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   Chapter 1 How Dare You

Cunning Sweetie: Love Is Poison By Sunian Jinshi Characters: 5111

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"How dare you, Sophie Su!"

The man's shout was harsh and exploded over the girl's head. His voice sounded hoarse, low and sharp at the same time.

His shirt was partly unbuttoned, revealing his delicate collarbone and strong chest. His skin was slightly crimson in color.

Before he could get close to her, the girl felt a surging heat coming from his direction.

It was the tempting scent of passion and romance. The scent was the same as hers.

"Wait, wait. Listen..."

Sally Su was having a hard time explaining. The man grabbed her wrist. The smell of her warm sweat was tempting him.

The man felt a moment of blankness in his mind. Then, he raised his hand.

The sheet covering Sally Su's body fell on the ground.

"Fuck off! Stay away from me!" Sally Su screamed loudly and pushed the man away.

"Is this the way to treat a man who just wants to care for you? Is this what your family has taught you, huh?"

"You're crazy!"

Sally Su quickly turned around and ran away even though she was barefoot. But, the man pulled her back to him. His palm felt scorching hot on her waist.

The man pressed Sally Su against the wall, grabbed her thin wrist, and slammed it above her head against the wall.

The man's sheer power made Sally Su's legs tremble in fear. She shrank backward. As she leaned against the cold wall, Sally Su felt herself struggling to move.


"No?! We haven't been able to stay in the same room for a year. Isn't this what you want?"

What was the man talking about?

'Sophie didn't sleep with her husband, even after she got married for a year!' Sally Su thought.

It was rumored that the two of them had no feelings for each other. And now, it turned out to be completely true!

A starry ceiling, a delicate and bright crystal lamp, and a huge crystal frame on the wall were all above her head. The frame held a photo showing a quiet and harmonious couple.

The current scene a dream. Was it a dream?


"Sophie Su, how dare you!"

As she heard his cold and harsh voice ringing in her ear, Sally's mind went blank and she inevitably fell onto the carpet.

The man's dark eyes hid the anger in them as he glared at her fiercely.

His look made Sally extremely frightened. She glanced at the huge wedding photo beside the bed. It was dazzling.


Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to jump out of her throat. Sally bit her lower lip as she rushed towards the bathroom. Once inside, her fingers fumbled around to lo

ck the door.

"Open the door!"

Sally held her breath when she heard the stern order coming from the other side of the door.

Even though the man wasn't forcibly opening the door, Sally was still in a nervous state.

The man was considered to be one of the most handsome men on the global list. He was held at a supreme position and easily the most powerful man in the city.

If he wished it, he could easily kill her like a helpless ant.

Sally thought it would be easy to pretend to be her twin sister Sophie Su, the young lady in the villa of the Beigong Family, for a few days. After all, her sister told her that she and her husband were complete strangers.

According to Sophie Su's plan, everything would be find if Sally hid in the room and stayed there. But she didn't expect that...

She would sleep with her sister's husband! How unlucky since it was only the first night that she had to pretend to be her sister!

She no longer knew where to hide from him. If he knew that she was only pretending to be the young lady of the Beigong Family, the consequences would be... Unfathomable to contemplate!

"You'd better come up with a perfect reason to explain everything that had happened yesterday."

Sally bit her lower lip, trying to make as little sound as possible.

'Reason?' Sally thought. What kind of explanation was he looking for?

Everything that happened last night was true. She was set up to spend a hot night with her brother-in-law.

After some time, nothing could be heard from outside. Sally put her guard down for a while. The adrenaline subsided, and she lost all her strength and collapsed.

Large teardrops rolled down towards the broken white dress she was holding in her hands.

Her heart seemed to have been hollowed out. The cold wind was piercing right through her chest and left only boundless despair.

'Oh, Sophie...

What should I do?' Sally thought to herself.

She still didn't dare to cry out loud or make any sound at all.

Covering her mouth, Sally cried silently for a long time until her eyes turned red. After some time, it was still and quiet outside, and so she slowly stood up.

As Sally carefully opened the bathroom door, she looked around and found no one there.

Sally anxiously took out her phone from her pocket and dialed with her trembling fingers.


'Sophie, answer the phone! Please, answer!' Sally thought as she was panicking.


"Sorry, the subscriber you dialed cannot be connected for the time being..."

What was going on?

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