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   Chapter 23 Fake Singing and Dissolute Private Life

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"A fake singer?"

"I'm sorry. I've been trying my best to get your approval. But I didn't expect that my throat was injured because I had to record songs day and night at the concert half a year ago. So I pretended to sing at the concert last month. Please forgive me."

Tears welled up in Kelley's eyes again. She was so poor that people couldn't ask her with sharp questions anymore.

"Miss Kelley, can you sing in the future?"

"Miss Kelley, what do you want to say to the audience about the fake singer cheating her fans?"

The reporters asked one after another.

Sally frowned.

Indeed, faking was at most a deceptive act.

After showing weakness, someone would definitely forgive her. Faking was much lighter than private life.

Was it because of the previous incident that Kelley was afraid of being found to be a fake singer, so she took the initiative to apologize in advance to reduce the seriousness of the matter?

However, there seemed to be something wrong

Something flashed through her mind.

Before Sally could catch any idea, she heard what Kelley said.

"After I had a problem with my throat, the doctor said that I needed to rest for a year. At that time, I thought that I would not cheat my fans by pretending to be a singer, but I didn't expect that my throat was even worse and I had to be hospitalized for treatment. At that time, my fans had already bought the tickets and told me that they would go to see me singing and dancing. I couldn't hurt so many fans' enthusiasm, so I had to choose to pretend. I'm really sorry. "

Some of Kelley's fans also came to the scene. Upon hearing this, they were all moved.

"Kelley, we love you. You chose to pretend to be a singer in order not to disappoint your fans. We don't blame you if you know you are wrong!"

"Have a good rest and have a good rest. We are waiting for you to continue singing!"

Standing on the stage, Kelley pretended to wipe her tears and thanked her fans in a choked voice.

At this time, the senior leaders also took over the topic and looked at the reporters below righteously.

"Thank you very much for your understanding of Kelley. We will also seriously deal with the matter of faking. There is someone in the company who has secretly found a fake singer for Miss Kelley without the discussion of the leader. This is a serious deception. After we investigate it, we will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation."

——Finally, Sally understood everything.

Her brain was like being struck by lightning, rumbling.

A fake singer, a singer behind her...

It was her!

Kelley intentionally announced the fact that her voice was bad and let the public know that she had a substitute singer who imitated her voice, then...

Kelley could blame her for the video!

There was no face in the video, but the voice was from Kelley.

So now, Kelley chose to expose that someone would imitate her voice and sing a song. Then, she could reasonably say that the woman in the video was not herself, but others!

Well, what a good show!

Sally was on the verge of collapsing, and her whole body was soft.

She wanted to run away, but she couldn't use any strength on her legs.

A sharp reporter asked.

"Is there anything wrong with Miss Kelley's voice? And is there an invisible singer? Is it a plan to make excuse for Miss Kelley?"

"Is it to hype for the endorsement of HX Group? Does the company find someone to take the blame for Miss K

elley's fake singing?"

The senior management took the microphone and paused for a moment, looking at the sharp questions from the reporters who stood up one after another.

"Here is the evidence of the contract signed by the singer behind her."


Sally's face was pale. She turned her head subconsciously to look at Stone, but he had already disappeared.

Has Stone submitted the evidence?

Sure enough, the voice of her and Stone clearly came out from the recording.

"In order to make sure that you can imitate Miss Kelley's voice is not doubted, please sing a few sentences alone."

"From the day I met you, I was no longer myself..."

The sound of the recording echoed clearly in the hall.

Sally's voice was different from that of Kelley, but when she imitated her singing, although her voice was a little different from that of Kelley, it could be used in the live concert to pretend to be true.

The recording was still going on.

"From the moment we sign the contract, you will be the singer behind the scenes to record the song for Miss Kelley's concert. At the same time, you promise not to leak the confidential information of the company. You are not allowed to expose yourself and sing in public except for the contract."


The recording was finished here, and there was dead silence.

Sally's face was pale. She opened her mouth, but couldn't say a word.

The scene was strangely quiet. Only the sobbing of Kelley could be heard.

At this point, Sally understood everything.

No wonder that Stone told her not to go out that day and told her about the arrangement of the press conference - they had a meeting with the door closed the other day. It turned out that they had already thought about everything today!

They had already made up their mind to take the blame for themselves, who could imitate the voice of Kelley.

It was a good way to get rid of the trouble by hyping with the video.

Two unimportant bodyguards were pulled out to protect the reputation of Kelley and the company.

So when she went to the supermarket with Cherry, it was not because her fake sister was leaked, but because someone had already released the news that her private life was dissolute and she had also implicated the national beautiful girl named Kelley!

"It's you! Are you pretending to sing for Miss Kelley? "

Suddenly, the staff standing next to her pointed at Sally who was masked and screamed "unintentionally".


In an instant, as the woman pointed at her, everyone's attention was focused on her.

Sally was stunned.

"Don't blame her. She didn't mean it." Standing on the stage, Kelley wiped her tears and gently spoke for Sally.

But this sentence directly proved that Sally was the singer behind the scene and the heroine of the video!

The reporters all turned the camera and rushed towards Sally.

"Are you really pretending to sing for Miss Kelley?"

"It was you in the recording just now, so you signed the contract to sing?"

Sally's mind was in a mess and kept stepping back.

No, it shouldn't be like this...

"The leaked video has seriously affected Miss Kelley's career and life. Who is the heroine in the video?"

"What's your relationship with the man in the video?"

"Can you imitate Miss Kelley's voice? This video is also an imitation to frame Kelley?"

Facing the media's aggressiveness, Sally managed to stand firm, with confusion and helplessness in her eyes.

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