loose style, matched with trousers and covered with a mask, as if they were specially prepared for her.

Sally changed her clothes.

When she went out to say thank you, she happened to see Nina talking to Harold.

Sally lowered her head in a hurry, as if she had seen two lovebirds.

"Thank you for saving me. I'm leaving now."

"It's good that you are sensible." Standing next to Nina, Harold secretly hid a stack of documents behind him.

Biting her lips, Sally covered her mask, lowered her head, walked past the two and walked out of the door.

"I wish you happiness!"

Sally turned around and left after saying something. Such a bad man should stay with others for a long time. Don't hurt her sister's life.

"Mr. Harold, did she misunderstand something?" Nina looked at the back of Sally in confusion.

"It doesn't matter. Have they all been handled?"

Taking out the document and looking at the medical records of several people, Harold found that all the people who had touched Sally were fractured, especially the hand that tore her clothes and the foot that kicked her down.

——He was a wreck.

"Yes, those people wanted to take the opportunity to extort a large sum of money from Mr. Harold, but the surveillance video has proved that they deserve it. I gave them some money casually, so they didn't dare to say anything."

"These money will be deducted from your salary."

Harold threw the medical record in Nina's hand and left.

Nina was stunned.

Even if he had disabled her limbs, the hatred in the heart of Mr. Harold would not be eliminated.

Nina turned her head and looked at the empty door - that woman. It seemed that Mr. Harold really cared about her.

Sally went back to the downstairs of the rental house.

She saw a group of people surrounding her apartment building from afar.

"Get out!"

"Bitch, why are you hiding inside?"

There were men and young girls surrounding the building. It seemed that they were fans of Kelley.

Someone was throwing stones at the glass of their floor. With a bang, the glass

broke and scattered around.

"You guys, watch your eyes. Who will be responsible for smashing others?"

A woman on the third floor poked her head out and shouted.

"Shut up, old asshole!"


Another stone hit the security window in front of the woman and rolled down.

"A bunch of madmen! I'll call the police! "

The woman quickly closed the window and shrank in.

These people were crazy!

Seeing this, Sally immediately hid in the bushes aside.

Thinking of the crazy fans last night, Sally shivered. It was dangerous here. If she showed up, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Hurry up!

When Sally was about to run away, she heard a familiar scream from the crowd downstairs.


It was Cherry!

'Damn it!

Sally hurriedly covered her mask and rushed towards the group of people with her head down.

"Fuck off! Fuck off!"

Sally pushed the group of fans madly. They were pushed far away and squeezed in by Sally.

As expected, Cherry was pulled by a woman with tears all over her face and holding the little white cat tightly in her hand.

Sally's eyes turned red.

Her anger rose. She slapped the woman in the face with all her strength and then held the Cherry in her arms.

The woman fell to the ground.

The noise of the onlookers suddenly stopped.

"Cherry, it's okay. It's okay. I'm here with you."

"Waah... Waah..." Cherry fell into Sally's arms, and her little body trembled with fear.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here. No one can hurt you."

Sally glared at the onlookers with red eyes.

The beaten woman got up from the ground and slapped Sally across the face. But when she saw Sally's eyes halfway, she was so scared that she trembled all over.

What kind of eyes were they!

Sally's red eyes were full of hatred and hostility, as if as long as she took a step forward, that woman would tear her up and perish together without hesitation.

"You are still glaring at me!"

But the woman timidly took a step back and stopped.

"You bitch! How dare you hit me?"

"Just come at me. Children are innocent. Bullying the weak is a behavior of bitch, isn't it?"

Sally stood in the crowd with a pale face and forbearing eyes.

"Little bitch, you are so glib tongued. I'll teach you a lesson today!" The woman stepped back and pointed at Sally who was holding Cherry.

"It's her. She did something disgraceful and framed our beautiful national girl!"

"Beat this shameless woman to death!"

"Beat her to death!"

Crazy fans surrounded the two.

Cherry was so scared that her whole body was shaking. She held Sally tightly and didn't dare to move.

Looking at those crazy people, Sally's heart trembled.

Cherry was innocent. She was still a sick child. She must protect Cherry!

"Don't be afraid."

Sally hugged Cherry and comforted her softly. "They are just bluffing. It's okay. Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

"But they are so frightening. They even want to catch the little cat."

In her arms, Cherry closed her eyes and held the kitten tightly.

"Both the white cat and you will be fine as long as I'm here." Seeing the crowd approaching, Sally held Cherry tightly.

"Shame on you!"

The young girl came up and punched Sally on the back. The wound last night hadn't healed yet. Sally's eyes darkened and she almost fell down.

Biting her lower lip, Sally steadied her shaky body and firmly held Cherry in her arms.

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