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   Chapter 2 Use Your Body

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As she put her phone back in her pocket, Sally felt disappointed that she couldn't reach her sister.

Why didn't Sophie answer the phone? Was there anything wrong?

As she raised her head, Sally happened to glance by the wedding photo that pictured the woman who looked exactly like her. It was difficult to look at, and so she hurriedly took her clothes and scurried to the bathroom.

Her face looked pale as the water trickled down her head. Again and again, she washed every inch of her body until it felt sore.

It seemed that only by doing so could she clear her relationship with him.

This was the path that she had to choose. She had to be prepared to lose her virginity.

Sally stayed in the shower for a long time until a servant's voice finally called from the door.

"Mrs. Sophie, Madam wants to have breakfast with you."

Shocked, she suddenly remembered something important she had to do.

'Ah, of course! How can I forget!' she scolded herself.

"Okay. I'll be right out!"

The servant smiled as she saw a red spot on the bed. She quickly put away the bed sheet and was about to report the good news to the old lady.

"Mrs. Sophie, you must be tired from last night. You should rest. I'll tell the old lady that you can't go out now. You can have whatever you want to eat in the kitchen."


What the hell was going on?!

"No, thanks. I'll be ready in a minute!" Sally shouted.

No one answered back to her. She sighed and continued washing her body.

The Beigong Family's villa was the only wedding house for the couple. The parents of the Beigong Family didn't live here.

Sally sighed again, this time because of relief. After making sure that no one was following her, she rushed to the backyard so she could leave from the back door.

She had done something out of line and she knew she couldn't stay any longer.

Her heart was beating so fast when she looked at the door in front of her. Even though Sally promised Sophie that she would exchange identity with her before she came back, it was a pity that she couldn't wait any longer.

Pressing her chest tightly, Sally moved towards the door.

However, her face changed when she realized it was empty around the collar. She touched all over her collarbone in disbelief.

There was nothing.

Sally's eyes widened. She lowered her head and opened her collar. She looked below and saw nothing but hickeys!

How could the necklace be lost?!

She must have left it in the room last night.

That necklace was the only evidence that she could find the person back. Losing it would be tragic!

But if she went back again, she might run into her brother-in-law, Harold Beigong. The necklace was in his room after all.


Sally stomped her feet and immediately turned around. She had to find the necklace before Harold Beigong could see her.

When she slipped into his room, the bed sheet had already been removed. Perhaps the servants thought she was there, so they didn't have time to clean the room.

The surroundings were strangely quiet.

There was a feeling that everything seemed to have never happened last night, except for the slight smell of flirtation in the air.

But the pain she felt in between her legs and the soreness weighing down her waist reminded her that everything that happened the previous night was real.

Sally bit her lower lip and felt extremely sad that she almost burst into tears.

No way!

It wasn't the right time to sulk about it. Finding the necklace was more important. Inch by inch, Sally lay on the ground and crawled all over so that she could find the necklace.

The wedding photos of her sister and Harold Beigong were on the dresser.

The man looked so cold even in his wedding photos. Maybe it was because he was the ruler of this city.

As Sally was l

ooking for her necklace under the dressing table, she raised her head and happened to meet eyes with the man in the photo. Even though it was just a piece of paper, she still felt chills run down her spine.

She almost fainted when she was reminded of what happened last night. Her heart was aching.

She forced herself to calm down and pinched her fingertips in order to continue the search for her necklace.

"Sophie Su, you've learned a lot about seductive postures."

Sally was shocked.

The man just like came out of nowhere.

"I have not..." Sally turned around and explained, even though she was having a hard time letting go of the words from her mouth.

At that moment, she was on her knees with her back to Harold. Her dress was tightly wrapping her charming curve, her waist was within a grip's distance, and her long hair was falling on the ground.

It would be strange if Harold didn't submit to such a tempting posture.

Harold's throat began to tighten. His eyes deepened and his body had become tense.

Even though it was already more than a year into their marriage, Harold had only begun to have strange feelings towards her right now.

Sally quickly stood up to explain herself.

"No, it's not like that."

"You impress me, Sophie."

Turning his head away, Harold fixed his eyes on the neat and clean bed sheet.

Harold clenched his fists. 'This damn woman tried to drug me yesterday.'

"It's not me..."

"It's not you?! Are you meaning to tell me that the one under me last night wasn't you?"

The events that took place last night played over her mind repeatedly. Harold's handsome face was full of anger as he stared at the helpless Sally.

"You are really good at pretending!"

However, the more he looked at her clear eyes, the more he thought about how delicate she was last night. Any man would feel pity for her. Anxiety and anger were mixed in his heart, tearing apart his reasoning.

"Where's your pride and self-esteem, Sophie?"

Hard to tell it was out of anger or desire, Harold grabbed her wrist tightly and glared straight into her.

Even if they were married without any emotional foundation, Sophie indifferently and gracefully agreed to his rule that they would never be sleeping in the same room after the wedding.

Nothing had happened in the past year.

Sophie kept her pride. Every time the old lady persuaded her to have a child, she always changed the topic.

"We don't have any feelings for each other. We have already lost a lot of our freedom because of this marriage. Why do we have to ruin our dignity?"

Sophie said around a year ago.

But a year later, she drugged him and shamelessly climbed into his bed!

Sally stared blankly straight into Harold's eyes.

His eyes, however, seemed to be a bloody storm. The deep darkness in his eyes made her feel cold all over.

"I don't know..." Sally was extremely frightened with the expression in his eyes. She was muttering in fear, and her eyes looked dull.

She didn't know why last night would end up like that.

When she arrived yesterday and had dinner with the old lady, she felt a little dizzy for no reason. But when she woke up, she found herself on the bed with Harold.

All of a sudden, Harold lost control. His sexual desire was strong and Sally couldn't do anything.

Harold lowered his head and focused on the change of expressions Sally had on her face. She looked confused, shocked, and scared, making him smile with a sense of disgust.

"Sophie, is the Su Family so impotent that they need to use your body?"

Was the Su Family on a downhill path?

Sally's eyes lit up. A smile slowly appeared on her face at that thought.

If the Su Family really went downhill again...

Well, what a great thing! Sally had always dreamed about the downfall of the Su Family.

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