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   Chapter 121 Willing To Exchange Everything

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7149

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Last time when he turned around and left, there was still a lot of reluctance in Armani Xu's heart. This time, she covered her almost broken neck, leaving only indifference in her eyes.

She couldn't allow anyone to betray her or cheat her. So both Ben Ming and Jacob Mo would be in the past.

She was not a snobbish woman. Even if Jacob Mo had a high status and could easily help her fulfill her wish, she was unwilling to have any contact with him.

She was not fit to have any more contact with him either.

The Mo Family was so prominent, and it had nothing to do with a small entrepreneur from a small city like her indeed.

Armani Xu sat up, buttoned up her clothes and looked at the bloodstain on it. It was from Ben Ming. She didn't know how he was now. Armani Xu thought for a while and called Jessie Xu.

Jessie Xu was shopping when she received a call from Armani Xu, she spoke with a bad tone. "It's so rare. Sister, you still remember to call me."

"Ben Ming is in hospital tomorrow. You should go and see him." Said Armani Xu shortly.

Jessie Xu was shocked and the magazine in her hand fell to the ground. She didn't care about the magazine and grabbed the phone tightly. "What happened? Why was Brother Ben hospitalized? Did something happen to his arm again? "

"The XH Hospital, the emergency car just sent him to the hospital. He is injured." Armani Xu didn't want to say anything more and hung up the phone.

Jessie Xu rushed to the hospital and found Armani Xu in front of the ward. She rushed forward, grabbed Armani Xu's arm and asked, "what happened? What happened to Brother Ben? Why is he in hospital? Did you hurt him? Tell me! "

Seeing that she was so worried about Ben Ming, Armani Xu said lightly, "the doctor said there was no life danger."

Although they stabbed Ben Ming with a knife, fortunately, his main blood vessels and organs were not hurt. There was only internal bleeding. His arms were already injured, and he pulled Armani Xu, so his muscles were seriously injured. It was estimated that it would take a long recovery training to barely recover.

The doctor just said in a eu

nfortunately, without the CEO position of Xu Group, you are worthless in his eyes." Armani Xu sneered, directly revealing Jessie Xu's self-righteous affectionate fantasies.

All of a sudden, Jessie Xu stood up excitedly and said. "Nonsense! Brother Ben also likes me very much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have abandoned his relationship with you for so many years and engaged to me. I will be very happy with Brother Ben. You don't deserve Brother Ben at all. He was so good to you at that time, but you didn't cherish him at all. You always put on an arrogant look, you don't deserve love at all. "

"Whatever you say, you can fight for his love. Anyway, I'm really not interested in love." Armani Xu stood up and left, "you can stay here and wait for him."

"Where are you going?" Jessie Xu asked in a hurry.

"Someone must cooperate with Mr. Ye." Armani Xu looked up at her and smiled. "In your eyes, there is only romantic love, but in my eyes, there is only my father's painstaking efforts."

When Armani Xu came to the Ye Family, Neil Ye had already prepared the tea in the tea room.

When they met again, both Armani Xu and Neil Ye didn't put on airs.

Under the order of Eve Xia, in order to save the face of the Xia Family, Neil Ye had to let Armani Xu finish the project and do it well. Therefore, Neil Ye had to try his best to give more guidance to Armani Xu and let her know the building soul he wanted.

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