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   Chapter 117 It's Him

Your Love Shoots Me Down By Tang Butian Characters: 7233

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Did anyone come to save her? Deep in Armani Xu's heart, she hoped that it must be him, Jacob Mo.

He once said that no matter what happened to her, he would always appear by her side. This time when she was in danger, he would also appear by her side, so it must be him.

The two men behind her were knocked down. Someone pulled Armani Xu and ran out.

Armani Xu turned around and found that it was Ben Ming unexpectedly. One of his hands was still in plaster, and the other hand was tightly holding a thick stick.

Armani Xu was about to struggle. Ben Ming said in a low voice, "let's go out first."

"Why you? Why are you here? " Armani Xu only felt disgusted at the sight of Ben Ming. She struggled to get rid of Ben Ming's hand. The noise inside attracted the attention of the people outside. They shouted and followed her in. Ben Ming pulled her into the factory, but the inner courtyard was empty and there was no place to hide their movements. There was only an iron door at the end, which seemed to lead to the outside.

Ben Ming ran to the iron gate and said to Armani Xu, "run out quickly. I'll hold them back."

"That's enough, Ben Ming. Stop acting now." Armani Xu got rid of his hand, her eyes were full of disappointment. "You used that document to deceive me here and play the hero to save the beauty. No matter what happens, you are just a despicable person in my eyes. You don't have to prove yourself. I will never forgive you."

Ben Ming knew that she cared about the Xu Group, he could seize her lifeblood firmly and deceive her to such a place to design such a play.

Hearing her words, anger flashed through Ben Ming's eyes. He suppressed his anger and said in a low voice, "what's the situation now? Can you calm down? You can guess what I'm doing whatever you like, but you escape first."

"Why are you here? Are you following me? " Armani Xu looked at him and asked.

Ben Ming said unhappily. "I just wanted to see how many men you have. I thought you came to this remote place to meet your lover, but I didn't expect to meet these people."

"Meet my lover? Who would come to such a place to meet a lover?" Armani Xu was

ing. Armani Xu couldn't help saying, "idiot, beg for mercy when you couldn't defeat them. I just dodged for a while, but you ended up like this?"

Seeing that her eyes were red and she was worried about him, Ben Ming smiled bitterly. "How can I avoid them? They all came prepared, or I wouldn't have been so humiliated to lie there."

"You don't need to get involved in this. Just pretend that you see nothing." Seeing that he was seriously injured and still wanted to make fun of her, Armani Xu turned her face away. She had always hated Ben Ming. She hated him for being so ruthless to her. He took away the Xu Group that should belong to her with Jessie Xu and threatened her everywhere. She didn't want to have any contact with Ben Ming, but today, he stood out to protect her and was seriously injured, so she had to owe him a favor. It was more painful than she was caught by those people.

Ben Ming knew what she was thinking. Seeing that she didn't even bother to look at him, he said indifferently, "I followed you first and offset the two things that I saved you. You don't owe me anything at all. There is no need to bear a favor for this time either. Park the car and let her off."

The ambulance stopped halfway. Without hesitation, Armani Xu turned around and got off the car. The back door of the ambulance closed and left with Ben Ming. Standing alone in the scorching sun, she felt just a thrilling as if just a dream.

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