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   Chapter 21 Photos of National Beauty

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"Have you really forgotten me?"

Sally looked at the phone in her hand and murmured.

She didn't dare to go to him because of the loss of her necklace. She was afraid that he would not recognize it and forget it.

But now the necklace had been lost, just like what she insisted in her youth.

Tossing and turning all night, she had a lot of dreams.

In the morning, when Sally woke up, her eyes were as swollen as walnuts with messy hair and dark circles under her eyes.

"Sister Sally, you cried." Cherry put down the kitten in her arms, took out a blueberry candy from her pocket and handed it to her.

"No." Sally held the cup and took the blueberry candy.

"Okay." Cherry handed her a towel. "If you cry, you need to use a towel to apply it."

Sally was about to retort, but when she saw the concern on Cherry's face, she had to take the towel.

After putting the towel on her eyes and mask, Sally went back to work. Cherry stood at the door and watched Sally change her shoes.

"The doctor said that if you eat more sweet food, you will be in a good mood."

Sally raised her head. Cherry spread out in her palm, and there were a few more small blueberry candies. Sally felt warm in her heart, so she took them with a smile.


It was peaceful for a few days in a row. Sally was busy recording songs in a separate studio, and Kelley was busy shooting the advertising endorsement.

However, Harold never showed up in the company again, as if everything had returned to normal.

On the day when Sally thought the contract could be terminated smoothly.

——She didn't expect that something big would happen a week later.

One day, as soon as Sally arrived at the company, she saw a group of women surrounding the office door of Stone.

It was none of her business.

When Sally was about to leave, he heard the whispers of the women around him.

"I thought her so pure. Tut tut..."

"A national beauty? Bah!"

"What's wrong?" Someone passing by asked curiously.

"Go and check the Internet. It's crazy. The photos of the national beauty."


Full of doubts, Sally returned to a separate office. Driven by curiosity, she turned on her phone and searched for it.

Sure enough, the overwhelming news was talking about the beautiful national girl, Kelley.

Two large-scale photos were circulated online. The posture in the photos was very bold and shocking, and the heroine in the photos was very similar to Kelley.

In the online discussion, someone spoke for Kelley. With such advanced technology, it was easy to frame her.

But after careful comparison, someone collected a large number of photos of Kelley. He compared and analyzed the location of the mole in the photos and the scars of the filming wound. All the evidences pointed to Kelley.

"I didn't expect the national beauty to be so bold and hot!"

"Beg for a seed!"

"I believe my goddess was framed!"

"Your goddess saw you defend her under others 23333."

The photos were posted in the early morning. In less than half a day, the hot search on micro-blog had been occupied by the topic related to the incident of Kelley.

It was so horrible.

Sally closed the web page and patted her face. There was still work to do. It was none of her business.

The company used to encounter this kind of situation, and there would be professional public relations to deal with it. They believed that this matter will soon calm down. ——Of course, others also thought so.

However, everything was out of her expectation!

Ten minutes after the company issued the Clarifi

cation Announcement, a short video of two minutes occupied the headlines crazily.

After investigation, although the video did not show Kelley's face, her voice was not fake, let alone the hype video of the shooting.

This caused a sensation on the Internet.

"My goddess is destroyed."

"The two faces of the predecessors are really disgusting!"

"Now that the video has come out, let's sit and watch how you wash your ugly image."

"Continue to look for the pattern and the complete seed!"

Looking at the overwhelming comments, Sally felt a little flustered.

If this matter affected Kelley, did it mean that she would be forced to stop recording and lose her income?

She didn't care about the gossip of any star, nor did she care about the future of Kelley. She only cared about whether she could get the money and afford the huge medical expenses of Cherry.

The whole day, the news of Kelley had provoked much discussion in the company, and no one noticed that Sally was still waiting for the news.

She was supposed to record the song for her concert tour today, but there was no news until the evening.

One less song would cost a lot of money.

Finally, Sally couldn't help but go to the office of Stone.

There was no one outside Stone's office, but Kelley was still inside.

Hearing that senior leaders had a meeting for a day, Sally turned around and was about to leave.

"Creak -"

The door opened.

"Don't suppress this matter for the time being. The press conference should be arranged as soon as possible."

"Try your best to make it up. This time, it will be a publicity stunt before the endorsement of HX Group."

"Yes, yes."

Stone nodded in agreement.

Hearing the sound of Stone, Sally turned around in a hurry.

With red eyes, Kelley turned her face away with disdain when she saw Sally standing at the door.

The senior leaders who came to the meeting all left. Stone wiped the sweat on his head and was about to close the door.

"Brother Xu!"

Sally rushed forward.


Stone looked away, but forced a smile.

"I want to ask if the songs for the concert tour are still recorded."

"No." Stone blurted out.

Sally's heart sank. She had expected this.

If something happened to Kelley, her concert would definitely be ruined, and it was meaningless to record by herself.

Her heart ached.

After getting the reply, Sally was about to turn around and leave, but was stopped by Stone.



Sally turned around and saw a look of sympathy and guilt on Stone's face.

"Let's continue recording."

"Thank you, Brother Xu."

Seeing the expression on his face, Sally knew that he was trying to get more money for her, so she sincerely bowed to express her gratitude.

"By the way,"

Seeing her humble appearance, Stone reminded her again.

"You can have a few days off after the shooting. Have a good rest at home. Don't go out if there is nothing else."


Although Sally didn't know why he said so, she nodded and agreed.

Perhaps he was afraid that she would be involved in the matter of Kelley.

If it was found out that she was pretending for Kelley, it would probably be a sensational news.

If they quarreled at this time, it would undoubtedly add insult to injury to Kelley.

Sally nodded gratefully to Stone and went back to the studio to continue recording the song.

In the next few days after recording the song, Sally had been resting at home. Although the matter continued to escalate, she had known that the company had discussed countermeasures.

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