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   Chapter 22 A Strange Press Conference

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There were also some people spreading news online.

They said that Kelley might use the nude photo incident to publicize the products of HX Group in advance.

The comments were getting hotter and hotter.

Although there was already a reason for hype, the national beauty was so open and bold, which had created a lot of negative images.

Sally waited quietly at home.

Every day, she watched the news about Kelley, which was ranked first on the hot search list, along with the topics of GJ Group and Harold.

Looking at the photo of Harold, Sally felt annoyed again.

Turning off the computer, Sally went to the supermarket with Cherry to buy the food materials for the next few days.

"You must follow me closely."

Sally put on a mask and stuffed the note with her phone number into the little handbag of Cherry.

"Well, if you get lost, ask someone to call me."

Cherry raised her head and smiled, her eyes curving into a crescent moon.

"Good girl. I'll reward you with two boxes of blueberry candy today."

"Great!" ...

Clapping her hands, Cherry held Sally's hand and the two went out together.

When they arrived at the supermarket, the two of them soon filled the shopping cart with the list of ingredients. After the payment, they were ready to go home with many bags.


An egg was smashed on Sally's body, and the egg liquid was hung on her shirt.

Sally turned around.

She saw a few strange young men and women looking at her with disdain.

"You are bad guys. Those who bully my sister are all bad guys. The big bad wolf will eat you up." Cherry stood in front of Sally, blushing.

"Wow, you are tall and good-looking. You are an idiot!"

Hearing this, Sally angrily looked at the group of people and left with Cherry.

It was meaningless to have a conflict with someone here.

She couldn't expose her identity. Although Cherry was fourteen years old, she had a mental defect. The two girls couldn't fight against others.

"Don't go. This little bitch dared to come out to make a fool of herself after doing such a shameful thing."

"You're right. Why are you runnin

agile image also brought more sympathy to Kelley.

Soon, the press conference came to the point.

A senior manager of a company began to speak.

"We are also very sorry for this matter. We will further investigate the photos and videos that are currently circulating online. After we get the results, we will definitely give you a satisfactory reply... "

The reporters looked at each other.

Even Sally was confused.

Eh, wasn't this press conference related to nude photos? Why didn't they find out the truth?

The reporters below were talking about it, and the whole hall was noisy.

Soon, the senior leaders gave the purpose of the press conference.

"Let Miss Kelley speak it herself." The senior leader handed the microphone to the crying Kelley.

Tears streamed down Kelley's face before she could say anything. The man next to her handed her a few tissues.

Kelley quickly bowed to express her gratitude, and then stood up, sobbing pitifully with her eyes red and swollen.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

With a tissue in her hand, Kelley kept wiping her tears and sobbed intermittently.

"The reason why I hold this press conference today is that I want to apologize to you. I pretended to sing at last month's concert. I'm sorry!"


The crowd burst into an uproar.

A fake singer? How could Kelley announce in the press conference that she was pretending at the concert?

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